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A gold badge earned by providing a good answer to a bad question. It requires answering a question with a score of -5 or lower with an answer scoring 20 or higher. This badge is now retired.

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Why is the Reversal badge so hard to get? [closed]

The description for the reversal badge tells me: Provide an answer of +20 score to a question of -5 score. This badge can be awarded multiple times. Roughly only 300 users have earned the "...
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Can we retire the Reversal badge on main sites and keep it only for meta sites?

The Reversal badge: Provide an answer of +20 score to a question of -5 score. This badge can be awarded multiple times. There are multiple issues about discouraging Fast Gun In The West (FGITW) ...
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Can Reversal be awarded more than once per question? [closed]

The Populist badge only applies to the highest-voted question. I was wondering whether the same applied to Reversal, since there didn't seem to be a clear answer anywhere.
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Reversal Badge not Awarded [duplicate]

Why I am not awarded Reversal badge for answering Query Help: Entity Framework Question?
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Is it possible to earn the Reversal badge by answering your own question?

Suppose somebody asks a low quality question and then answers it him/herself giving thorough proper explanation with examples, so that his answer earns 20 votes (under the impression from this ...
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What can make a post 'otherwise unavailable' in a badge question list?

(this doesn't appear to be a dupe of Viewing badges, I see “post deleted or otherwise unavailable” or Problem with student badge, which appear to have been specific localised bugs) Viewing the older ...
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Reversal badge: After 5 down-votes, does an up-vote negate the reversal potential?

I answered a question that had 5 down-votes. It was the first time I have even seen a question with that many down-votes and that has not been closed. Furthermore, it seemed to me a legitimate ...
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Badge suggestion: Wide Spread

This is a suggestion for a silver version of the "Reversal" badge: Reversal Badge Provided answer of +20 score to a question of -5 score I am aware of this question and this good answer, ...
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What downvoted questions on SO, or Programmers.SE are worth looking at (for non-Meta reasons)?

Are there any downvoted questions on Stack Overflow (or Programmers) that are worth looking at for non-meta reasons? To see where I'm going with this, think along the lines of the Populist and ...
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Silver Reversal

I think that there should be a silver version of the Reversal badge. Because of the extremely high number of votes (20) required, Reversal is the rarest of al the badges on SO. (Except Generalist, ...
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