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For questions about the several rankings of users in various contexts, like reputation, tags, badges etc.

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Wrong ranking shown in user page

I just noticed that the ranking shown in the user page seem to be off None of the first ranked users did earn that much reputation in the current calendar week.
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Why are ranks not uniform on Winter Bash leaderboard?

Why are ranks not uniform on the Winter Bash leaderboard? Is this a bug? Network-wide leaderboard: Stack Overflow leaderboard: Edit: So it is Standard competition ranking (Thanks to Suraj Rao). But ...
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Strange blue line in profile page of relatively new staff member [duplicate]

The profile page of this staff member has a strange blue line next to the Staff indicator: Looking at the HTML source, I presume this is because they're not ranked yet: This only seems to happen for ...
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What will happen when Winter Bash is over?

Tomorrow (January 2nd, 2019) is the day that Winter Bash will be gone. So I am thinking: Will there be some sort of a final ranking page anywhere? It would be nice so I don't need to keep going to the ...
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"top n% this year" stat doesn't care if you've actually used the site in the past year

I was just doing some research for another question and stumbled upon a Stack Overflow profile that had the tag "top 2% this year" next to the profile name. The user hasn't logged in for three years. ...
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User search data with ranking; what's the reputation for? [duplicate]

Below the name "0" is displayed, I can understand this is some reputation but on what basis is it granted?
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Why don't I appear in the Stack Overflow ranking? [duplicate]

I have a reputation of over 300 on Stack Overflow. I was searching my name in the Stack Overflow ranking (link) to look up my position. But it doesn't appear. Question: Is there another condition ...
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Is there a ranking of the valuable flair of all combined Stack Exchange profiles?

Is there a ranking of the valuable flair of all combined Stack Exchange profiles? Like the one there is for each community but for all of them together?
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How to know my top overall ranking

In my profile I see top n% this quarter. For some users I see top n% overall. How can I know my top overall ranking?
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Why do my account's rank appear in the top of the second page of the list, while it is not deserved the position?

My rank in Academia is 235, yet it appears in the top of the second page of the list. I know that this is for me to easier check to rank, but putting me there will make me a (quick) false impression ...
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Sort Answers by Projected Score Instead?

Currently, the default sort order for answers is by "Votes". This is simply upvotes - downvotes. It fails to consider the fact that some items simply have fewer votes because they are either newer ...
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Accessing historical top 20 users information

Is there a way to access historical top 20 users information like this one but for any given historical date (since SE and the tag exist)? I mean the "top [tag] answerers in last 30 days" ranking, ...
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Mobile web: Show specific reputation change or vote / edit count on user lists

Like on the full site view, you can list users in the mobile web view. Also like the full site view, you can order users by specific metrics, like reputation gain, by votes or edits. You can even ...
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Tag rankings not updating regularly

It is my understanding that the tag rankings are supposed to be updated every 24 hours. It has been at least 72 hours and the number of votes / answers written in opengl in my profile and on the "Top ...
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Is there a way to view the suggested edits rankings?

I don't know if I can find it but I want to know who has the most approved suggested edits? I was able to check the edit rankings for a user but those included users with full editing rights. What ...
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Why does the ranking page show yesterday's reputation?

I have 810 rep on SO. When I checked my all-time rank, I saw that am having 795 rep. But one hour ago, one of my answers was accepted. So my rep got to 810. But still the previous 795 rep is displayed ...
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Adjust ranking of top users for tags

The way users are ranked in 'Top Answerers' doesn't currently appear to accurately reflect user's contribution to a tag and it's questions. (Referring here to pages under
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How to know User ranking on Stack Overflow by country [duplicate]

Is it possible to view a report of the all-time user ranking by country, or if there any other workarounds to find this information?
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Actual value of accepted answers

I am relatively new to Stack Overflow (about 2 months) and still getting used to how this site works exactly. My main objective here is helping (and getting help) and giving something back to the "...
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Is there any ranking process for chat rooms and find out which one is popular?

How can we check that which chat room is famous among the users and is there any ranking process for them on the basis of number of users or activity per days like that. Can I find that ranking of ...
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Why is my reputation for this quarter greater than my total reputation? [duplicate]

I was checking my reputation on Stack Overflow when something surprised me. I don't understand why my quarter reputation is above my total reputation. I would like to know if this is a bug, or if ...
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How are users ranked in the review system? [duplicate]

How are people ranked on this first post stats page for example? Are they ranked on directly on the basis of how many question/answers they review? Are they rank based on the time(the user who ...
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Is there any way of finding users by country? [duplicate]

The title is exactly my question. Can I find my country fellas? Is there a country ranking?
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How is change metricized in the rankings?

When I look at the change score in the ranking, it's either a ridiculously large number or a ridiculously small number so it's obviously not Δreputation. So what exactly is it? How is it calculated?
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How is meta participation calculated?

On per-site metas, users are given a rank based on meta participation, and this ranking is seen on the default tab of the users page on each per-site meta. How is this participation numerically ...
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Reputation rank bug? [duplicate]

Possible Duplicate: Total reputation less than monthly reputation? It's been a while since I noticed this odd thing: my yearly reputation gain on electronics.stackexchange is bigger than the total; ...
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Does Stack Overflow do anything to prevent sites from mining its information?

I asked a question a short while ago on Stack Overflow that has yet to be answered. Today I Googled a similar phrase and the top ranked Google result was this page:
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How do I find my rank for a specific tag?

I like watching my progress at the Stack Exchange leagues. But is it possible to find my rank for a specific tag (C# for example)?
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How far am I from getting into the "Top 20%" for a particular tag?

I've got a couple of "Top 20%" tags on my careers page. I'd really like to know how far I am from getting the same award for the "android" tag. Is there an easy way to get that information? I don't ...
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how to promote objectiveness on questions/answers voting? [duplicate]

Possible Duplicate: The Problem with Reputation: Does High Reputation Attract Too Many 'Up-Votes'? It is well known that the stackoverflow community tends to idolize users that have high ...
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Which users have the most accounts with over 200 reputation across the SE networks?

Which users have the most accounts with over 200 reputation across the Stack Exchange networks? Is it common or is it rare? I don't necessarily need a "best answer" - any answer should help (as I tend ...
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Allow easier 'wikifying' of long standing dynamic questions

It seems that there are many questions that I'll term 'dynamic' as I'm not sure what a better word would be. This came out of finding this question here. The answers were fine, but they were for ...
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Could we enable expert ranking of resources to which links are provided in questions and answers?

Is there any way the collections of resources pointed to in questions and answers (for example, List of freely available programming resources) can be subjected to rankings by topic experts on Stack ...
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Should 'popular question' et al be based on votes rather than views?

The point came up to day that badges such as 'popular question' that are view based should really be based on votes not on views. The reasoning went something like this. Most of the traffic is now ...
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Trilogy Site Ranking - For those who need to know

SOREP will be taken offline this month. SOREP V2 now lives on SOREP V2: Ranked and aggregated flair SOREP V2 is a flair service that is built upon the StackUser platform that provides ...
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Easy Way to find out what your user rank is?

Is there an easy way to find out what your user rank is? If not it would be nice to have that feature. I can go to the users tab and find out what page I am on (96) and multiply that by 35 (users ...
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What's the ranking algorithm of SO?

Will editing the question make it rank forward or not?
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C++ / How can someone that asks questions like this have 3500+ reputation? [duplicate]

Also see: Should the weight of downvotes be increased? Response: Is this really an exact duplicate, and so deserving to be closed? It may lead to an ultimately similar discourse, but Rich B's ...
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User ranking on Stack Overflow

In addition to showing reputation scores, SO should rank users. In the users section, users are ordered by the reputations they have. Each user should also have a unique rank, since many users can ...
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New User Rankings

Right now one of the only real ranking in terms of overall performance on Stack Overflow (and related sites, obviously) is the reputation score. I know there are also some rankings per tag, but I am ...
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