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RTFM is an abbreviation of Read The F****** Manual, a blunt way of referring a person to the documentation.

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How should we deal with RTFM comments?

I encountered this question, which contains an RTFM comment in response to a user's question-comment about the answer. I believe that in SO there should not be RTFM answers, as was already ...
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Should SO be a repository for documentation?

I often see questions that ask "X vs Y" with regard to methods or functions that are part of any specific language (trying to make this as broad as possible). In these cases the 'answer' will merely ...
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Could we PLEASE have a RTFM close option? [duplicate]

Possible Duplicate: Introduce a “general reference” close reason I won't repeat older discussions, everything's been said. However, people have been developing the trend of closing ...
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How should a questioner indicate they want links to documentation?

A number of times I have asked questions that what I really need is either a link to the relevant section of the docs (because I can't find it) or a few terms to Google (because I can't seem to figure ...
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