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For questions about how to appropriately report inappropriate behavior, spam posts, broken links, incursions against the "Be Nice" policy, and other questions on how to properly report violations of the site rules

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Suggested edits dialog needs a Report button

The Suggested edits dialog needs a fourth button: Reject and report to moderators. Else after we reject it it might not stay around on our screen for us to figure out how to report it.
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How to report a user? [duplicate]

A new user with an inappropriate username joined a Stack Exchange site today and started posting overly graphic sex jokes, as answers. They are clearly just a troll account. How would I go about ...
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How can I report a user that abusively self-promotes their own company?

There is a user on Stack Overflow that clearly self-promotes their own company. This behavior includes: Editing the questions of other users in order to add a new tag, and the text of the tag equals ...
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Hot Network Question is macabre. What are the standards for Hot Network Questions? [duplicate]

Not sure how I report/flag a "hot network question" or even if I have the reputation to. However, the "Husband stepped on cats head now she hates him" question is on the "Hot Network Questions" ...
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Suspect crawler without citing source [duplicate]

This question from this site seems to be a SO question: Unfortunately, it is all translated to my language so I couldn't search for the origin question. All the users are changed to Vietnamese names ...
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Could we add a bad word filter for profiles, comments and questions?

I saw this on a word-search generator and thought it was a good idea. Moderators could add words to a list. When a word is detected that is on the list it will remove it. There can be a request tab ...
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Why can't I report a bad answer on Super User?

I saw a bad answer here. I understand why, as a new user, I can't do certain things like comment. But reporting is something I should be able to do. What reason is there for limiting new users from ...
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How do I report a questionable review? [duplicate]

I sometimes run into an edit being rejected on grounds (/ with comments) that make me suspect that the reviewer was not paying attention making a mistake. Is there a way to report the review decision ...
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What if the OP rejects my suggested edit even if he/she uses the wrong tags in the question?

I came across this question in which unnecessary tags were used. So I suggested an edit to remove them; the OP rejected the suggestion, maybe he/she thought it was wrong. And he/she did this the ...
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Adding and accepting own answer that only says "I did what X said"

I noticed some questions like "how do I do something?" that several people have answered. Say the answers are "do A", "do B", "do C", ... At the end there is an accepted answer from the person who ...
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What can be done to report a user who participates in chat, but deletes their own (often disparaging) chat comments immediately after posting?

Note: This question is partially spurred by this thread here on Meta Stack Exchange as well as this moderator Q&A thread on Meta Science Fiction & Fantasy. Full disclosure: I have been ...
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How to file a report to Stack Exchange?

How do I report an issue like a bug, error, copyright matters, hacking, etc., to the SE network?
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Found a mirror site of Stack Overflow [duplicate]

While searching some solution on my problem I found a mirror site of Stack Overflow named w3stack. Here are the links: The question I've found on Stack Overflow The mirror site / content on w3stack
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How to report inappropriate avatars now that Gravatar provides no method of doing so?

Used to be, the thing to do was to report sketchy avatars through Gravatar. They no longer appear to have anything resembling a way to do that — there's no obvious way to get from an avatar ...
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How to report Mod if a user is using more than one account to upvote his/her own questions/answers? [duplicate]

Is there any place where we could report this so that the moderator takes appropriate action against the user who is using multiple accounts to upvote his/her own answers?
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2 answers

Down-vote inspection per request

Just a feature request, most likely will be bashed down, but whatever, I will pour out what I have on my mind, which I think would address something. There should be a way to report/flag ridiculous ...
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Disabling comments on questions

I asked a question on stack overflow, and one of the commenters got angry or something, so an arguing begun. I wanted to close the comments or banning the user from the question, but there seems to be ...
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Should I report another account that appears to have been hijacked?

I noticed the following comment on this question No, this cannot be done in Python, but only in Visual Basic. Or in C, using #define 0 1. I flagged it as: This looks to be trolling. Not only ...
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Where can I report if I find a fail in the website?

I like the SO website and the rules are very good, but sometimes I find something not that good, and I feel like I need to report it. So where can I report whenever I find something next time ? Do I ...
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Report serial down-voting on my profile [duplicate]

Possible Duplicate: What can I do if I'm the victim of serial downvoting? As you can clearly see here: ( Not allowed yet to post images, here's the link: downvotes ) in my Profile, all of ...
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What can I do when the E-Mail Account I registered with gets hacked?

Is there any option to let a moderator know that an email account or OpenID is hacked and the person is doing things like abusing or breaking rules? In such an event, what options does the genuine ...
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Downvote Abuse on Stack Overflow [duplicate]

Possible Duplicate: Serial Downvoting Victim I've recently had a series of 5-6 downvotes on SO, and so I've searched here and found Picking on a user (downvote abuse) question. The answer there ...
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How to report that a question should be migrated to another site? [duplicate]

How do I report that a question should be moved to a different site (from to, in example)?
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How can we report people for bad icon/avatars? [closed]

No offense to Nick, but I don't care for pedobear and find it offensive. Is there a way to report that, or future icons that may be worse?
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