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For questions about the lists of recently deleted posts accessible to high-reputation users (those with the "access to moderator tools" privilege) and site moderators respectively.

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Do some types of deleted posts not show up in the Recently Deleted section in the "deleted posts" 10k tool?

On a site where I have 10,000 reputation the Recently Deleted section of the Tools page shows me only one post deleted 15 hours ago: However, I know that a post was just deleted within the last half ...
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Moderator “Recently Self-Deleted Posts” list is missing some questions [duplicate]

I was investigating self-deleted questions and noticed that several are missing from the Recently Self-Deleted Posts list:
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17 votes
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Display date/time of deletion at /admin/recently-self-deleted

The "Recently Self-Deleted Posts" tool for diamond mods (/admin/recently-self-deleted) doesn't actually tell us when the posts in question were self-deleted - we have to click through to each ...
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Wrong recent deleted posts score [duplicate]

When I look at my recently deleted answers I see a list of answers all having zero score. But some of them have scores. For instance
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Where are my deleted answers? [duplicate]

My deleted recent answers link in the profile is showing only the recent 10 deleted answers. Where can I see all my deleted answers? Are they all permanently removed?
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Duplicate questions show up as "on hold" and "closed" in recently deleted questions

In my recently deleted questions, those that have been marked as duplicates show up as "[on hold]" or "[closed]", which should show up as "[duplicate]". Examples: A question that was marked as a ...
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48 votes
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Improve the "recently deleted" tool

The "recently deleted" 10k tool is too limited: it only includes a fixed number of deleted posts (45 apparently?) it only displays posts in a certain time-span (haven't seen anything older than 1h) ...
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52 votes
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Restore the 10k ability to see all closed/deleted posts in a list

A bunch of 10k links were removed early this month because: The other routes were not used (we're talking < 10 times in 3 days on the entire network) and were also crazy expensive to render. ...
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Can I see ALL deleted questions?

For some reason is only showing me the most recent 45 posts (about 20 minutes worth), and it only shows posts not deleted by owner. ...
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Show the timestamp of when a post was deleted/closed in the recently deleted/closed lists

This information is available already in the close/delete tabs (though only the 30 most recent items), but I like the other lists better because they show more information about the posts right in the ...
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Questions undeleted by owner show up in 10k moderation tools

In the deleted tab in 10k moderation tools, apparently, Recently deleted (not by owner) and Recently undeleted (not by owner) sections are designed not to show questions manipulated by their owner. ...
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