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Use this tag when examining what is on-topic or off-topic, and why.

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Are questions asking about a standard way of doing things automatically an opinion based question? [closed]

I come across a lot of questions asking if there is a standard way of doing things. 98.7% (Google search query: "opinion-based" standards) of these questions are ...
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Mechanism to Determine Appropriate Stack Exchange Site

I see a lot of moderators migrating questions from one site to another pretty often, but tonight I had a question which doesn't neatly fit into any in the list. Is there a mechanism, or even a ...
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Can I publish a thesis here? [closed]

Can I publish a thesis here? Is it possible to share Doctorate's thesis about the education through the acts in early stage of a children Also I was wondering about the thesis language should it be ...
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According to "Be part of the community that decides how the sites work" MSE is only about the SE software. Is that correct for 2024? [closed]

According to the tour, to be part of this community, we should limit ourselves to asking questions about the "software that powers the Stack Exchange network" and about questions related to ...
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Add direct link to on-topic page of help center for closed as off-topic questions

Currently the closed as off-topic questions have a banner like this: This banner contains two links: off-topic: help center: https://meta....
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What are the current sites that questions about warfare & military technology are on-topic and asked & answered with some regularity?

In a series of comments under What "whizzy new tools" in space are America and its allies using to track China’s military activity and illegal fishing? (The Economist) (closed as off topic ...
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3 answers

Where can I find what kind of questions are accepted on specific Stack Exchange sites?

As an example, on Seasoned Advice, questions about food-related health issues are not encouraged, but questions about utensils are accepted. I got to know this from comments on other posts. I know ...
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Is it acceptable to cross-post here from Area 51 Discussion Zone, seeking advice about the scope of a proposed site?

Is it acceptable to cross-post from Area 51 discussion zone when seeking advice about the scope of a proposed site? This answer says either is fine, but I wanted to check about cross-posting in ...
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Add on-topic notice to the top part (logo row) for 1 rep users

Whenever I see the blatantly off-topic questions on the site, I'm curious why the asker did this. This is probably due to a hidden from the asker's eyes on-topic notice. What if we make the on-topic ...
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Is MSE an appropriate place to post questions about translations/localization issues for mod related features?

Is MSE an appropriate place to post questions about translations/localization issues for mod related features? If not, where should I do that?
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6 votes
3 answers

What is the authority of moderators in defining the scope of a site?

Please read this as a neutral question. I'm asking and not trying to make a point. Though I'll start with a rant (for context)... I recently ran into a situation that I found quite disheartening on ...
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4 votes
2 answers

Is asking whether a particular question fits within the scope of a certain community within the scope of its corresponding meta site?

If I have a question in mind, but I'm unsure whether it fits the the scope or is allowed in a certain Stack Exchange community, can I ask whether it would be allowed to ask it in the corresponding ...
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Is it allowed to ask a question about Data on the Meta site? [closed]

To win a hat I have to ask a question or post an answer with a Data tag. Now do I not participate in any site where that tag is useful, so I have a bit of a handicap. I guess I will not be the only ...
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What's the appropriate Stack Exchange site for asking about a software library to solve a particular problem? [duplicate]

I have recently asked this question on Stack Overflow, asking about the existence of a Python module to solve a particular problem, and the question was closed due to being "off-topic". ...
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17 votes
2 answers

With Stack Overflow Teams moved, where do Meta questions about it belong?

Last year, Journeyman Geek asked this question about where Stack Overflow Teams questions belong. I tend to agree with most of Catija's reasoning at the time Teams is still predominantly a Stack ...
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2 answers

Where can I ask about the RJ45 specification?

Where can I ask the following? The Cisco Field Notice: FN - 63697 was first released on 11-Nov-13, advising customers that RJ45 boots "Might Push the Mode Button and Cause an Unexpected Reset on ...
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Is there an appropriate SE site about intersection between technology and rural culture?

My current question is about rural technology, to be specific, this question is more about history and cultural tradition. My question falls more into the topic covered by this book. In which site I ...
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I want to create a 2m x 2m iridescent surface on concrete. Which Stack Exchange site would be appropriate for advice?

I would like to create a large iridescent surface on an indoor concrete floor (up to 2m x 2m). I am considering how to create a surface which is as intense and complex as possible with generally ...
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2 answers

Stack Exchange needs rules for where to post questions considered off-topic

There should be a set of rules and guidance for communities to know where a question can be posted. Recently I posted a question on History Stack Exchange, but it was closed as "off-topic", ...
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Are questions about how to use Process Monitor on topic to Super User?

I asked this question on Super User, because it seemed that Super User was the most appropriate SE site, based on its on topic page. My reasoning was that I was asking for general help about using ...
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9 votes
3 answers

Must a meta SE question prove site generality?

My question How to handle an unnecessarily complex question was closed as site specific. Although no one explained why in principle any site couldn't have a "noisy" question, there were ...
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2 answers

Where can I ask general questions about a multi-platform app?

For example, Slack is a multi-platform application (like iOS, Android, Web and desktop). Should questions that aren't specific to a certain platform (like "Can your Slack account invite external ...
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Can I ask a question about a great Stack Overflow contributor who has just not been active for the past several years on any Stack Exchange site?

While going through a post on Stack Overflow I went through the answer and could identify the answerer has a lot of Stack Overflow reputation. I sometimes go through people's Stack Overflow profiles ...
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20 votes
2 answers

Should we be discussing the relative health and viability of a network site here on MSE?

This is largely catalyzed from this question and its subsequent comment chain. The basic sentiment brings to highlight a very specific site in the network which suffers from two specific problems: ...
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Where can I ask about hardware development?

I have a question about the viability, and requirements of "upgrading" a Micro-USB port to a UBS-C port, purely for the purpose of charging, though I don't know which Stack to ask on. My ...
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Where can I ask questions regarding Nanotechnology?

I have a few questions I want to ask that have to do with nanotechnology. There is no Stack Exchange site that has nanotechnology as a subject. So, where do I ask? Question: Creating chains of ...
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2 answers

Where can I ask "Do they use seasons in Ecuador?"

Discussions below this answer led to me posting Are there some places near the equator that are hottest in their winter and some that are hottest in their summer? Is there a map of this? see the "...
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Is it not allowed to ask a question regarding multiple sites in the Stack Exchange network here?

Recently, I asked Friendly agreement for the betterment of user involvement in interest intersecting sites (for AI related sites) for discussion regarding a feature that is particularly related to the ...
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In the Stack Exchange Android app, where can I see the description, scope and guidelines for each Stack Exchange site? [duplicate]

I posted on Worldbuilding and someone suggested I post on Science Fiction & Fantasy instead. I wanted to look up the scope and guidelines for each of the two sites, but in the Android app I could ...
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Why is it so important to restrict questions to being 'on-topic' that some questions can't be asked anywhere on SE? [duplicate]

For example, a question about physics education is seemingly not on-topic on Physics. But there is no Physics Education nor Science Education, so it seems there is nowhere on SE that a question about ...
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3 answers

Can the community use a scope different from that mentioned in the help-center?

Without mentioning the Stack Exchange site, can a site's community allow questions that are off-topic according to the help-center of that site? Or is there anything that enforces what is on-topic ...
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2 answers

Should Stack Overflow for Teams be on topic on meta SE? [duplicate]

While it has been asked before - there's been a significant change in Stack Overflow for Teams. It's still 'formally' hosted on the Stack Overflow website, but you can access your teams from nearly ...
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Do questions about the identification of objects/species have a place in the Stack Exchange Network?

When I made an account for the Earth Science Stack Exchange, I came across this meta post: I've had enough. Let's ban rock id questions. In this post, the author addresses the issue that the website ...
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Where should I ask general questions about smartphones?

My question on Super User got closed. Is there a way to quickly shield a smartphone from all signals? I want to replicate a real signal loss and not only go into flight mode. I tried with aluminium ...
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1 answer

What is the difference between Super User and Web Application Stack Exchange 'groups'?

How come the following question was migrated from Super User to the Web Applications Stack Exchange site? How to generate a YouTube playlist of the most recent videos from each channel you follow? but ...
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3 answers

How can a Stack Exchange site expand scope significantly, where the scope expansion implies a new name and URL?

Consider Freelancing SE as a hypothetical [for now!] example. Freelancing has been in beta for 7+ years. Given its narrow scope, it doesn't get many questions each year, and that number is shrinking. ...
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Which SE sites accept "identification" questions?

Various sites on the Stack Exchange network take questions of the form "please identify this thing", perhaps from a photo or a description (where the nature of the "thing" would ...
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Why are questions only about one site in the network considered off-topic here?

This site seems to have a rule that "questions that are only about one site should be asked on the site's own meta", and such questions are nearly always marked "off-topic" here. ...
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Where to ask questions about the history of the design of Internet Protocol (IP)?

Seeing Moon base internet functionality in Worldbuilding reminded me of how I began an old Space SE question Are there discussions or plans for extending the internet into space beyond Earth? Many ...
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1 answer

Site recommendation for asking presentation related questions

I am an undergraduate student who is assigned with the tasks of implementing presentations for my project work. I need to know if there is a site on Stack Exchange to ask about the best practices (as ...
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Where should I ask a question about modding Minecraft?

I am currently developing a mod for the game Minecraft and ran into a little issue with it. Where can I ask a question for this? Is there a specialized site beside Stack Overflow? Perhaps Arqade?
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Where should I ask general questions about electronics including information technology?

For example, the difference between two types of drives that are similar but not the same. Another example. The difference between two different types of processor architecture types that resemble ...
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1 answer

Where should I ask a question about Emacs' Evil Mode -- Emacs.SE or vi.SE?

I want to ask the following question: Is there's a quicker way copy/paste (or reorder) a paragraph separated by double-newlines keeping the double-newline spacing intact using Emacs' Evil Mode? ...
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2 answers

How is the scope of a site decided?

I suppose admins can track down who made what edits to the page "What topics can I ask about here?" that every SE site has (example page from Is it ...
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What is our stance on questions specific to unsupported browsers?

What is our stance on questions specific to browsers that Stack Exchange doesn't support? Should we still keep them to help people who use these browsers, or close/downvote them?
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Detect off-topic to suggest sister-site

I have frequently visited to look for the right site to ask a question. Yet I still make mistakes, that I think can be prevented, and thereby save time for moderators. And ...
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The scope of JavaScript datatypes related question

I need to know the scope of the follwoing question in the stackexchange network, I am not sure about its relevancy to Stack Overflow: I am not able to understand how could undefined and null are ...
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Where can I ask about languages that don't have a dedicated site? [duplicate]

As an avid fan of folk, metal and especially folk metal, I encounter many foreign languages and dialects on a daily basis. As I would like to understand what I'm hearing to the best of my ability as ...
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3 answers

What is Meta's definition of a "more frivolous" post?

I was recently advised of the purpose of meta being: for "more frivolous discussions" Meta Stack Exchange is a special place for suggestions, bugs, support questions, and discussion about the ...
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Why are there separate Stack Exchange sites for various artificial intelligence (AI) topics?

My question has similarities to this one, but it also has other aspects to it. The answer points out that the top tags on all three websites differ. But here are a few points to consider: In ...
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