Questions tagged [retracted-close-votes]

Use this tag for questions having to do with close votes that are casted, but the voter has decided to retract the vote before the question gets closed.

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Why can't you change your 'mind'? [duplicate]

Why are your votes locked on comments and posts? Why make it so that if we do retract our comment vote, we can’t re-upvote it? Why make it so that if we retract a flag, we cannot reraise it? I bet ...
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Incorrect message shown when trying to close a question a second time [duplicate]

I voted to close a question on EL&U, and it was later closed. Then the question was reopened again. Now I can't cast another close vote, so why does the message say, "You cannot vote to close ...
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When a retraction is not a retraction. Please update close-menu message

Sometimes, when close-voting, the question gets closed and subsequently reopened in very short order. If attempting to recast a close-vote, this dialogue appears: It tells me that I can't vote to ...
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Can't rescind my close vote after closure

I just voted to close an SO question because of some community-specific reason. However, on a closer read, it seems the question has an answer which is different than what the OP specifically asked ...
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Can we know who voted to close a question and then retracted their vote?

Some time ago, I was browsing through the history of the close votes review queue of a group and I noticed that a certain question had been closed after five users having voted there to close it (and ...
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Close vote retraction confirmation prompt incorrectly says re-voting is never allowed

There is an existing feature-request, Allow another close vote after retraction, that is marked as completed. Per that request, it is now possible to vote to close a question again after retracting a ...
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Retracted Close Votes shouldn't be listed under 'Profile > Votes' indistinguishable from retained ones

The title pretty much says it all. When one votes to close a question, retracts their close-vote, and then goes to the Votes tab on their profile, the question is still listed there as "Closure&...
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The automatic comment upvote is not retracted when I retract my duplicate close vote

I've been following a duplicate proposal of another user recently, and voted to close the question, but later I changed my mind and retracted the close vote. What bothered me is that the automatic ...
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Can I retract a close vote after the question is closed?

I recently came across a problem that I was unable to solve. By accident I voted to close a question. The vote was intended for a different question. It's not something that happens often, but in ...
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I'm getting an error dialog when retracting close votes, but they did seem to succeed

This is most likely a problem on the server side, but FYI I'm using the 64-bit version of FireFox 72.0.2 on Windows 7. As the title states, when I tried retracting a close vote, I got an error dialog: ...
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Replace "You have already voted to close ...." after retracting vote

After retracting a close vote, the close dialog says You have already voted to close this question. But this statement is false as we retracted our vote, we are no longer able to vote again and our ...
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How can a mod retract their own accidental close/reopen vote without consuming others' votes?

How can I undo my vote to close a question? I accidentally closed this question - it was in the close review queue and (mea culpa) half asleep I accidentally hit the close button. It already had three ...
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How can I change which question the current question is a duplicate of? [duplicate]

I would imagine this is a fairly common situation, but I haven't found it discussed: I vote to close a question as a duplicate of a specific other question. The asker edits the question so that it's ...
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Close vote count is not updated after retracting a vote

A nitpick: Vote to close something => "close" changes to "close (1)" Retract the vote => the label doesn't change back unless I reload the page
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Impossible to revoke my vote for close

After I voted for close the question it is not possible to revoke close vote from ios-app: I can do it only from web. I am not sure is it bug or should be a feature-request, please feel free to edit ...
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Re-flagging an unflagged question

I just flagged a question for closure as too broad. I almost immediately decided 'opinion-based' was more correct so I retracted my original flag but now I apparently can't choose to re-flag for ...
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Let me change my close vote, after the question was significantly edited? [duplicate]

I'm aware of the "How do I change a close vote to a duplicate?" question from a few years back, but mine's slightly different A user asked a question, which wasn't clear. I left a comment explaining ...
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There's no guidance in the help center for retracting close votes

I've seen a few questions around here about retracting close votes, and they bring up two primary points: It's not obvious that opening the close menu again will allow you to retract a close vote you'...
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Rationale for disallowing close votes after rescinding my vote [duplicate]

Today, while working through the Close Votes Review queue, I was distracted for a moment and clicked to close a question for the wrong reason. So I opened the question page and rescinded my close ...
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Allow to re-vote after casting vote as "unclear what you're asking" [duplicate]

EDIT: This is a feature-request. Please don't vote to close this as a duplicate of questions which ask how to re-vote; I know you cannot and that's the whole point of this feature request. Currently ...
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Retracted close vote still appears when question is closed?

I voted to close detect the class of a property with name in objective-c (as "unclear what you're asking") but I'm fairly certain that I retracted that vote after the OP's clarifying edit. However, ...
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Can't retract close vote when revisiting post on mobile site, and other inconsistencies [duplicate]

Summary of issues: Can't retract close vote on mobile after a page refresh Voting to close on mobile shows close 1 and then when page refreshes it shows close (1) Retracting vote on mobile doesn't ...
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Are retracted Close votes retained in the user's review history and in the queue history?

Is it correct that: users' public review history shows all close votes (cast in the Close review queue) including those that were retracted? Displayed histories of the various close reviews on a ...
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In what conditions can a close vote be retracted?

I did not see it spelled out anywhere in the retracted-close-votes tag, but it seemed as though a retraction of a close vote is always permitted, except (?) in case of the deciding final vote. Is that ...
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Allow another close vote after retraction

tl;dr Users that have retracted a close vote should be able to vote again on that same question. I don't believe there is any danger in allowing this, provided some controls are in place (see below). ...
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Can not close after retracting original close vote [duplicate]

Today I closed a question as a duplicate, only to realize it should be closed as off-topic. After retracting the close vote, I could not close it as off-topic. Is this by design? Or an accidental ...
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Retracting a close vote in the first post review queue counts as Reviewed action

I came across this question in the first post review queue. I have read it and decided to close it but then I went and retracted my vote as I clicked the wrong close reason. Then, I realized that No ...
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Should I be able to retract a reopen vote? [duplicate]

Earlier today I voted to reopen a question, but on further consideration decided that it should remain closed. Since we can now retract close votes, I tried to retract the reopen vote by clicking on ...
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I can't (vote to) close a question I voted to close before but then retracted? [duplicate]

For example... I closed a vote for 'too broad'. But then I realized I wanted to close it as a specific duplicate of another question instead. So I retracted my close vote. That worked. But I can't ...
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When retracting a close vote, if that vote led to a comment, the comment is not deleted

An example would be a vote as a duplicate. When the user retracts the vote of a duplicate, the comment is left behind. Personally, I'd like to see these auto-comments reconsidered, but at least delete ...
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Retracting close vote does not refresh tally

When we vote to close a question, the vote tally automatically updates, as well as giving us a popup saying that our vote has now been recorded. When we retract a close vote, however, a popup still ...
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Can we have the ability to retract a close vote before it closes?

Sometimes you vote to close something and the OP then changes it to fix the issue or issues. You can't take a close vote back though. It would be nice if you could. With the new Duplicate close ...
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