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Questions tagged [review-abuse]

blatant negligence in performing review duties

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Means of marking individual review outcomes as incorrect even after another edit has been made

A known problem is that sometimes bad suggested edits get approved. Moderators have a tool in the form of suggested edit bans to deal with this, but those bans aren’t always immediately appropriate. ...
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Add "Skips" to Advanced Review Statistics

So on Code Review we currently have a rather wide margin of time that's used on close-vote reviews. The "slowest" user is averaging out at 180 seconds per review, the "fastest" is clocking in at 10. ...
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Viewing one's /review/ performance

Is it possible to somehow (easily, but doesn't have to be) view or visualize my /review/ performance? I found an interesting question, Lock questions in the review queue while being reviewed, which ...
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Robot reviews getting out of hand... again!

To follow on from such lovely posts as The robo-approvers are killing my will to review edits. Twice in a row I have had suggested edits approved whilst I am reviewing the question. After deciding ...
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Some questions on how the review algorithms work exactly

I would like to know how the review algorithm 'decides' that a late post need to be reviewed. When a user fails a review audit, he gets this: If the same user failed too many review audits, he gets ...
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