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Questions tagged [rtl]

For questions regarding support for right-to-left scripts (like Arabic and Hebrew) on the Stack Exchange network.

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Position of numbers change when typing after ࠀ

It's impossible to write a number directly after the symbol ࠀ in any Stack Exchange site. Whenever I write ࠀ and suffix it with numbers, the numbers are somehow inserted BEFORE the symbol while ...
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11 votes
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LTR and RTL nicknames mixture produces a messed up stream of characters (+ proposal of a hack to fix it)

Note: I am aware that this issue was reported many times for at least 9 years. However, it is still not fixed, and I created a hack to fix it. Just for fun, I rendered my nickname in NKo script that ...
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3 votes
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Arabic and Latin characters are rendered wrong on iOS app [duplicate]

The 1 from “1 hour ago” should not render in the middle of his name. App Version: Device: iPhone 6s OS Version: Version 11.0 (Build 15A5341f) (Beta 5)
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Bug in iOS app dealing with certain Unicode characters

Example: The Arabic characters are displayed within the time. The expected behaviour is that the entire user name is displayed, followed by the time. App Version: Device: iPhone 6 OS Version:...
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Why is graphical editing of Hebrew at Mi Yodeya intolerable? [duplicate]

When I write in Hebrew on Mi Yodeya (the Stack Exchange site about Judaism) and add punctuation or a point at the end of a sentence, the punctuation will move to the start. For example: "...
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RTL issue with Arabic text in closed-as-duplicate banner

User 85969 at Math.SE has a username consisting of Arabic script: حكيم الفيلسوف الضائع This user participated in the closure of this question, resulting in the following notice being displayed (...
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3 answers

RTL text can mess up comment timestamps

On this answer, it looks like the user entered some Arabic text, and it caused the comment text and the timestamp to switch places:
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12 votes
3 answers

How to right-to-left chat room?

We need right-to-left layout, at least for messages, in our chat room: How to achieve that?
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3 votes
1 answer

CSS problem with RTL questions in Area 51

In the Persian IT proposal commitment page, votes and questions are "mixed together". I'm using Chromium 6.0.453.0 (51332) Ubuntu 10.04, same with Firefox 3.6.6. Like so:
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