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for question about the quality aspects of the content on the sites. This can be posts, reviews or quality improvement projects.

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What quality threshold should be established for language models/question-answering systems to be allowed to write answers on Stack Exchange?

One of the main criticism against using ChatGPT is that it may frequently give an incorrect answer that appears like it's professionally written and therefore correct. As a result of this and a sudden ...
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Would content curators support/value a feature that prevented new and problem answerers from answering the freshest questions?

As a passionate, daily curator of content in multiple Stack Exchange communities, I've noticed that Stack Overflow (SO) is in dire need of an enhancement to combat the flood of answers on pages that ...
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Could we talk about turd polishing better?

Aside from the fact that you can actually polish a turd, it's a bit of scatology that might potentially be best flushed away. It came up in an answer to another question and I feel like it's worth ...
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Is Stack Exchange a school/educator? Should SE be qualified/accredited as, and graded like, an academic institution/environment/school, legally?

Should Stack Exchange be considered like a school/academic environment (legally)? Would that qualify it a for-profit or non-profit university/school? Would academic qualifications/standards help? ...
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Indicating education status on Stack Exchange forums

In the age of information and, subsequently, misinformation, I was wondering if sites such as Stack Exchange (and all its companion websites) have considered allowing for users to verify educational ...
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Has the quality of questions decreased on all SE sites, or only on SO? How do we alter this dynamic in the short term? [closed]

Since the recent events, the quality of questions has decreased in Stack Overflow, featuring questions with no code or where the OP does not know how to ask a proper question (Can we re-advertise the ...
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Can we trust the impartiality of answers on Stack Exchange anymore? [closed]

Stack Overflow Inc. has recently fired several high profile members and implemented policies that have caused many other high profile members to quit the network. I am concerned that the quality of ...
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Survey of users to judge quality and culture of an SE site

Without getting into specifics, I've noticed an extreme difference in the overall experience of a number of different Stack Exchange communities of which I am a member. Likewise I have personally ...
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Why are questions with obvious answers often upvoted? [duplicate]

To me a good question shows some level of research done before asking the question. However, I have noticed that naive questions where the answer is obvious to the vast majority of us, quickly become "...
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Beta site degrading in quality, per-site Meta discussion reveals that it's not perceived as a issue; what more can I do?

A beta site is slowly getting worse, in both questions and answers. The Meta for that site shows to me most users do not care about the quality of the site and would much rather focus on sillier ...
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Allow the search of content and/or users based on your preferences and quality?

Voting is a rough measure of quality * quantity or more specifically for questions/answers: quality * views/popularity. This leads to poor search results if you are looking specifically for hidden ...
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Quality of externally linked web sites

Does StackOverflow have an official policy concerning externally linked web sites? Something like Wikipedia:External_links? I'm not primarily concerned with obvious abuse but with links to low-...
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Is it intentional that suggested edits are resolved so quickly? [duplicate]

Having just recently reached 2K rep and edit review capabilities I've noticed that suggested edits are typically approved/rejected in less than 10 seconds. If you take your time to read the suggested ...
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Unexplainable upvotes

See this question The entire content of the question, copied verbatim, is Java code to read the end page of PDF file and add a Digital signature at ...
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How can we better recognize truly extraordinary contributions to the SO community?

It would be nice to explore ways to recognize the far-greater-than-ordinary contributions from the users who work hard to make this a great community. There have been several posts on similar topics: ...
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quality standards problem [duplicate]

What's the reason a perfectly normal post and question is not accepted? I got the "This post does not meet our quality standards." message. Can you help me regain the ability to post questions? I ...
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Why doesn't my post meet quality standards? [duplicate]

I am trying to post this question, but it gets rejected as not meeting quality standards. What can I do to fix it? I have a django application runnin using django cms. I am trying to make one ...
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Temporary Tag Moderators

Some of the tags on the main site have "a bit" of a quality problem. android and php jump to mind. They get hundreds of new questions a day, which can be broadly put into three categories: ...
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What should be the intention/motive behind upvoting? [duplicate]

Possible Duplicate: When should I vote? When I am hit by a question/doubt, I head to the Stackoverflow(of course on not finding that in the docs or the docs are not so good). Many times I find ...
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What has happened to Stack Overflow? [closed]

First of all, sorry if this is a duplicate of this. Sometimes I don't understand what the deal is with Stack Overflow anymore. I look back and see old posts that have hundreds of votes, but if I see ...
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Do bounties improve overall quality of the posts?

In this post: Do offered bounties affect the reputation gain needed for the Yearling badge? one of the comments said: Bounties don't help improve the overall quality; they help getting an answer ...
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Should link-only accepted answers be deleted? [duplicate]

Possible Duplicate: Why are accepted answers immune from Flagging link-only answers as Not an Answer? I've flagged my fair share of link-only or link-plus-a-few-words answers, and most (or all) ...
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What makes an outstanding answer?

Compare the following two questions and their respective Accepted Answers: CSS: semi-transparent background, but not text Update one row wich doesn't exist As far as I can tell, both the questions ...
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Do the quality filters really work?

I just discovered this user on gamedev.SE. The user has asked 7 questions, with scores of 0, 0, -1, -2, -4, -5, and -5, and provided 3 answers with scores of 0, 0, and -2. How does a user with a net ...
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The Efficacy Of Stack Overflow's Question Title Filter

I'm getting pretty sick of this meme that the title check being run on Stack Overflow (and Super User and Server Fault) is somehow ineffective, obviously broken, etc. etc. So, I'm going to drop the ...
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How can stackoverflow avoid losing focus and quality due to poor questions and competition to get rep?

While this question is similar to Can we prevent some of the low-quality questions from entering our system? and a few others, I am finding that the real issue recently is not only the bad questions, ...
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Protect newbie questions from abuse and SO from spam

There has to be a balance between the ability of newbies to ask questions of gurus and the problem of newbie accounts being used to spaminate SO. On one hand, we see that experienced users frequently ...
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Which common English language errors and idioms make SO questions tough to read?

I hope this is the right place to ask this question, as it was first asked on SO itself by someone else, then at English.StackExchange, and both were closed. Which is fair enough, but it is something ...
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What can we do about low-quality edits?

It really bugs me to see tiny edits to posts that need major editing. For example, I mean edits that fix two or three typos but ignore other instances of the same typo just a few sentences away; ...
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How will StackOverflow avoid the Google effect as its content grows?

Jeff Atwood links to criticism of how certain kinds of searches (such as finding appliance reviews) have become so difficult on Google, and I'm running into a similar problem with StackOverflow. I've ...
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Why did my answer get downvoted? [closed]

I recently got several downvotes on an answer I provided (the link is for 10k users). I think the answer was spot on and I'd like to get some feedback/discuss why. What's wrong with my answer?
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How is the quality of a post calculated? [duplicate]

Possible Duplicate: Heuristics for detecting a bad answer? If I was to go into the review, and look at the lo-quality posts, I'd often see posts that have 9 upvotes and are accepted. So, what ...
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How does Stack Exchange attempt to prevent low-quality questions and answers?

Due to its massive (and growing) size, there are a lot of low-quality questions and answers appearing on Stack Overflow. I'm concerned that an influx of low-quality questions and answers create a lot ...
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Criteria suggestion for review/low-quality-posts (or other quality features)

I don't know if it's in, but it's a simple check that might bring out some bad apples: if (Post.Title.Length > Post.Body.Length) Post.Quality--; Just saying.
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How to deal with low quality questions

Hi, I'm wondering how should I act when I see questions like this: (The above example it's only one that I stumbled upon now, but there are many like it, where the user just writes "I want to do this ...
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Should the metrics for a successful beta be based more on quality?

Community size Not all communities/target-audiences are of the same size. There are a lot more programmers than quantitative finance specialists for example. That does not necessarily mean that the ...
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How can I improve my chat rooms quality?

I'm the owner of the Android chat room on SO. As the owner I take it as my responsibility that the room is usable for everyone. Right now I'm facing a problem I simply don't know how to solve. The ...
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If an edit changes a post's quality score downwards dramatically, do not merge revisions in the grace period

Case in point. The user found out the solution to his question within 5 minutes of having posted it, and instead of answering his question or deleting it he merely vandalized it. Thanks to the edit ...
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Is decrease in quality inevitable?

I've been a member of SO for little over a month and lately I've noticing that people are asking questions that are: Easily searchable; Copy and pasted homework questions; Verifiable by testing it ...
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Is there a place for more frivolous questions related to programming / computers?

I've come to realize in my short time at stack overflow that the users are very strict about the type and quality of questions on the site. Is there an associated site where more frivolous questions ...
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What to do with questions that are uninteresting for experts and too hard for the rest of us

Joel Spolsky makes some good points about needing to have experts engaged to make a site like this work: The power of the Stack Exchange platform is detailed, expert answers to extremely rare, "...
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About stupid questions asked on Stack Overflow [duplicate]

Possible Duplicate: There are no stupid questions - or are there? Short question: Is it okay to ask stupid question on Stack Overflow? Long question: From time to time, people ask questions on ...
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What has happened to the quality of answers on Stack Overflow? [duplicate]

Apologies of this has come up recently / been done to death, I've only just discovered Meta Stack Overflow. I signed up for Stack Overflow just after its launch nearly a year ago, and ...
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