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Always allow commenting on posts I have previously commented, irrespective of current rep

I propose allowing posting new comments on any post I already have comments on, even if I drop below the rep threshold for the comment-privilege (50 rep) later. And maybe also always allow responding ...
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Shouldn't the OP of a question or answer be able to see the vote counts for it? [duplicate]

The OP of a post should be able to see the +1's and -1's of the post so that they can see if it is an overall accepted or 'hated' post, and what to do to fix it, even if they don't have 1000+ ...
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Can't add useful information to existing question without getting more reputation

There's a question on superuser that is protected and requires 10 reputation to add an answer to. It also requires 50 reputation to add a comment. I only have 1 reputation, but I have very useful ...
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Incorrectly informed of gaining a privilege

I received the message, "Congrats, you've gained the the privilege - vote up - learn more," in the third link in the top left of Stack Overflow (the bar-chart-like symbol). But when I went to up-vote ...
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Why is Stack Overflow so strict regarding comments, votes, or other feedback from newer users? [duplicate]

I know this is a terrible way to start a presence on a new community forum, but frankly, I'm frustrated that Stack Overflow is so restrictive regarding the ability to comment or vote on the feedback ...
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Eligibility requirements for Stack Overflow moderator elections [duplicate]

There is no single place where SO users can check the requirements necessary to nominate oneself to a moderator elections. There is a formal description of the requirements: https://data.stackexchange....
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Increase reputation requirement and add other requirements for moderator elections on sites other than Stack Overflow

Stack Overflow requires at least 3000 rep for a user to nominate himself/herself to a moderator election. On the rest of the Stack Exchange network, only 300 rep is required. While it is true that ...
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Public beta--smoothly transition the privilege rep-requirements? [duplicate]

Possible Duplicate: Reduce the reputation requirements for editing and approving edits during the very early beta Chemistry.SE recently went to public beta. Now, we still are a young site, and ...
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Lift the 15-points reputation requirement for upvoting answers if the question was asked by yourself?

I know the requirement is there to avoid users upvoting their own answers with fake accounts; but this has the side effect that a legitimate new user can't upvote good answers to a question he/she ...
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chat requirements

will being able to access chatrooms always be linked to your meta account or will it be transfered to the respective sites account once chat is out of beta?(i.e. if I have 20+ rep in gamedev or so but ...
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11 votes
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Doesn't the rep requirement for voting on Area51 overly punish new users with a single `not a good example' vote?

After confirming my email address in a new Area51 account, I had 51 rep. I voted my maximum on questions for a particular proposal and then proposed 5 questions. One of those got a 'not a good example'...
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Increase minimum rep for new proposals [duplicate]

Possible Duplicate: Should proposing a site have a higher threshold? Some of the newest site proposals suggest their proposers have not only not used SOFU before (which is ok) but they also don't ...
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Rep-requirement for Answering Own Question [duplicate]

Possible Duplicate: Limiting Self-Answers It appears to be a common mistake of the new-user to treat Stack Overflow as if it were a forum, posting the initial question, and then adding follow-up ...
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