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Questions about referral links. Any shortened SE "share" link from a logged-in user will automatically include the user ID for referral tracking.

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Can I generate referral URLs with the full question title?

When I want to share a question, I can either share a link with the full question title: Or I can use a ...
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Why does SE track post referrers?

I exported my SE data, and in /qa/[site]\PostReferralsInbound.json there are entries like {"postId":1732454,"ipAddress":"...","creationDate":"2021-05-09T21:...
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What will be the migrated blog.msdn links?

There are many posts referring to and we see below message. If you were looking for MSDN or TechNet blogs, please know that MSDN and TechNet blog sites have been retired, and ...
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How to refer to an answer

I came across two questions, asking for a solution for the same issue (one could say, one duplicates the other) where both questions are lacking an accepted answer. One answer though lead me to the ...
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Can we have magic links for comments that link to help center of the site we're recommending?

I love using magic links for referring someone to a more appropriate stack. However, if I'm recommending that someone check out another Stack, often times I want to give them a direct link to their ...
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Some detail on @Username: why doesn't Stack Overflow write a link to the referred user? [duplicate]

I've read the post How do comment @replies work?, but I am not sure I understood how to refer correctly to a user, for example, Sha Wiz Dow Ard. If I got it right, I have to write @ShaWizDowArd ...
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Strange behavior of referrals on Area 51

I advertised the Hinduism Proposal on Area 51 using this referral link. This is what I see in my Area 51 reputation point history: However, the page itself shows that I have referred four ...
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Is there any referral incentive for Careers 2.0?

I'm about to send an email to my manager and HR director suggesting that they try searching for programmers on Careers 2.0. Just as I was about to hit send, I thought: "maybe there is some referral ...
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Does the referral bonus still count in Area 51 if you re-commit?

So, commitment score slowly decreases with time. In addition, a person can gain reputation if they refer someone. So, what happens if I un-commit a proposal, and then re-commit, as far as the people ...
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Chat onebox kills referral link

Today, I just realized that when you onebox a link in chat, the referral tail is removed. For example, if I try to onebox, it links to http://meta....
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Can I post a potential consulting gig? [duplicate]

Possible Duplicate: Is it acceptable to post jobs in this forum? I may have a consulting gig lead. A large corporation I deal with may be interested in implementing some stuff I have done, for ...
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Area 51 referrer notification shouldn't be showing when I'm the referrer, or when I'm already commited

I followed a link to the Workplace Area 51 proposal that contained my referrer code, and was greeted by this lovely notification: Welcome to Stack Exchange Area 51! Yannis Rizos thought you'd be ...
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View analytics for referral links

Clicking the link button brings up a text box with a referral link of the form /q/[post ID]/[user ID]. The presence of the user ID in this link allows the system to track the number of visits due to ...
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Can we have a way to see referrers for a specific question?

A question I flippantly answered a while ago literally blew up today, gaining me a Skeetian amount of rep for a single question in a single day. Is there a way to determine why this happened? I ...
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referral code for new users?

I would like to know if it would be possible to have a referral code for new users? If an existing user gives a friend a referral code to a stackexchange site, the user and the friend will receive N ...
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Display statistics for question and answer referrals

There are appears to be no area on the site to see the referral statistic. It would be nice if there was a tab on the user profile that allowed me to see a list of links I shared with the referral ...
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Is it possible to see how many people you've refered to a question or answer? (And if not, can it be made possible, please?)

Now that you get badges for referrals... is it possible to see how well you're doing on those badges (e.g. by seeing the number of referrals in the past three days, and all time?) If not, can we have ...
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Allow new users to point out a referring user (instead of referral links)

When recommending a SE site to friends or colleagues, I will always pass on the "pure" site link instead of a referral link. In my eyes, referral links always have something slightly sleazy about them,...
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To what extent can I encourage users to visit SO? [duplicate]

Possible Duplicate: Should software vendors discourage StackOverflow questions from their developer community? If we have a piece of software development software, to what extent are we allowed ...
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Suggested email content for referring a friend to Area 51 proposal

Can someone who has had some success with getting friends to sign onto Area 51 proposals give me some suggestions on what I should include in an email to promote a proposal to friends. I just sent an ...
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Referrals from link aren't counting for new users

I recently joined - I sent the link out to all of my friends. A few joined. Referral count 0. I decided to get my wife to do it. ...
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20 votes
2 answers

Show whether a question was "reddited"

I sometimes find a question has like 50000 views and later I find most of those were reddit users that got in rage or glee about something of it. Yesterday there was an answer of a page-one user ...
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Using "user name + colon" to refer to a user in comments

Does the following work when used in comments to refer to a specific user (say, xuser): @xuser: blah blah blah... Or should I just use separate punctuations?: @xuser : blah blah blah...
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Ban Dropbox referral/affiliate links? [duplicate]

Possible Duplicate: Using affliate links in answer/question Update: just found out that the links are not only used for all new referrals, but also for URLs to public files (for now: only if ...
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Referrals > Commitments: In Soviet Russia, commitment refers you?

Take a look at this proposal. Notice anything strange? (if you didn't, try using Area 51's search facility, keyword "Roblox"). That's right, the number of referrals (133) is greater than ...
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When are Referral Badges (Promoter, Campaigner, and Activist) Awarded? Do they Require Referred Committers to Follow Through on their Commitments?

I personally suspect that the referral badges (i.e. Promoter, Campaigner, and Activist) are only awarded when a proposal leaves the "Commitment" phase and enters the "Beta" phase, but I can't find any ...
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Make user profile's proposal links referral links

I think it's fair to say that finding an interesting proposal by looking at another user's profile counts as referral.
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Track referrals from the definition phase into the commitment phase

If a user that was referred in the definition phase commits to the proposal, it should count as a user that committed directly without following (giving you the +25 when he fulfills his commitment). ...
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Sort Area51 commit lists by referrals

Could we be able to sort Area51 commit lists by referrals?
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Following through on proposals and reputation

I just receive an email thanking me for following through on Gaming, and freeing a commitment slot. (great!) I was wondering when you should receive the +25 reputation for referrals, I referred a ...
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Can I refer someone without committing?

One of the proposals (specifically the Food and Cooking proposal) is a perfect site for a friend of mine, but not so much for me. Can I send her a referal request without having committed myself? If ...
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What is the value of "total reputation" on Area 51?

In the question that defines "Total Reputation", David mentions in a comment that it's just to show off how many people you have referred. Reputation has value in normal Stack Overflow world (it ...
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Badges for referral links

I suggest SO to friends almost on a weekly basis — some of whom have joined, and really enjoy it. Would it be out of the question to consider referral-links, which award the referrer with a "...