Questions tagged [retracted-delete-votes]

For questions on Meta Stack Exchange that are primarily about retracted delete votes (i.e. votes to delete a post that are then withdrawn by the voter before the question gets deleted), or the process of retracting delete votes.

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13 votes
1 answer

It's possible to retract and re-cast a delete vote on answers, contrary to the tooltip's advice

When retracting a delete vote, the following popup is displayed: To quote the text directly: says Retract your vote to delete? You won't be able to vote again on this post. ...
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43 votes
1 answer

Make the pop-up for retracting your delete vote different from the pop-up for casting it

When voting to delete a question one gets thrown a pop-up to confirm their choice. This is in the general style of your browser. Since recently one is also able to retract their delete vote. Today I ...
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