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For questions related to revision numbers of the SE network, which appear in the footer of every page

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revision_number is returned in every revision item, even if it's not an edit

As of recently, the Stack Exchange API v2.2 (and v2.3) returns revision_number in every revision item, even if it's not an actual edit, effectively invalidating the "may be absent" for ...
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Difference between links in revisions and in current body of questions

I found an odd bug. Apparently sometimes there are differences between the body in the post in the revision, and in the actual post, regarding presenting hyperlink in the body. Examples: look at this ...
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What's going on with revision number?

I just saw that site revision is Someone just dropped it to default state, or there is integer overflow?
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Don't split revision string in the footer

For better localization there is need to add an explicit non-breakable space or allow to translare string like rev 2017.10.20.27536 in the footer via Transifex. E.g. now in SO in Russian and SO in ...
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Anyone care to explain the new "version" numbers?

So I noticed the version numbers had changed from something like build 5555 to this: revision: 2010.5.14.1. Now I understand the first part is today's date, but is the last part how many times they've ...
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Why are SO and MSO at different SVN Revisions?

Since they are the same engine, I figured they would be running the same code base, just with different databases. However Meta is at svn revision 3813 while SO is at 3772, nearly 50 revisions behind. ...
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