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Reposting a question means that you post it a second time.

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Use a different template for duplicate automatic comments for reposted questions by the same user

It happens every now and then that a user reposts their question - maybe they don't know how to edit, maybe the question was closed and they wanted to dodge the review queue, or maybe they didn't get ...
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Should I repost somebody else's deleted question if it looks recoverable?

Suppose I know about or find out about a deleted question. I might remember visiting it before it got deleted, or found a reference to it. It may have been deleted for being low quality or having ...
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Delete and repost the same answer [duplicate]

A user posts an answer that is wrong content-wise, meaning that it does not fit under any of the flags. Now, it has received a huge amount of downvotes. Can the user just delete it and add a new, ...
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Should I re-ask a question if I have edited it beyond recognition?

My question has a massive edit history, as I struggled to explain my idea (making this, yes... I know...) and how it was different from the proposed duplicate. Since editing my question to clearly ...
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Opening a new question after significantly editing another on hold

When is it appropriate to create a new question from a previous one on hold? I had a submission that required several edits to clarify. It was finally placed on hold. I posted another question that ...
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Reposting a Deleted Question (I deleted my profile in the meanwhile)

I asked a question on the Electrical Engineering site regarding RSSI variations. I then flagged it for migration to Physics site since it seemed more relevant there. I deleted it after a few days ...
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7 votes
3 answers

What should I do when I feel some other Stack Exchange site would be a better location for someone else's question?

summary What should I do when I feel some other Stack Exchange site would be a better location for someone else's question? How can I do that so that the original poster doesn't mis-interpret my ...
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1 answer

Is it okay to repost a reformulated question that is closed (or on hold)?

If you Formulate a question vaguely It gets closed / put on hold for this You take the comments to heart and reformulate it It no longer gets attention but you have not enough reputation to trigger ...
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Is it impolite to repost someone's original question elsewhere? [duplicate]

I saw a question asked that interests me on one of the Stack Exchange sites. However, I would like a different perspective than that of the site it was posted on. Is it considered impolite to repost ...
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What will happen if I repost my question with new information?

I am considering reposting a question that has gone "stale" -- that is, it is no longer new and therefore not garnering any attention. It also has content that is no longer relevant: it was a jQuery ...
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3 answers

Is it ok to to delete and repost a duplicate question?

I asked a question that has been marked as a duplicate. I read a lot of similar questions and explanations in advance but I couldn't find a solution. In the question that should answer my question the ...
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Best way to ask and edit questions when you're in over your head

I believe my question is essentially the inverse of this thread re. updating questions. I have spent days trying to untangle programming problems involving my OS (10.8.2), homebrew, RVM, XCode and ...
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3 answers

Is it okay to repost a question that I already asked at another website?

Regarding this question Is it okay to repost a question from another website that was never answered there?, is it okay to repost a question which I have asked at another website (such as the ...
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2 answers

How to deal with an asker who re-posts questions and doesn't accept answers?

My question revolves around a user asking the following, even acknowledging that the question was previously closed so he re-posted it: Unable to run multiple AJAX calls without refreshing Now I'd ...
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Can I ask same question again if nobody has answered? [duplicate]

Can I ask same question again if nobody has answered it for some days? Or is there way to re-post a question after some predefined waiting period?
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2 answers

Is there a way to pass reputation points when reposting an answer?

A scenario recently arose where a question was asked and an answer from a previous, similar question was completely relevant. I wondered, should I add a comment linking to the previous question or ...
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Reposting an identical answer on a different question

What is the policy for the following scenario? I just saw the following answer posted: utf8_unicode_ci vs utf8_general_ci collation differences? This is a good answer to the question: it details ...
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Deleting your question only to re-ask it [duplicate]

In this question, the OP admitted to deleting his question and then reposting it. I feel like this user has successfully "gamed" the system. His post is not technically a dupe (since he deleted the ...
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2 answers

I've narrowed my question down substantially. Should I edit the original or create a new one?

I asked a general question to which I received some answers that were ok, but not really a solution. I narrowed the problem down to one very specific thing, which is much narrower than the original ...
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When is "update your earlier question" no longer appropriate?

I find it hard to believe that this hasn't been asked before, but I wasn't able to find a dupe. I've seen several new users go through these steps: post a code sample, without any other info, that ...
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Multiple reposts and closes

In cases like this Reposted Question where the user has reposted the same question multiple times, is there anything automated that eventually shuts such a user down? The user has posted the same ...
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