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For questions about the Stack Exchange Data Explorer (SEDE) database schema.

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Why are there values of 1 and 3 for LinkTypeId and no value of 2? (Stack Exchange data dump)

I have found an explanation for LinkTypeId 1 and 3 here. Why was the second type skipped?
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Add the ability to increase width of Database Schema SEDE

At SEDE, you can increase the height of the Database Schema with this button: And with the whole thing, including the area where you make your queries. But you can't increase the width, which would ...
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Overlapping text in Database Schema SEDE

Over at SEDE, there is overlapping text in the Database Schema under Close-As-Off-Topic-Reason-Types: that makes it really hard to read. This is also happening underneath "Pending Flags", ...
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Does Stack Exchange track the edit history of a user's `Location` field?

If I want to compare how many posts per location are asked by users over a period of N years, I would want to know how many users have changed locations during the period that I want to query. Is ...
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What is LastAccessDate in the Database schema? [duplicate]

I have a doubt regarding the meaning of LastAccessDate in the StackExchange database under the User table. Is it the last date on which the user have performed some activity on the site(like asking ...
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Information about database indexes in the Data Explorer

Some days ago I discovered the Stack Exchange Data Explorer (SEDE) which provides already lots of interesting queries out of the box (thanks to the contributors). After a while I noticed that some of ...
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What is the distinction between Votes with VoteTypeId = 16 (ApproveEditSuggestion) and SuggestedEditVotes?

I apologize for the influx of data explorer questions, lately. (This time though, I have a feeling I'm more confused about how suggested edits work in general, rather than the uploaded data itself.) ...
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Where can I find all the closed questions?

I have downloaded the data dump which has several files like posts.xml, posthistory.xml, although I cannot find the compete version of the closed questions: for example, its title, owner user id, ...
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What do these attributes refer to in the SEDE Schema?

In the SEDE Schema under Votes -> VoteTypeId, there are Upmod DownMod InformModerator (Probably refers to the Inform Moderator Flag ?) ModeratorReview What do each of these atttributes refer to ?
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Is there a Data Dictionary for the data.stackexchange tables?

Is there a data dictionary showing the relations between tables? If so, where can I find this? I'd like to become more familiar with the schema :) is this related question the best/official post to ...
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Can we expose class for badges in Data Explorer?

According to this answer the following metadata is exposed for badges: Id UserId Name Date Why isn't class exposed in some way? It's obviously in the schema, since we can sort / filter in the UI. ...
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Why are badges and tags handled differently in the database schema?

I would expect that user badges would be stored with a schema similar to this: UserBadges(@id, @userId, @badgeId, @creationDate) Instead, according to this explanation and the datadump, there is no ...
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What advantages are derived from the revisions schema in its current form?

Why does the revisions schema not store an entire post's contents in a single record, rather creating three records, one for each component of a post? For example, if the post is of a type question, ...
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Documentation for Stack Exchange Data Explorer Schema? [duplicate]

Maybe I'm missing something obvious, but is there documentation on the SEDE schema anywhere? As listed here, it's not obvious what all the fields ...
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Stack Overflow database design join issues

There are many questions already on meta-stackoverflow regarding the database schema, but here is another, that I don't think is a duplicate, so please read on. I read a description of the schema ...
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Database schema documentation for the public data dump and SEDE

Stack Exchange releases "data dumps" of all its publicly available content roughly every three months via, and also makes that information queryable over the Internet at the ...
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SO database schema [duplicate]

Has the database schema for Stack Overflow been made publicly available? If not, could it be? If not the whole schema, how about a list of the tables used? I want this as a learning resource.