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Quora is a social Q & A website available to users in English and other languages.

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Quora users (bots?) are copying a significant amount of Stack Exchange questions to Quora, without proper attribution [duplicate]

Quora users (bots?) are copying a significant amount of Stack Exchange questions to Quora, without proper attribution. It seems quite systematic. Examples from Are ...
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Is Quora stealing questions / answers from Stack Exchange sites?

A while back I posted this question on Server Fault. I now see that it appears on Quora with both the question and answer copied from my question. Why is my question appearing there? Is Quora stealing ...
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Is it okay to post the same question on both Quora and Stack Exchange? [duplicate]

Assuming the question is sufficiently specific and answerable to be on Stack Exchange too.
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Why doesn't Stack Exchange have ask to answer facility like Quora? [closed]

Regular users of Quora will be aware that when someone asks a question on Quora, he/she can ask this question to any specific person on Quora using the Ask to Answer facility provided by Quora. But ...
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Can I copy my answer in Quora to Stack Exchange sites or vice-versa? [duplicate]

I am a member of both Quora and some Stack Exchange sites. Sometimes, I see that the same question is asked in both. In such cases, is it OK for me to copy posts from Quora to Stack Exchange or vice-...
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Adding ?share=1 at the end of the Quora URLs to skip the login window

There are around 800 links (ca. 500 in posts, 250 in comments) on Stack Overflow pointing to Quora (using the September 2013 dump). Quora now forces visitors to register to the entirety of a page (e.g....
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Can I create a feed out of all of the Stack Exchange sites which I want to simultaneously follow?

I would actually like to be active on many sites on SE, but Id like to just have one feed, one place where I can go to check on things that I follow or am interested in. Is this possible?
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Could good deleted questions find a new home on Quora?

Should Stack Exchange cooperate with Quora, migrating SO questions that were deleted as off-topic or subjective, but are much loved and useful, to their site in a concerted effort? Along with the ...
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What makes Stack Exchange different from Quora? [closed]

What makes Stack Exchange different and unique from other Q&A sites? Why would someone use Stack Exchange over say Quora?
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How to contact Jeff Atwood? [closed]

I have a great idea for the company behind Stack Overflow and I would like to discuss it with Jeff Atwood. How can I do that?
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Should Stack Exchange start marketing itself, like Quora does?

The rise of Quora has surprised me. It is quite a good service, though not quite as good as Stack Overflow, which is still the best. Still, it has bypassed Stack Exchange, or will bypass it in the ...
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What can we learn from Quora?

When we were doing the VC rounds, the company (rightly or not) that was on every VC's radar in the Q&A field was Quora. Link to sign up: Quora is a question and answer ...
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