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blatant negligence in performing review duties

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16 votes
2 answers

Herd mentality closure of questions

I had a question from more than a year ago (Aug 2011) here, which was upvoted 5 times and favourite twice. There exists a high quality (+12) and accepted answer on this question. In the last couple of ...
127 votes
5 answers

Careless review upvotes are actively contributing to the quality problem, not correcting it

Look at this reply. The question is from 2008, it has an accepted answer, and almost every other answer generally has the same theme and references the same function. That reply, at the time of ...
3 votes
1 answer

Does raising a flag again after a LQ answer was kicked off the queue by "Edit" actually work?

The rationale behind allowing the Edit button in the LQ (low-quality) review queue is if a reviewer didn't actually fix "all the problems" (what the usage guide says), it will at least bump the post ...
11 votes
0 answers

Trigger happy Edit Suggestion approvals - what can we do? [duplicate]

I have just seen an approval for a Suggested Edit that takes the cake, and makes me wonder exactly how much attention some people are paying to what they do. In this edit suggestion the editor ...
14 votes
0 answers

Means of marking individual review outcomes as incorrect even after another edit has been made

A known problem is that sometimes bad suggested edits get approved. Moderators have a tool in the form of suggested edit bans to deal with this, but those bans aren’t always immediately appropriate. ...
39 votes
5 answers

Dealing with misguided reviewers of suggested edits - take 2

It was already discussed before with some suggestions (even from me) but here is a final and simple suggestion that in my opinion will hunt down the badge hunters. Now that the number of reviewers ...
17 votes
2 answers

Should review bans span all SE sites?

If somebody is a robo-reviewer on Stack Overflow, there's a good chance they'll be a robo-reviewer on Super User. Should the 2-day and 7-day review bans span across all SE sites? Or, should they at ...
37 votes
1 answer

Edit reviewers don't know how to review because nobody told them!

I recently created a Stack Overflow chat room to whip low-quality edit reviewers into shape. It… worked. Most of them said they would be more careful about minor/invalid/vandalism edits and that they ...
542 votes
27 answers

The current review system encourages fake reviews; some people upvote everything rather than actually fixing problems

I went to a Late Answers review queue that had four items in it and started reviewing the first one by editing it into shape rather heavily. By the time I was done, someone else had reviewed the ...
3 votes
1 answer

A Reviewer Rating [duplicate]

I noticed some real egregious reviewing on this question. It was closed as a duplicate of a question that it doesn't come close to duplicating, the OP's problem being that of formatting Excel via C#, ...
7 votes
1 answer

Identified Suspected Robo-Reviewer. What now? [duplicate]

I have identified a suspected robo-reviewer. They are spending on average 4 seconds per review, they always select 'No Action Needed', and on a number of occassions, they have done this on obvious NAA ...
13 votes
0 answers

Add "Skips" to Advanced Review Statistics

So on Code Review we currently have a rather wide margin of time that's used on close-vote reviews. The "slowest" user is averaging out at 180 seconds per review, the "fastest" is clocking in at 10. ...
13 votes
1 answer

How can one see how much time was spent on a review?

Is there a way to tell how long a reviewer spent looking at a particular review item? I have seen people comment about "Reviewer Speedy Squirrel only spent 3 seconds looking at this review item ...
119 votes
9 answers

A way to "downvote" a suggested edit and affect both the edit suggester and reviewers

I find a lot of suggested edits pretty poor. For me, it feels like that more than a half of the suggested edits doesn't properly address all issues in the post. The trigger of today was this ...
31 votes
1 answer

Invalidate reviews by known robo-reviewers

Today, I saw a known robo-reviewer get out of a well-deserved review suspension, only to continue rubber-stamping every review in sight again. Some robo-reviewers get review-banned 10 times or more, ...
7 votes
1 answer

The delay in the activation of review buttons is not enforced by the server

You are forced to wait a few seconds before you can do any review action (such as approving or rejecting a suggested edit), I suppose because they don't want you to mindlessly review things. This ...
160 votes
14 answers

What can we do to stop bad edits getting accepted?

A worryingly high number of bad suggested edits get accepted. For example: edits that add bad formatting to random words edits that break the formatting of a block of code edits that add wrong tags ...
88 votes
5 answers

"Late Answers" and "First Posts" encouraging unnecessary actions

I've come across many posts that can only be described as okay (see examples below). They're not good enough to deserve an Upvote and not bad enough to deserve a Downvote, there's no point in editing ...
8 votes
2 answers

Can (or should) anything be done about someone who votes "Do not Close" a lot in /Review? [duplicate]

Possible Duplicate: Steward Badge gaming visible in the Review Close Queue I've noticed that most people who /Review a lot of close votes on ServerFault do about 12-20 reviews a day. That seems ...
14 votes
2 answers

Replace review audits with checks against the quorum

Audits are a terrible metric. They have little significance within the scope of reviews, and say very little about the reviewer. Using an algorithm to select audits doesn't work particularly well, and ...
395 votes
8 answers

The robo-approvers are killing my will to review edits

Already I have lost all hope of looking at late answers etc. It's just a parade of meh. I can't make any kind of intelligent decision because I can't see the other answers to the question, for ...
5 votes
0 answers

Robot reviews getting out of hand... again!

To follow on from such lovely posts as The robo-approvers are killing my will to review edits. Twice in a row I have had suggested edits approved whilst I am reviewing the question. After deciding ...
91 votes
2 answers

Could we make the review-banned-by-a-mod notice say something more descriptive?

Since we got minitech as a mod (yay!), lots of people have been getting review banned (and rightfully so). Many of these people come to Meta to complain/ask about it. When they do, they seem to be ...
-13 votes
1 answer

How to improve an answer, and being aware of moderators conduct

I am asking your help to understand: How can I edit one post which has one error, or, why I can't. How can people be noticed when a moderator flags or deletes her comment or answer or edit which are ...
12 votes
2 answers

Does Improve allow an edit-reviewer to be a majority of 1? And must we start to use this more?

Are the following statements correct (for SO only, I understand the numbers differ elsewhere): 3 rejections are required to reject an edit and remove it from the queue 3 approvals are required to ...
31 votes
3 answers

Should I bring the behaviour of an obvious robot-reviewer to the attention of the moderators, and how?

As the title of this question asks, should I? There's a particular user I've come across via this suggestion that has approved 239 edit suggestions and rejected none. The pattern of their activity log ...
19 votes
2 answers

What is wrong with rejecting this edit?

I just had the following edit review task: The editor added some stuff that actually should have been posted as comment or as answer. The ...
25 votes
2 answers

Vary the number of audits depending on the review history of a user

This is basically a feature-request-ification of this post of mine From what I see, Stack Overflow mods are having to spend time manually rooting out robo reviewers. To me, it seems like the system ...
42 votes
5 answers

Steward Badge gaming visible in the Review Close Queue

There's some attempted gaming of the Steward badge visible in the Review / Close Votes history on SO. If you look at the top reviewers for the day you can see the gaming clearly: there's a small ...
51 votes
1 answer

Mechanism to provide feedback to reviewers who rubber stamp?

During a recent Review Suggested Edits session, I came across a reviewer who is clearly rubber stamping edits (Approved 550 edit suggestions and rejected 7), and who had missed an obvious case of ...
77 votes
3 answers

Give moderators the ability to mark reviews as "bad"

From what I've seen, many SO moderators trawl completed reviews and watch out for robo reviewers; and manual banning them when they see enough (>= 3?) bad reviews. This is inefficient because: It ...
4 votes
0 answers

How can we address the relative imbalance in the review queue lengths? [duplicate]

In an effort to unashamedly pursue cool looking hats like these improve the quality of the glorious SO forums, it seems that whereas the Close Votes queue looks my work inbox after spending so much ...
16 votes
3 answers

Filtering to Duplicates makes Close-Votes Queue a Haven for Robo-Reviewers

I recently started filtering to duplicates in the close votes queue and I've noticed that every review will always have a Duplicate tab allowing you to tab between the question and proposed duplicate. ...
30 votes
4 answers

Is anyone monitoring people rejecting good edits or approving bad ones?

Right now I can say "good" or "bad" to a proposed edit at my discretion, but is anyone able to see this decision and moderate it? I recently saw a good edit that I was going to approve, but when I ...
0 votes
0 answers

Some questions on how the review algorithms work exactly

I would like to know how the review algorithm 'decides' that a late post need to be reviewed. When a user fails a review audit, he gets this: If the same user failed too many review audits, he gets ...
5 votes
0 answers

"I'm Done" button available without action [duplicate]

I've started to do some reviews this week. Since then I observed that sometimes without doing anything the I'm Done button was available. I had this bug quite regularly, maybe in every second audit. ...
35 votes
1 answer

Serial pointless editing

I am just wondering if there is anything that can stop a user from making a more than significant amount of pointless edits? I quite realize that with such a silly method one can easily cap the ...
11 votes
1 answer

What to do about terrible suggested edits that are approved? [duplicate]

I just can't fathom how terrible edits like this get through - all three reviewers approved. All he did was bold (instead of block-quote) the error message, and change one barely comprehensible ...
10 votes
1 answer

What to do about multiple editors who approve edits that butcher the original post?

I certainly don't mean to rant, so if it sounds that way then I apologize. I'd just like to know what to do, if anything, about the (multiple) editors who approve an edit such as the one found here ...
28 votes
2 answers

Shouldn't reviews be done a bit more carefully?

This suggested edit made one change to the question -- changing the title to ALL CAPS. I rejected it with a custom note and was pleased to see that the review was rejected by other reviewers as well. ...
17 votes
1 answer

I just noticed 40 "leave open" votes in less than 10min, just after midnight

By some user in StackOverflow. Should I report this? How?
0 votes
2 answers

Edited code block twice, changing the relation type to a correct one - both rejected for reasons unrelated to the code itself

Two of my edits had been rejected for unfathomable reasons. The question Django user profile The answer Django user profile My first edit: My ...
-3 votes
2 answers

Suggestion to reduce fake first-post reviews by adding minimum time to complete

Everyone is familiar with the fake review problems particularly on the first-post review. I have a suggestion that might help with the problem particularly for the first post reviews. Impose a ...
6 votes
1 answer

Shouldn't there be any way of reviewing the edit reviews?

Sometimes my edits are rejected for no good reason. A good example is when I add a new major tag (like to the question, and the edit is rejected for being a too minor edit. Adding an ...
32 votes
1 answer

It is easy to bypass the "Are you paying attention?" tests

The Are-You-Paying-Attenion?TM review system is easily gameable and thus ineffective against people mindlessly reviewing posts for badges. It is sufficient to make a downvote your first review action ...
6 votes
3 answers

Remove Reviewer and Steward badges

Badges should encourage good behaviour. But what when a badge encourages more bad behaviour than good? We hear it all the time - robo reviewers, badge-hunters. The review system fights with that ...
2 votes
0 answers

getting over-tested in review session [duplicate]

I've just had a go at reviewing... Got a completely stupid answer, flagged it, was congratulated... Then I got another test. Another. Another. I did about 15 reviews; there was one genuine question. ...
43 votes
1 answer

Gaming the edit system with tiny edits?

I was on the Suggested Edit's review tab today, and noticed that this user (take a look at today's reputation), was putting in hundreds of edits adding the C# tag to questions that didn't really need ...
8 votes
1 answer

Serial edit approving; a problem? [closed]

Well, while approving edits today.. in my opinion I came across a slight problem. Users serial-approving edits without even checking the content. I question whether there should be some sort of ...
80 votes
3 answers

Improving the Quality of Reviews: Project Honeypot

There has been a lot of discussion/complaints about the quality of reviews. Many have noted that a large (maybe even a majority) of reviews are rubber stamps in pursuit of a Steward badge (especially ...