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"Retina" is an Apple-owned brand name sometimes used as a synonym for High DPI displays.

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Avatars in answer boxes are downscaled incorrectly on Retina displays

I just changed my avatar on SE, and noticed that it's quite blurry in answer boxes: I opened the image in a new tab, and it looked a lot nicer. (It also looks like this on my non-Retina external ...
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Use SVG version of SE logo

This is the view of the login screen (when not logged in): The Stack Exchange logo is a blurry PNG version at that scale. The font size is also different to the surrounding text. Why is this version ...
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Weird Stack Exchange logo on 404 pages on high-resolution screens A picture with freehand circle says more than 6-8 hundred words: This happens for me on Safari, Firefox and Chrome on macOS 10.13.1 (latest browser versions, caches ...
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How do I scale inserted images without losing quality?

Is there a way to insert scaled high quality images other than entering HTML directly? I understand that I can use imgur to size the displayed image without using HTML, but this produces a degraded ...
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Please make the valuable flair™ higher quality

Currently, we are provided with a PNG image, 208x58 pixels. That's pretty small. Please can you make it higher quality? I'm thinking double the size in each direction - so it's similar in height to a ...
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Bug with display of uploaded screen shots from retina displays

I have a Mac with an internal retina display and an external regular-resolution display. If I do a screen shot on my external display and upload it to SO it looks great. But if I upload the screen ...
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Why Area 51's Top Beta user profiles are actually images?

I was surprised when I've figured out that profiles in the list of top users on Area 51 are actually images (this gray recаtangles): But why? I can not think of any case when this kind of data is ...
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Gravatar HiDPI in Chat

I have been noticing this bug. While the recent update renders all profile pics Retina-ready (HiDPI), the Gravatar-based profiles are still blurry on a Retina Display. Here is a screenshot: Also, if ...
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Economics.SE's favicon is missing in action

A question from Economics.SE popped up in the "Hot Network Questions" list, and I couldn't help but notice that its icon is a little bit... lacking. Shouldn't there be some letters there or ...
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Do the double-size retina-screen community ads work on all sites? [duplicate]

Apple and Arqade both have some community ads that are twice the usual size — specifically 440 x 500 pixels. Apparently these work, and are for improved display on Retina screens. Do all Stack ...
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Please svgify The Snowflake

Around the time when mobile update happened (don't remember when it was exactly), inbox and achievements icons were svgifgied. Now plz svgify The Snowflake too :)
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Support uploading retina-resolution images and showing them at standard size [duplicate]

This is a feature-request to support easily uploading retina-resolution (i.e. double resolution) images and automatically showing them at half-size. It is currently possible to do this, but it takes ...
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When will Stack Overflow support retina devices? [duplicate]

When will Stack Overflow support retina devices? Please, please, please at least change the favicon to a high-res version.
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Update community ad requirements to allow retina goodness

Retina screens are becoming more and more of a thing. It's too late for this year's crop, but for next year, could the ad requirements be updated so that the required size is 440 x 500 pixels. Some ...
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We need better support for retina displays [duplicate]

The site looks a bit ugly now that I got used to the retina display. Here are few points that could/should make the site looks crispier :) Update the favicon to support the 32x32 version too The ...
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HDPI version of Stack Exchange

Is an HDPI version of stack exchange coming to our retina screens? I would be happy to see support for HDPI. The first thing to improve is the image uploader. It should be simple to add a selector ...
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Optimise Stack Exchange user flair for Retina displays

I really love the way user flair works, but unfortunately it doesn't look very sharp on a Retina display, especially when juxtaposed with browser-rendered text. If you made the generated image twice ...
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Icons on the mobile site's inbox lack detail

On the mobile website, the icons representing each site in the inbox are a bit unpolished. It's especially noticeable on the iPhone 4's retina display. I also noticed that the Meta Stack Overflow ...
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