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For questions relating to the reCAPTCHA system. The reCAPTCHA system can detect if you're a human or a robot.

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Use a different CAPTCHA provider for privacy and security [duplicate]

Note: this is not a duplicate of Replacing reCAPTCHA or Please use another captcha than reCaptcha, because this post is chiefly about privacy and security concerns, and not usability, challenge ...
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Stack Overflow CAPTCHA-Check fails - Oops! Robot detection failed

I try to post an answer to a question in Stack Overflow, than get CAPTCHA-Check with the box to click. After clicking I get the failed check (tested on Firefox, Chrome, and Edge): The last time I was ...
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I don't seem to be able to register a Stack Exchange account

They have started requiring "reputation points" to post in SEM. That's why I post this here, hoping that somebody will move it to the right category for me. I am unable to post there, and the bug ...
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Please use another captcha than reCaptcha [duplicate]

ReCaptcha gets worse and worse. Often I need to solve 12 image puzzles before ReCaptcha acknowledges me as a human. There are a lot of nice CAPTCHA solutions are out there, most self-hosted (which ...
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data.SE recaptcha error [closed]

Currently is unusable for anonymous users, with the following error message: I think I'm supposed to tell you to go to Either than or I'm ...
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Recaptcha is breaking [duplicate]

I was trying to execute a query on without being logged in, and it throws up this error (screenshot): The devs might want to look into it, since this may be happening elsewhere ...
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Unable to pass the street signs reCaptcha [duplicate]

Ok, I cannot for the life of me get past this captca. I select all the street signs, who knows whether they're right. But also, if you're supposed to select images, what's with the text box below? ...
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Old recaptcha on blogs

I recently visited a blog, and saw this: That's the old recaptcha. This is the new one: Please change the old recaptcha to the new one.
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Stop showing the recaptcha so many times! Once is enough in a short period of time

I open a few questions in multiple browser tabs from SO and start typing answers or comments and I understandably get hit with the first eCaptcha. OK so SO thinks I might be bot because I am ...
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