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For when the site is undergoing maintenance and is read-only. Various site functionality may not be available, such as: answering; commenting; editing; voting. What exact site functionality is read-only depends upon the specific maintenance being carried out.

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Chat is hungry in read only mode and keeps quietly snacking on my posts [closed]

During today's maintenance period: I noticed that there wasn't any indication on chat that it was down, and messages would attempt to get posted, just to vanish into thin air, which seems ... rather ...
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Read-only mode banner has broken link to

The banner that appears on the sites when they're in read-only mode reads as follows: This site is currently in read-only mode. We’ll return with full functionality soon. Follow @StackStatus, visit ...
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math.SE has been stuck in read-only mode for 7 hours

Since this answer doesn’t seem to be drawing any attention from anyone who can do something about it, I’m posting it as a question. The Mathematics Stack Exchange has been in read-only mode for 7 ...
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Link to "recent meta posts" search results in "read-only mode" banner contains redundant tags

The site has this banner right now that there is an ongoing maintenance: This site is currently in read-only mode. We’ll return with full functionality soon. Follow @StackStatus, visit our status ...
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Missing hyphen in "read-only mode" when browsing a post in read-only mode

Seen during yesterday's maintenance period where the sites were in read-only mode. While the network-wide banner, general communication, and hyphen rules (that I know of) mandate the spelling "...
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Review items stats throw an error while loading in read-only mode

Seen during today's maintenance period where the sites were in read-only mode. The review pages were unaccessible (since I was logged out), save for the stats (which do not require one to be logged in)...
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Not all sign up buttons are grayed out in maintenance mode

When the site is in read-only mode, the 'Sign up' button in the navigation bar is grayed out because it doesn't work. Could that be extended to the button in the 'welcome anonymous user' banner? (...
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Remove link to abandoned Stack Status blog from read-only mode banner

The banner suggests checking the @StackStatus Twitter account, or the status blog. However the latter hasn't been updated in over a year: Not only is today's outage not mentioned, but neither is ...
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Unclear outage notice: "This site is currently not accepting new answers."

All sites on the network were in a read only mode for 15–20 minutes a short while ago. This small notice appeared at the bottom of every question: This site is currently not accepting new ...
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Notice in app when site is down

When the site went down ~10 minutes ago and I tried to load the Android app, instead of giving me a "The site is down" message like the full site does, it just took longer to load, then showed me a ...
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5 votes
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Localization issue when site in read-only mode

A couple days ago SE sites went into read-only mode. In particular for Stack Overflow in Russian we got a unlocalized messages: Top message, Login and XOXO should be available to localize.
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2 votes
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"We have detected a strange activity from this IP address" message

At 15:04 UTC, during the Read-only test - August 1, 2015, trying to open my Stack Overflow profile page I received a message saying something like "We have detected a strange activity from this IP ...
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Read-only no-participation view to discourage meta effect

David Arenburg wrote in "Restrict up vote rights": I won't post examples because I don't want to create any Meta effects This refers to increased voting and other attention given to a post ...
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Can a bounty be extended due to long read only mode?

If a site is in read-only mode for about one hour (for example), will open bounties be extended by one hour, or have I lost an hour?
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Sign up / log in is not greyed out in read only mode on the SE dropdown

Greyed over there but not here: I think they should both be greyed out, or left alone.
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Why does "Read only" mode also not provide cross-site functionality?

The site just came out of read only mode. I know why and when and all that from the twitter feed, and this question isn't about that. Two things happen when the site is in "read only" mode that appear ...
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Bounties should not be active during readonly mode

When a Stack Exchange site stays in readonly mode, bounties are active, despite the fact that the questions can not receive any response. I think the bounties should be made inactive during readonly ...
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The site is readonly; therefore please login

The current behavior during maintenance is that a readonly view of the site is presented, and modification tools like voting, commenting, and retagging don't work. Great, very sensible. The problem ...
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Read-only for the SE Application

I found a read-only problem on the SE app. I cannot comment because it is supposedly on read-only mode. How do I disable read-only on the SE app?
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What caused the 16/5/2014 downtime?

Today, the entire stack exchange network was in read-only mode for several hours right in the middle of normal office hours for EU. This was pretty annoying, because it meant that I couldn't ask for ...
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Does rejecting ads work during read-only mode?

During the recent read-only mode, ads were shown to me, because I was no longer a high-rep user, but a random surfer from the internet. Does giving an ad a "Thumbs down", which gives a dialog box ...
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iOS app crashes silently when sites are offline

I have the latest iOS app from the store on my iPhone 5 w/ iOS 7.1.1 device. When I launched it this morning when pretty much all of SE was offline, it crashed silently. This post seems to indicate ...
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Provide an indicator that site is in read only mode

Yesterday stackexchange (or at least part of it) was (briefly) in read-only mode, during that time on the website there was a banner indicating that the site was in read only mode. However withing the ...
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Why did I see new questions posted on a site in read-only mode?

Around an hour ago, the Stack Overflow and other Stack Exchange sites were in read-only mode, which as far as I have seen wouldn't let me log in, so I was unable to post any questions, answers, or ...
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Add links to official status pages in the read-only mode status message

When the site is in read-only mode, I get a message like this: This site is currently in read-only mode. Would it be possible to update that message to provide links to these resources on SE's ...
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MSO read-only banner conflicting with MSO/MSE split banner

When MSO goes into read-only, the notification banner(s) are stepping on each other's toes: Compared to the read-only banner on SO, which is just lovely all by itself: Is this is most minor ...
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Can the read-only notification bar contain a link to the tweet? [duplicate]

Sometimes a Stack Exchange site is in maintenance mode. A notification bar shows that: Can this notification also contain a link to the StackStatus Tweet. Normally there are more infos to the ...
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Why is the site in read only mode? [closed]

I tried to access and I get the following message: This site is currently in read-only mode; we’ll return with full functionality soon. What's the reason?
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Why is the site in "read-only mode"? [closed]

I just saw this: This site is currently in read-only mode; we’ll return with full functionality soon. What happened? Was there some sort of hacking incident?
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Read-Only site is "no longer accepting new answers."

Small note, when the websites are put into read-only mode (for migration purposes), the bottom of the site reads: This site is no longer accepting new answers. Which isn't entirely true. I'm ...
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