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Make bounty background color blue, in the Reputation Summary on the profile page [duplicate]

Currently, when you are awarded a bounty, the color in the Reputation Summary tab shows up green, just like any other accepted answer or other reputation increase. This can be a little confusing, ...
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Add first few words from answer to text shown for questions answered in user's Activity / Summary tab

The user's activity summary tab shows multiple answers to the same question (which is permissible in certain circumstances) in a manner which makes it difficult to tell which one is which since they ...
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Why does the reputation tab look weird?

Look at this user's reputation points tab. There are infinite +15s for accepted answer and infinite -45s as voting reversed. It doesn't say which question's answer was accepted. Is this a bug? ...
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Make bounty award color blue in summary tab

Accepts are green, that's good. But why is the color of bounties green in summary, recent rep? Bounties are blue everywhere, so make them blue there! So can we change the color of ...
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Reputation does not match by events? [duplicate]

In my user account page, I analyzed my reputation total, and it didn't add up: I think they should match. What's wrong? What am I missing? UPDATE: first time of downvote cast for me !! After ...
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Erratic "view more" behavior in profile page reputation summary

First, a little game. Please spot the difference between those two screenshots: (FHRC will come later)       Hint: two words. Giving up? OK OK... it's the "view more" ...
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Blank space occur in the reputation summary in profile page [duplicate]

Take a look at my meta profile. Why does it occur with just one entry, and without "view more"? Even I have two more posts with upvotes today.
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Reputation in summary tab shows as blank instead of 0, if net result is zero

On a user's profile summary tab, the reputation amount (+/-) is shown, with the link to the question. If a user gains 10 reputation for an upvote then it is shown as +10. But when a series of down ...
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Profile Bug - Reputation Summary Not Displaying All Lines

I noticed today that the reputation summary on my Meta profile is displaying only one line: Normally, it should display four lines, such as in my Stack Overflow profile: The bug is reproducible in ...
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StackOverflow profile summary bug today 2012-12-06

As can be seen above, the time is way past 06:00 UTC but the reputation summary still hasn't updated? In fact it's accumulating from midnight the day before. Is anyone experiencing the same issue?
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2 answers

Account summary shows different reputation points than on the actual account [duplicate]

Possible Duplicate: Reputation display bug… Again On my Stack Overflow account, reputation points for Game Development and Android Enthusiasts shows 1 rep but when I navigate physically to ...
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1 vote
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Can we not see the the reputation which is been given and taken?

I got 15 reputation and 10 reputation by acceptance and upvote respectively, then these sum ob reputation had been fetched from me. How can i see the log what had happened, during this process. Edit: ...
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Show badge count for the day in the hover window

Currently, if you hover over your name, it shows you up to three badges that you've recently earned. That's nice, but it would be good if it could also give you the total count (in the same format as ...
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Tag wiki edit titles don't show up in the reputation drop down

See here: I added some tag wikis to Super User which show up as +2 on my drop down, but there's no text to indicate what I got the edit for. They're also missing from the reputation page of my ...
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Show rep lost or gained from rescinded votes

My rep on SO just changed from 14,546 to 14,558. Checking my recent activity, I saw that I'd received one upvote which only accounts for 10 of the 12 points. Obviously someone has rescinded a ...
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Notification when my answer is unaccepted?

I just lost some reputation, presumably because someone changed their selected answer from mine to someone else's. Can these losses of reputation be noted on my reputation page similar to the other ...
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