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Query to check the most active editors over a specific period

Is there a way to do that without being limited by having to be the last editor of the specific posts, as seen with the use of Posts.LastEditorUserId in this query. As a bonus, is there some way to ...
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Show current user name in the "recent names" section of the profile

It is a minor request. Not many people change their names, so they might not notice this. I probably won't be changing my name either(just once or maybe twice :P ) much. In the screenshot above, the ...
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How can I limit Stackoverlow to search for only recent answers?

I have a question about the Amazon API. This is a pretty common question, so when I search for it, there are already plenty of answers on SO. However, many of these answers are a year or two old -- ...
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Should "RECENT" be replaced with "ACTIVE" in the sort options?

At first glance, the difference between RECENT and NEWEST when browsing through a user's questions is unclear. If one scrolls over the label, then it reads RECENT: sort by recent activity NEWEST: ...
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View Recent stats link broken

I normally go to to see new comments or messages. I have it bookmarked in the toolbar. As of today, the link no longer works. Any idea why.
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Highlight recent points (+ notify on response to comments + list comments below questions & answers)

Sometimes I see my rating has gone up (or down even), and I go straight to my stats page to see which question/answer got a vote. But it's not very easy to see... it kind of requires remembering how ...
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Sort questions by recent votes

I think we are missing an important sort option on Stack Overflow: The ability to sort questions by recent votes, like in the last week or so. The "Vote" option is good, but due to the way SO is ...
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