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Questions tagged [question-difficulty]

Use this tag for questions about the varying difficulty levels of questions, and the answers they elicit.

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2 answers

Is the problem of "drive-by-voting" more general than HNQs? [duplicate]

I think this is not an unusual situation for many Stack Exchange users: I might have a beginners' question concerning some area I am not familiar with, for example, about JavaScript, SQL, sed, ... (to ...
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Do simpler questions seem to attract more upvotes? [duplicate]

I have been noticing over the last month (on Stack Overflow), that simpler (perhaps somewhat duplicate) questions seem to get a lot of attention, as compared to the more challenging long-ish questions....
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-13 votes
1 answer

Question levels [duplicate]

When I am looking to new questions related to a given tag, it is a bit tedious to sort questions by reading all titles and have an idea if the question is for me, or if it is too easy (I don't really ...
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13 votes
3 answers

How should we react to trivial questions?

I run into this trivial question. The OP clearly learns some basics, so I think the best attitude would be to show him the right way and give him some opportunity to think. Is it right? However, in ...
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2 answers

Idea: Difficulty Ratings & User Experience levels [duplicate]

First off - I just came up with this idea - It's a spitball - Feel free to contribute (good and bad thoughts). Reformed idea: Let the questioner mark their thought difficulty, and upvoting and ...
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2 answers

Why do people downvote 'easy' questions? [closed]

Why is it that people downvote 'easy' questions? I realize that SO is not for something that can easily be found with google, but people are taking it too far. I recently saw and answered a question ...
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1 answer

A proposed solution to qualitative filtering

The set of problems: the culture around "homework" questions creates a negative user experience, yet people legitimately want them filtered experienced users can get bored with seeing too ...
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2 answers

Please add a 'far too easy for this site' flag, or something similar [duplicate]

Possible Duplicate: Introduce a “general reference” close reason Related: Closing 'easy' questions - yes or no? Stack Overflow gets flooded with questions of extremely basic ...
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1 answer

How do I look for questions at my desired level of experience?

How do I look for questions at my desired experience or difficulty level? Approaches I'm aware of include: You could look for users who are at your desired experience level (based on their ratio of ...
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41 votes
4 answers

Is it OK for Stack Exchange to treat all questions / answers equally?

Now aren't these some trivial questions: Java << Operator Java if statement is skipped Forced out of memory java.. inconsistent java behavior (I also get many points from these questions...) ...
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3 answers

Is Stack Overflow being watered down?

It seems like Stack Overflow is being watered down by the same old questions and answers. I am constantly seeing questions that can easily be googled in less than 2 minutes. Does this bother anyone ...
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1 answer

Should we create a section for less experienced programmers to ask "easy" questions? [duplicate]

Possible Duplicate: Propose Newbie-Overflow site or section Stack Overflow might consider setting up a section for less experienced programmers who ask what appear to be foolish questions to ...
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5 votes
3 answers

Do easier questions get more activity than harder questions?

Apart from questions that are so horrible that they get closed, do easier questions generally get more activity (upvotes on the question, upvotes on answers, number of answers) than more difficult ...
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1 vote
2 answers

How to avoid the problem of quick closing of questions that are not trivial to answer?

I've got the impression that there are many non-trivial questions (and therefore, IMO, interesting questions) that unfortunately get quickly dismissed as "not a real question". See for example this ...
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15 votes
2 answers

Why do I get more votes for simple answers?

Often the amount of work for an answer to a question and the reputation gain for this answer are inversely proportional. For example, today I answered six questions on Stackoverflow, and two of them ...
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10 votes
2 answers

Clarify SE's policy on easy questions

When I first joined, I asked a very easy question: What's a Regex? which was instantly downvoted and referred to Wikipedia. As a new user, I took this to mean "Easy questions are not welcome here" ...
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Show "Have you tried Google yet?" when question is tagged "syntax" [duplicate]

Possible Duplicate: How to deal with Google questions I find that most syntax questions I see could easily be answered by a tutorial or Google. Exhibit A Exhibit B Exhibit C Exhibit D IMHO, ...
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Questions seem trickier and trickier [closed]

Is the level of the questions getting higher and higher? Or is it about my own personal level?
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2 answers

Rate questions' difficulty by votes, and distribute rep based on that [duplicate]

It would be nice to have a feature where the community can suggest the difficulty of a question, and based on that the reputation awarded to the answer would be added by a plus X based on the ...
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6 votes
3 answers

Are there any tricks for finding beginner questions on a network site?

Since the vast majority of questions on this site are way over my head, I used to browse the "beginner" tag and I learned a lot that way. I'm still looking for those beginner questions, so ...
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256 votes
11 answers

The bikeshed problem and Stack Exchange

In short, the bikeshed problem: If you go before the Board of Directors and ask for 1.5 billion dollars to build a nuclear reactor, no one will review or discuss the details of the plant. ...
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15 votes
7 answers

Stack Overflow for the lazy (newbie) developer? [closed]

Would it be reasonable if I intend to learn a new language, to ask programming questions that are just "TOO SIMPLE" for anyone who has 6 months or so with the language but are not so obvious at the ...
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7 votes
13 answers

How about a difficulty rating for questions?

It might be useful to add a drop down field "Difficulty" for questions. With a very limited set of options, say: Beginner Advanced Expert This way, users could easily judge if they can answer a ...
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10 votes
7 answers

Should easy questions be left for beginners? That is, beginners like answering questions too?

It may already have been established (and I agree) that easy questions are welcome and valid ( Closing 'easy' questions - yes or no? ) but... Is there an argument for encouraging beginners to ...
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7 answers

Should we weight votes inversely to the number of votes?

Easy questions get the most votes. I think that's undeniable. More people know the answer so vote. It seems clear to me that when people don't know they answer they don't vote. Should we encourage ...
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11 answers

Noob questions, simple answers, and big rep points [duplicate]

I struggle to pick up rep points even when answering questions and giving good demos of code via a pastebin - sometimes spending 15 mins+. Then, along comes a noob question, for instance What does $ ...
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22 votes
25 answers

There are no stupid questions - or are there?

I just saw a first post from a user asking about a C# stack trace. It was a valid programming question for someone with little experience, yet it was marked down twice. I've always believed that ...
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