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Measurement of a user's contributions to the site, and the extent to which the community "trusts" that user with extra privileges.

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On downvotes, or more precisely, why people downvote things

After seeing the downvotes survey and, honestly, being very surprised that downvotes are targeted again, I took the initiative to sign up as a completely new user on SO, to understand, in my own way, ...
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Let's prevent association bonus abuse

The association bonus grants otherwise no-rep users a lot of privileges. That's good if we trust them (great even, since it allows us to flag spam across the network), but could be terrible if we don'...
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Trying to hide spam/offensive deletions on user profiles announces them

If a post is deleted as spam or offensive, the user incurs a 100-rep penalty. But SE made the conscious decision to not call that out on the reputation tab; if you go to the page of a user who's hit ...
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Screen reader users cannot discover badges and reputation

There's an accessibility issue with one of Stack Exchange's core features: users who are reliant on a screen reader have no real capacity to learn about and understand badges and reputation, including ...
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Delay answer downvote rep loss to voter to help hide voter's identity

A while back, I posted an answer to SO, which was downvoted. I wasn't sure who did it, but had a suspicion because I thought I had seen a particular user lose a reputation point. When I deleted the ...
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Show suspended users with their normal reputation in the Data Explorer

I was playing with the Data Explorer... And I was trying to write a query to show users who got the most % of their reputation from accepts. So for each user: [% from Accepts] = [Rep from Accepts] / [...
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Allow moderators to define reputation-limiting relationships between users who consistently display targeted voting

On Ask Ubuntu we've got a bunch of users who we believe to be friends at school together. They ask questions for each other to answer They vote for each other (and recently also against each other) ...
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I can see my reputation "increasing" even though I am suspended

So I got myself suspended, for being an idiot. My fault. I now have 1 reputation. But while I was sitting on the front page of the site where I'm suspended, somebody upvoted one of my answers. I ...
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Topbar tells me about a +1 recovered from a deleted DVed post, but detail view doesn't show it

The topbar only tells us about reputation gains (see related issue with lost rep). But sometimes it only half-tells us: The explanation of that +1 is nowhere to be found here. An answer that I ...
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When a user who approved an edit is removed, an incorrect "-2 reverted" event appears in reputation history

I am aware that I lose reputation for suggested edits if the final approver of the edit is removed. But now there is an extraneous "reverted" event to go along with user removal: Source: my ...
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Ignore assocation bonus rep for "New Users by reputation"

I like keeping up on new, engaged users, so in theory the New Users by Reputation page is awesome. But the problem is association bonus rep shows up in between users with association bonus+ ...
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Discouraging repwhoring - Reverse rep from answers posted shortly before the question gets closed

TL;DR I'm proposing the following: When someone posts an answer and the corresponding question is closed within a certain amount of time after that, then, for certain close reasons, all rep gained ...
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Ghost (nonexistent) votes in reputation tab

Unfortunately I have recently received some upvotes, which means that new bugz are uncovered... TL;DR: if there's a day, on which you receive upvotes on post, then you check reputation tab and after ...
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Using `M` instead of `k` when rep is >= 1M on

I read on (mirror) Shouldn't it be 1.03m or (if we really follow the conventions of the metric system) 1.03M instead?
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Why is the error message "You need at least 10 reputation to post more ..." not shown during composing a question?

I did create a long question on Stack Overflow which took me about two hours and then I wanted to publish it. Unfortunately it suddenly showed me then, that I am not allowed to post more than eight ...
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Exempt users with the association bonus from the IP-based question rate limit

I've just created an account on Cross Validated, and typed up my first question. Unfortunately, when I try to submit it, I get an You can only post once every 40 minutes error message. I've never ...
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More helpful "you can't vote" messages for users with low rep?

Problem When a new user clicks on an upvote button on a post they see... ...but on a downvote button... This is unclear. First they are being told they need 15 rep, but then they are being told it ...
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How were the ratios between the daily rep cap, vote rep values and max number of votes per day established?

This is not about questioning or critiquing how StackOverflow works or wanting to change anything. This is simply about trying to learn how one would approach setting those numbers if one were to ...
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Reinstate the prior prevention against users deleting their accounts immediately if they've cast multiple votes

To provide context (again): For a long while, there's been a feature where users who request deletion of their accounts and meet certain criteria for low activity (currently, not having posted on the ...
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Reputation loss from offensive flags does not carry to per site meta

Meet my sockpuppet. He's only got reputation on meta and it's been that way since February the 9th. That's because on February my sockpuppet... volounteered to a test on offensive flags and how ...
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Show Area 51 rep with Area 51 Discussions rep

A while ago Nick Craver explained why Area 51 reputation isn't shown in "Your Communities". However, Area 51 Discussions' reputation shows up: Since Discussions' reputation is equal to Area 51's, why ...
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What does "follow through on your commitment" actually mean?

I am having trouble ascertaining exactly what the commitment means, when referring to the ten questions/answers: Do they have to be in private beta, or does public beta count as well? Can the ...
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Expand and collapse post reputation in the whole range of the row

Steps to reproduce: Go to anyone's post reputation changes. There try to hover the daily reputation summary row, let's say in the middle of the row (like shown on the screenshot) and try to click. I ...
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Why does the accounts tab on the network profile show my CS50 account with 1 rep instead of 101?

If I scroll to the bottom of my network account's accounts tab, I can see that it shows my CS50.SE account as having 1 rep: However, if I actually go to the site, my profile says I have 101 ...
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Can we add thousands separator for reputation tooltip in stack exchange grid view

Can we add thousands separator for the reputation tooltip in the Stack Exchange grid view, for each site's top user's reputation tooltip. It will increase the number readability. Currently the ...
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Distinguish questions and answers in reputation alerts

When question upvotes were worth five points and answer upvotes ten, it was immediately obvious what new reputation was for. If I saw "+5" it meant that a question got upvoted while if I saw "+10" it ...
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Disable Twitter/GitHub links for low-rep users

Currently, hyperlinks in "About me" and "Website link" in our user profile pages are disabled for low-rep users in order to prevent from malicious links. See this answer for details. Hyperlinks for ...
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Total stats on Area 51 commit wrong since the Meta SO/Meta SE split

It looks like the total rep and badges on my Area 51 commitment are being miscalculated. I think it started with the SO/SE meta split. Should be: Adding my Meta rep in twice would put my rep in the ...
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Show removed posts in reputation history by default

It seems the only use for the "show removed posts" checkbox in the user reputation history is to cause endless "did you check "show removed posts"" comments on Meta questions where users don't get how ...
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"Null" error message when viewing the total vote count, if user ceases to have the privilege to see vote counts after the page is loaded

When I downvoted this answer, I got 99 reputation on MSE. As you know, by reaching 100 rep you can see the vote count totals. I downvoted the answer, and I got 99 reputation. I didn't reload the page ...
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Reputation still showing for hidden communities on network profile

I've noticed that, for users with hidden accounts, it's still possible to see reputation changes on their hidden communities from their network profile, yet it is not possible to see the hidden ...
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Wrong reputation calculation in achievements dialog

Looks like there is something wrong with reputation calculation: +2*5 -6*2 = -2... why there is +6 in reputation popup? As @Catija said in comment calculation is OK in the profile: ...
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Reputation and badge counts are harder to read on the new top bar

I'm finding it harder to read the reputation and badge counts on the new black top bar. The bold white text on the black background seems almost blurry. Also, I don't know if it is the 1px size ...
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Why are reputation changes not showing in the top bar?

Since some time in the last two or three weeks, upvotes do not show in the top bar the way they used to (like, +10 on the achievements dropdown image for an answer upvote), at least on Super User. I ...
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Optional Android notifications for reputation changes

I would like to get a notification if my reputation count has changed. I think there is already some internal API for that. (I can see that changes in the menu bar in the top). I'm sure that some ...
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Reputation counter in top bar acting up?

Something weird seems to be going on with the reputation counter at the top of the page, next to the username: Several times today I saw the counter at an unusually high value, but when I clicked it, ...
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Please make the reputation graph two-tone

A suggestion for the rep graph: Currently, it has green columns for each days' rep, and a line indicating the 200-point limit. As we know, it's quite easy to get >200 points on a day as only certain ...
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Bounty and reputation shenanigans?

Just curious about an observation, because it just looks goofy to me. Maybe it's nothing. This question: How to calculate the total time a user spending on an application? was asked back on June ...
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Change link colour for links to deleted question?

Many links on MSO are back to questions that have been deleted on SO, but for a <10k rep user these just show the 404 page instead. So my suggestion is: if my rep isn't high enough to allow me to ...
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Reputation graph axis labels

When zooming in on a user's reputation grid in the network profile, the axis labels are not always calculated or displayed correctly. Here's two examples, first zoomed in and then after resetting zoom:...
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Amount of Rep for Next Privilege Varies

On the desktop (Google Chrome), the amount of rep needed to create tag synonyms is 2500 rep. But surprisingly, on the mobile-web version, it says you need 3k rep to create tag synonyms. So which one ...
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Change rep stats from "week/month/quarter/year" to "last 7/30/90/365 days" (or add the latter)

I was just perusing the SO leader board, just curious as to who has been doing what in the last month/quarter/year. However, since we are only four days into the latest month/quarter/year, the stats ...
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Comments hover over reputation - number format

When you hover over the username in comments section, it shows reputation of the user which is great. My request is: can this number be formatted as it's hard to read for high rep users (10k+ or ...
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Is the script that reverses serial downvotes finicky?

A few days ago I noticed that I lost a few points when someone downvoted three answers of mine, each of which had a decent number of upvotes and were the accepted answer, in the span of about 20 ...
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Meta participation vs main reputation and associated badges

Meta.SO runs as a stand-alone site on the SE network. Therefore, it has its own reputation system and, consequently, votes and badges are easily identifiable. This is different on the child-Meta sites ...
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Can we eliminate or reduce the rate limit for comment votes when you have enough rep?

I will often look over the body of comments to a question or answer and sometimes I'll find 2 or 3 that deserve to be highlighted. Invariably I'll try to click on the second one before 5 seconds are ...
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How to know reputation question/answerwise separately ?

I have asked some question and also answered some questions on Stack Overflow. How can I know how much reputation questionwise and answerwise separately ? Is there any way to check this ? It will ...
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500 reputation drop - where did it go?

When I visited StackOverflow today I noticed a sharp drop (exactly 500 rep): ... The strange thing is I can't pinpoint exactly where it ...
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Getting 404 Not found when trying to expand events on the reputation tab

If you look at the reputation events of a user, and try to expand a post, you'll get an "Error occurred when loading post body" message, probably because the URL that is being polled returns 404. ...
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Two recent suggested edits were not attributed to me in my reputation history

I recently suggested two edits to the tag wiki for the list tag (the body and excerpt), but found that they were not attributed to me in my reputation history. The same day, before suggesting the ...
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