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Use this tag when examining what is on-topic or off-topic, and why.

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Is there a place to get the textual overview (what is on-topic) of all sites?

Between: Which computer science / programming Stack Exchange sites do I post on? Does Stack Exchange have an Economics section? and other random guidance I've found by perusing the "on-topic / ...
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Add on-topic notice to the top part (logo row) for 1 rep users

Whenever I see the blatantly off-topic questions on the site, I'm curious why the asker did this. This is probably due to a hidden from the asker's eyes on-topic notice. What if we make the on-topic ...
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When in a specific SE site, could there be an easy way to see that site's manifesto?

A significant part of traffic on any SE site consists of people (often newbies) asking questions which are outside the scope of the site, which are then closed for being "off-topic". Unfortunately, it ...
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Drawing more attention to */help/on-topic on the "Ask Question" page

I'm using StackOverflow and other StackExchange sites for 4 years, I'm a casual user: if all my googling fails, and inescapably got stuck with something, I'll ask, accept and go away when done. I ...
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Add direct link to on-topic page of help center for closed as off-topic questions

Currently the closed as off-topic questions have a banner like this: This banner contains two links: off-topic: help center: https://meta....
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Is it acceptable to cross-post here from Area 51 Discussion Zone, seeking advice about the scope of a proposed site?

Is it acceptable to cross-post from Area 51 discussion zone when seeking advice about the scope of a proposed site? This answer says either is fine, but I wanted to check about cross-posting in ...
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Should I have asked this question here instead of on meta.math?

Ad URLs should not use path nested under (but maybe a subdomain instead) I asked that question on meta.math because I thought advertisement behavior was community-specific, and it's ...
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Users Looking for APIs and Data Sources?

I came across a question today that really got me thinking about how on- or off-topic it is. Perhaps the decision is more clear than I think, but right now I'm seeing this as a bit of a border case. ...
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Is there an appropriate SE site about intersection between technology and rural culture?

My current question is about rural technology, to be specific, this question is more about history and cultural tradition. My question falls more into the topic covered by this book. In which site I ...
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Intercept certain tags to support sites which are born from Stack Overflow?

IMPORTANT: the difference between this proposal and others previously posted: the proposal is addressing only those technology tags which have their exact SE sites already. The complete list: ...
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The scope of JavaScript datatypes related question

I need to know the scope of the follwoing question in the stackexchange network, I am not sure about its relevancy to Stack Overflow: I am not able to understand how could undefined and null are ...
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Is there real life convergence to a perfect collection of questions?

Utopia I really like the conceptual idea of building a perfect collection of questions and answers for a topic. Of course, that is an utopia - a motivating one, if you ask me. The idealized life of a ...
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What is the scope of questions regarding theoretical computer science rather than practical problems?

I have faced/seen closed questions (very recent example here) whenever the question relates to something other than very specific programming errors, installation, some data-structure, algorithm or ...
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Is there anywhere I can ask a question about reading raw memory?

I'm trying to reverse-engineer some Win32 calls, so when I say "reading", I mean reading with my Mk1 Eyeball. I've got a block of memory which I think should be of a particular structure, but I'm not ...
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Where are questions about the HTTP specification on-topic?

Where would questions about details regarding the HTTP specification be on-topic? I have found two questions so far that fit the bill (the first one being mine, and the reason I started this Meta ...
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