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The undisclosed algorithm through which all new questions are passed to determine if they can be posted on a Stack Exchange site.

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I can't post a question on Stack Overflow as it thinks it's spam [closed]

Here are some screenshots of the question I'm trying to post: Why is Stack Overflow blocking it for being spam?
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Could users still get “This question body does not meet our quality standards”?

We have a faq for a system message: What can I do when getting “This question body does not meet our quality standards”? As of October 2023, can the users get this message? I'm asking because recently,...
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Request for new user limitation: minimum character count to ask a question

Over at Worldbuilding we periodically receive new users who (not surprisingly) don't believe they need to take the tour or read the Help Center pages before they use the site. Call it being human... ...
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Does Meta SE automatically remove signatures?

This is derived from finding What is the right site for asking a question about how to configure a browser, such as Firefox, Firefox ESR?. The original revision, included THX. This word looks that ...
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How did the user post two questions with identical titles?

Yesterday a user posted this SO question: How to use JOIN to match the records in mySQL Today they posted this followup question, and gave it an identical title: How to use JOIN to match the records ...
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Under what conditions are 漢字 blocked?

I was surprised when I saw the question Chinese text isn't working on Stack Overflow. I've seen questions and answers with Chinese characters all over Stack Exchange (Skeptics, Islam, Politics, ...
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Could we block image only posts?

Admittedly it's uncommon - with maybe 5-6 incidences a month of meta of folks posting a selfie or 3 for no apparent reason, either as a question or an answer. There's no other text on these posts, and ...
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Meta Stack Exchange is blocking posts containing Korean characters, on question about Korean language Stack Exchange

This is the error that I am getting I have seen something like this before when trying to get the Korean language Stack Exchange created in Area 51, and it was due to some spam protection measure, ...
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Is there something similar to the quality filter for edits made by the OP?

I have found some recent questions that have by-passed the quality filter and doesn't show any revision. My guess is that the OP found a way to by-pass the quality filter in order to get their ...
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A question having a single word in the body passed the quality filter (spoiler: the body contains HTML entities) [duplicate]

Despite that the question is off-topic in Web Applications, this question having a single visible word on the body was able to be posted by a new contributor Body markdown Title­​&...
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2 answers

Block questions where the body is the same as the title [duplicate]

UPDATE: It looks that the requested feature is already in place...the body of the post that triggered this request originaly wasn't the same as the title, this was caused by an edit (I included the ...
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Scroll summary page to bottom, if there are no issues with the question [duplicate]

When I am done with a longer question, I have to scroll down "Ask question" page to the bottom, to hit "Review your question" button. When this is done, and my question is reviewed,...
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Bug which mistakenly accuses the writer for shouting and issues a warning

Today, while typing an answer on Math.SE, I needed to use the factorial expression. While typing in my answer, I received the following warning: DON'T SHOUT! All-caps posts are considered rude and ...
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Don't say "Your question is ready to publish!" if "This post does not meet our quality standards"

Don't say "Your question is ready to publish!" if "This post does not meet our quality standards". Steps to reproduce this: Go to (...
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No minimum question limit on SE sites? [closed]

I was browsing the Stack Overflow site (specifically the machine-learning tag (ML)) and I was surprised by how short the questions are becoming in that place. ML is fast growing, but there isn't any ...
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Don't allow questions that have the same title but different punctuation such as a question mark or hyphen [duplicate]

I was on Music, and I saw this question title: I found a question it is apparently a duplicate of with this title: If I were to ask a question called "What is concert pitch?" the system would stop ...
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Why can't I post this question on Stack Overflow?

I'm trying to post a question on Stack Overflow, but I got the following error message: Please add some context to explain the code sections (or check that you have not incorrectly formatted all of ...
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Forbid words "help", "confusion" (, etc?) in titles

Suggestion: ban "help", "confusion", maybe "question" in titles. When a user uses these words, show the message (better ideas are appreciated): Please avoid using word "help" in title. Instead, ...
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Automatic quality control and their effects on participation and contribution

I am interested in studying how automatic quality control can affect participation and contribution in online discussion communities. Many content generation platforms are struggling with balancing ...
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I can't ask a question on Stack Overflow

I feel very stressful when I enter Stack Overflow because it is not useful for me. When I submit my question, it gives me this: If you need to do something that Markdown can't handle, use HTML. Note ...
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How does this question not meet your quality standards? [closed]

given an array of objects that have an attribute count and an index n, how can objects after n be removed if their count is 0? Please explain what is lacking in this question?
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3 answers

Question titles cannot be similar to those of a closed question

I wish to ask a question (on any Stack Exchange board) with a similar (or identical) title to a question that is closed. But I'm not able to do this. It seems to me that this is a mistake. If the ...
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8 votes
1 answer

Forced to edit the title in a migrated question [closed]

I recently edited a Stack Overflow question that was migrated from My intention was to add new tags; however, I could not submit the edit with the original question title ...
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22 votes
3 answers

Avoiding "enter image description here"

While reviewing first posts and low quality posts, I come across images liked the following way too often: enter image description here And this should come as no surprise, as this is the default ...
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Should we notify users when the system automatically changes their post?

I posted an answer earlier and in a fit of flagrant spontaneous salutation I started it with "Hello from 2018" which was automatically removed when I posted. I came on meta to find out more about ...
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Block “{{tag}} question” and similar as a question title

Proposal At least once a day, I see a question titled with something along the lines of: dynamical systems question Photoshop issue publication problem where the first part of the title is ...
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Let's make the automatic removal of salutations language specific!

Saludos. ^^^ as you see, I just said hello in Spanish and nothing happened, despite "Saludos" means "greetings" in Spanish. In Spanish Stack Exchange we noticed that a post cannot start with ...
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I can't write Chinese characters in edited posts, but OP could when posting

Note this question is related, but not exactly the same, as this posts asks why OP could post (but I couldn't), whereas the other one states that OP shouldn't be able to. Following question: All I ...
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"Writing Good Titles" forbids the phrase 'question-mark' in titles

I understand why the standalone word 'question' is forbidden in titles; however SE doesn't make an exception for 'question-mark', as in this case, where I was trying to improve the title from: How to ...
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Why doesn't this question "meet our quality standards"? [duplicate]

I've tried to ask this question both on Stack Overflow and Programmers Stack Exchange. Is it possible to prove idempotence? Is it possible to use static or dependent types to prove a function is ...
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Is the spam filter for new users preventing people from showing their "homework"?

I recently posted a detailed question on superuser about an issue I was trying to help someone with. However, before posting it, while I was helping the person, I attempted to help her to ask the ...
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All-lowercase questions are 50 times more common than all-caps questions, and are often low-quality questions. Let's block them.​ [duplicate]

First, someone proposed blocking all-caps questions. This was declined. The decliner seemed to feel that the problem was too rare to bother with. Well, all-lowercase questions are 50 times more ...
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How is the subjective warning popup determined for a question? [duplicate]

Today I have noticed a subjective popup warning while asking a question on Movies & TV I tried with a different wording for the same question but the result was the same It's not site specific ...
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Link reference produces error “Your post appears to contain code that is not properly formatted as code” [duplicate]

I recently posted a question to Code Review and I was getting the error “Your post appears to contain code that is not properly formatted as code” even though all my code was in code blocks. By ...
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Please STOP trying to convert ! to ? on all sites and not just the orginal trilogy?

Some days ago, I wrote this feature request removal. But as peoples are pointing it out, employers will still be encouraged to post non‑developers jobs on the new system. So I wanted to addin ...
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If a question is in all-uppercase or all-lowercase, our quality filters should automatically reject it [duplicate]

Proposal If a question on an English-language Stack Exchange site does not contain at least one uppercase and one lowercase letter, our quality filter should reject it. (We can make exceptions for ...
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The question body does not meet our quality standards

I've got the following error in Stack Overflow. Saying that my body wasn't ok. The only thing I changed was the Title by going from generated ... visual studio to Generated Visual Studio So the body ...
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Why does Code Review not accept the 'improve' keyword in question titles? [closed]

I can understand the problem with asking questions on Stack Overflow that start with ' to improve...' but Code Review does not let me add the word "improve", which I think is a bit hmm... ...
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Unable to post Chinese characters due to validation filter

This issue occurs when I attempt to post the Chinese characters for the novel "Water Margin" 《水浒传》 as a quote on Mythology SE. The error occurs even if a single character 水 is posted. The question ...
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Did the title quality checker fail in this circumstance? Can it be improved? [duplicate]

This proposed duplicate is not the same as this question because that is explicitly about SO and the "problem". This question takes a broader approach to the title filter. This question was inspired ...
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Your title "quality standard" checking is nefariously asinine!

What is the title standard check based on? Length is the only criteria apparently. I made the title "evangelism vs evangelicalism?", it would not allow me to post, saying it does not meet your "...
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How did this new user bypass code mandatory rule?

With reference to this question: From Code Editor to Wordpress I was editing the post for formatting issue and when I was saving it, it prompted me for How did the new user on the website manage to ...
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Please block questions with "help!" and variants

I've seen a number of questions (1,2,3,4,5) with "help!" in the title - especially on Ask Ubuntu. I don't know if it is a network wide occurrence. Please could all questions with "help" and variants -...
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Can you add "it doesn't work" and "it's not working" as banned phrases?

I know you can't comment +1 any more on stack overflow but a common phase is to complain "it's not working" in the question's body, when this doesn't say anything. The OP always has to be asked; What'...
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Passively prevent "Thank you in advance" in questions/comments [duplicate]

I've edited and flagged a lot of questions and comments. Most often to remove "Thank you", "Thanks in advance", etc. One is actively encouraged to remove this fluff (Should 'Hi', 'thanks&#...
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Trying to submit a question without any code..... and getting a code-formatting error

Below is a screenshot of what I'm trying to post, it includes literally no code... and it's giving me a code-format error and will not let me post. I tried making the file names code, as you can see, ...
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Change the question title filter to also exclude "doubt about"

The question title filter prevents you from writing "Question about ..." which is a good feature in my opinion, though a controversial one. How about forbidding "doubt about" as well, which is used ...
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Why can't I post links on separate lines without it bugging me about bad code formatting?

From my post here, this code just on its own does not work: See also: [NTFS Junction Point][1]<br/> [NTFS Symbolic Link][2]<br/> [Symbolic Link][3]<br/> [1]: http://en.wikipedia....
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Blocking posts with URL-only titles [duplicate]

In The Tavern we report and flag spam on the network, and it seems that some of the spam that still passes through the quality filter, has only a URL as title, nothing else. I believe posts like this ...
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Shouldn't the SE quality check block posts that are only a link?

I'm part of the MSE TAVERN ANTI-SPAM CLUB and this question *now deleted was just a link: Just a link. The entire body of the post was within the outbound link. Can/should the SE quality check block ...
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