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For questions about relative links used in posts or comments (links that omit the domain part of the URL), such as /questions/3122 or /users/811.

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7 votes
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Relative URL links break when a question is migrated

Recently, I posted a comment on a question, which contained a relative link to another question on this site (i.e. a link of the form [link](/questions/3122/formatting-sandbox)). The question was ...
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27 votes
1 answer

Protocol-relative and relative URLs should be considered "Linked"

Currently, neither protocol-relative URLs, nor relative URLs, are recognized by the system as pointing to questions to be added to the "Linked" list for the current question. Given the pending switch ...
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18 votes
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Relative links are ignored by "Linked Questions"

Relative links to posts, such as [this one](/questions/1), do not show up under Linked. See? → This query suggests that relative links to posts are used ~1% as often as absolute links. Not an ...
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