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Feature request: answered/viewed ratio badge

I would like to propose the following badge (bronze or silver): answered/viewed ratio. If the ratio answered/viewed > 0.6, then the badge will be granted. Kind of like the conversion rate of an ...
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Is having a 'bad' accept ratio necessarily a bad thing?

I was wondering if having a bad accept ratio was considered a 'bad' thing among users. Sometimes I feel like I need to accept an answer that may not exactly answer my question just so my accept ratio ...
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How were the ratios between the daily rep cap, vote rep values and max number of votes per day established?

This is not about questioning or critiquing how StackOverflow works or wanting to change anything. This is simply about trying to learn how one would approach setting those numbers if one were to ...
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Healthy ratios for asking:answering and up:down voting [duplicate]

Is there a rule or guideline for a good relation between the answer to question ratio? I mean to be a reasonable SO-user and be accepted by others. Should good SO-users give (answer) more than take (...
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Asking Too Many Questions?

I just been a Stack Overflow'er for a few days now, and the quality of answers has been great. It has especially saved me many hours of time, otherwise on the steep learning curve of tackling a new ...
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