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♦ Moderators have the ability to "redact" revisions from a post's history, usually to hide personal information.

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Unable to translate tooltip text during revision redaction

There's no text to translate "Please fill out this field." that appears as a tooltip during revision redaction:
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Parasite addition to tags during revision redaction

During the redaction of post revision (link for staff) I'm faced with that a weird tag rendering: As you can see there are two vertical red lines on the right hand side of each tag. Possible culprits ...
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Unable to translate a lot of sentences on revisions page if there was a redaction

All following strings are not in translation data base: Another revision of this post has previously been redacted (“{description}”). That redaction can be automatically applied to this revision as ...
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Overlapping text on awaiting redaction approval

There is small text overlapping on the redaction approval page on the moderator pages: This is most likely happening due to the length of the translation (comment -> комментарий).
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Experimental feature asks me to provide feedback to someone who no longer works for SE

♦ moderators have the ability to redact posts, e.g. to hide email addresses that were published by accident. There is an experimental feature to automatically apply redactions to subsequent revisions, ...
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Is it possible to permanently erase information posted in questions/answers? [duplicate]

I came upon a certain Stack Overflow post today, and I was browsing through the edits (because I wanted to find a link to the raw markdown, because it was using snippets strangely and the edit queue ...
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Why does redaction by a moderator require the prior approval of another moderator?

Occasionally SE is used for doxing, or posts contain sensitive information that should be promptly removed. As a moderator I just redacted such a post and am now notified, "Another moderator must ...
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Moderators are not able to cancel pending redaction requests

Moderators are not able to click the "Cancel" button to withdraw existing redaction requests. The error message "You may not approve your own redaction" is displayed, when the expected behaviour is ...
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Is posting doxxing information ever acceptable?

I would think the obvious answer here is no, but... Recently certain American politicians have been circulating some unsubstantiated doxxing information alleging to out a whistleblower. This has led ...
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The post block of redaction, which is waiting for an approvement, is out of the borders in the Mod control panel

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Remove redaction block margin on revisions page Strange padding: Because of this rule: .revision-page .redaction-indicator { margin-left: 20px; } Could you remove this margin to make it ...
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Do Spam posts’ personal info need to be redacted?

I recently saw a spam post (deleted) and flagged it for redaction as it contained a phone number, full name and email. The flag got declined with this message: declined - its spam, no need to ...
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Suggested edits retain redacted information

I noticed while approving a redaction, that suggested edits may retain text which is later redacted. With a bit of mod collusion with Community ♦ and another helpful moderator, I was able to reproduce ...
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Can moderators redact revisions of a comment?

A user on SOja found that his sensitive information was post as a comment. I, as a moderator, edited that comment to remove that sensitive information, but is this enough? Moderators can view the ...
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Redacting an old revision doesn't re-render the post

In redacting an API key from a post (link for SO mods and employees), I found a nice obscure bug. At the start, revision history looked like this: The first revision contains the API key that I ...
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Redacting a post without edits should show an error instead of accepting for another mod to review

Redacting a post without edits should show an error instead of accepting for another mod to review. Seems like that sums up the request. I can go into the post revision history and choose to redact ...
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Can we redact sensitive information from the data dump?

When we forget to delete sensitive information from our post, we can redact them with the help of moderators. But also, Stack Exchange sites are archived periodically, and saved to the Internet ...
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Dealing with highly sensitive personal information in a post

Recently, I found a user had posted a complete copy of their credit card magstripe in a question on Security SE. As I did not have 2k rep on that site at the time I could not force an edit to hide the ...
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Title is removed/cleared/erased when starting editing

First time this happens to me. When I try to edit I purchase api for sms gateway I have implmented in php. when i execute in localhost it shows error?, the title part is immediately erased: And when ...
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When to redact revisions?

I know that it is possible for we as moderators to redact revisions (as announced in the February 2016 Newsletter). However, I was just searching for guidance on when such redactions should be ...
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Please add documentation about the redaction tool to the moderator help

Some of us were trying to figure out how to use the redaction tool correctly, as it can be a little counter-intuitive, when somebody pointed out the documentation in the moderator newsletter. That ...
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Not able to approve a redaction

A redaction was carried out by another mod to remove an email address, but somehow something has gone awry, and although it shows in my mod review queue, when I try and approve the action, I get a "No ...
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Can we have either "show revision history" or "redact" in the post mod actions menu?

The link for redacting PII (or whatever) from a post is available on the revision history page of a post. That's a sensible spot to put it, but it's a bit out of reach if the post does not yet have ...
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Active redaction approval flags hide other flags

I usually find posts that require redaction via "other" flags on a post. When I then submit a redaction (remove credentials or PII from revisions), a flag is raised for other moderators to validate ...
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Deleting the revision history of list of questions

I need to delete all the revision history of the list of questions I have. I already have sent out an email to [email protected] but so far I haven't got any email yet. I have around 30-40 ...
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Allow moderators to hide a revision

Sometimes users accidentally post credentials or sensitive information in their posts. Although it's easy to edit those post then, the revision list will still show that information. Deleting the ...
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Duplicate of a self-deleted question [duplicate]

I asked a question and then saw that in the logs posted, there was some identifying information for me or my employer/client etc. Since I did not want it to remain visible in the edit history, I ...
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Who has the privilege to delete a revision?

I saw a PPT posted by Jeff that showed a revision page which had the delete revision function, like this: But I have never seen this functionality on SO's revision pages. I guess that's because I ...
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