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For questions about how to appropriately report inappropriate behavior, spam posts, broken links, incursions against the "Be Nice" policy, and other questions on how to properly report violations of the site rules

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How to report that a question should be migrated to another site? [duplicate]

How do I report that a question should be moved to a different site (from to, in example)?
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How can we report people for bad icon/avatars? [closed]

No offense to Nick, but I don't care for pedobear and find it offensive. Is there a way to report that, or future icons that may be worse?
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Hot Network Question is macabre. What are the standards for Hot Network Questions? [duplicate]

Not sure how I report/flag a "hot network question" or even if I have the reputation to. However, the "Husband stepped on cats head now she hates him" question is on the "Hot Network Questions" ...
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Down-vote inspection per request

Just a feature request, most likely will be bashed down, but whatever, I will pour out what I have on my mind, which I think would address something. There should be a way to report/flag ridiculous ...
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