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The 2018 April Fool's feature, a little duck at the bottom right of the screen. Please always use in conjunction with the april-fools tag.

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I have Anatidaephobia - can we change the duck as it is always watching me? [closed]

Related to this question, is there an option to change the duck to something like a large purple Gorilla? I suffer from Anatidaephobia and it is realized when the duck is actually there, watching, ...
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Can I increase the size of the duck? [closed]

Can the duck be made bigger? How?
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Will quack overflow be accessible after the 1st?

I wondered if quack-overflow will be available outside of the 1st April jokes period (even if it's a hacky mean like activate it through the console etc…). Since rubber-duck-debugging is a technique I ...
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Is it safe to use the rubber duck? [closed]

Four days ago, I read an alarming article in Nature. It claims that Fungi were identified in 58% of all real bath toys and rubber ducks are explicitly mentioned in the article as a potential ...
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Quack Overflow for localized sites [closed]

As far as I see Quack Overflow duck is only available for English-spoken sites. Are there any plans to enable it for localized sites?
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How do I re-enable Quack Overflow? [duplicate]

I was very pleased to find the addition of a yellow duck to the stack overflow pages, that promised to help. Unfortunately I told it that I would hate it not considering the impact my behaviour would ...
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Can you make the rubber duck look like a paperclip? [closed]

What if I prefer to see a helpful paperclip instead of a duck? At least on Writing.SE. Most users would likely be delighted.
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Can't dismiss the rubber duck dialog if I don't have a mic [closed]

I am totally psyched by the rubber duck addition to Stack Exchange! I eagerly clicked on it but it wants a microphone. I don't have one, so I clicked "no" and it tells me to explain the problem ...
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Could there be an option to turn the duck into a pot plant? [closed]

In my culture, the preferred metaphor for something whose function is simply to be a passive recipient of your utterances is a 'pot plant'. I am uncomfortable talking to the duck. Could there be an ...
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35 votes
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Quack Overflow listens even when I say I have no microphone [closed]

When I click the duck, she asks me if I have a microphone. I press "no" but she tried to listen anyway, asking me to speak up. Curiously, the browser did NOT ask for microphone permission even when I ...
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How do I reenable Quack Overflow if I disabled it? [closed]

I accidentally disabled Quack Overflow after asking it one question. How do I reenable it?
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6 answers

How do I disable Quack Overflow? ("I hate this duck" button is only temporary) [closed]

A little orange duck has appeared in the bottom right of my screen. He asks, "Can I help" does voice recognition, I think. But it is annoying, and will not go away. How do I discourage this little ...
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Quack Overflow should also accept keyboard input [closed]

I love the new Quack Overflow. My coworkers noticed the yellow friend in the corner of their screen, explained their problems and got their solution. Or, well, at least found the source of their ...
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Stack Exchange has been taken over by a rubber duck!

I couldn't miss this now, on all SE sites: What are the duck powers? Was anyone able to make it do or say anything other than "Quack"?
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