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For questions about "Русский язык" (Russian language in Russian, or rus.SE) site, an entirely non-English Stack Exchange sites. Discussion of the site in Russian may be found at For questions about the Russian language in English site (russian.SE) go to

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Profanity on the main page

On linguistic sites, for example on Русский язык, it is rather appropriate to discuss obscene vocabulary. We on rus.SE use a special tag to indicate this kind of stuff (in order to allow some people ...
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Can't edit some questions on Stack Overflow на русском and Русский язык

For some reason, trying to edit this question results in a 404. This could be related to the fact that there is no Post History for this question. See this SEDE query which returns no results; also, ...
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Upper case in tips

Please approve the same rules of writing titles in tips on "Русский язык" Meta as they are on the main site. In Russian, only the first letter in a title is capitalized. Correct: Incorrect:
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Upper case in the interface of profile settings

I wonder to know that we have different register rules of writing titles in profile settings on Stack Overflow на русском and "Русский язык" site. In Russian, it is important not to use capital ...
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Why are there two Russian Language communities?

While putting together a list of non-english Stack Exchange communities, I noticed an odd inconsistency in the URL styles. Spanish: Portuguese: ...
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