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Questions tagged [robots]

A bot or robot on the Stack Exchange network is an automated tool that monitors for certain activity (on or off the network) and typically posts messages in chat or on the site. Use this tag when asking about these automated tools. Questions about (mechanical) robots are off-topic but might be in scope for Robotics Stack Exchange.

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Don't let bots index ephemeral pages

While googling for "Intellij GWT HTTP ERROR: 500 No realm ", I got a few SO hits with obsolete URLs: Newest 'gwt' Questions - Page 8 - Stack Overflow
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Eeeek! Skeet Bot is borked :(

The Thanks a Million, Jon Skeet! blog post contains what appears to be a Skeet Bot: However, clicking the "Ask Skeet Bot" button does... nothing. Closer inspection show that the API used by the ...
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Did human verification get stricter?

Did something change with the captcha/human verification? I'm seeing this on a daily basis now: I think in the past I've seen that at most once in 3 months, and usually when I was doing something ...
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Limit review page refreshes to dissuade robo-reviewers

Surely robo-reviewers basically hammer the review pages waiting for a review to appear. Can the number of daily page refreshes of the review pages be limited to some reasonable "humanly possible" ...
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A Modest Proposal for Preventing Robo-Approvers From Being a Burden to The Community

Just an idea for the developers to toy with: How about putting the "Skip" button first? Just that. Or possibly do some A-B testing, to see what happens, though changing it for the same user could ...
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