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Means the total number of upvotes minus the total number of downvotes.

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Can we exempt negatively-scored accepted answers from getting the top spot? [duplicate]

Similar to this request but narrower, I'm suggesting we make a particular exception for negatively-scored accepted answers (those with score less than zero, or some other threshold like -3), so that ...
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What are the most upvoted/downvoted questions and answers on the sites?

What are the most downvoted questions and answers on Stack Overflow, Server Fault, Meta, and Super User history to date? Similarly, what are the most upvoted questions and answers on SO, SF, Meta, ...
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How is the 'Score' on the Top Users page calculated?

I am trying to test out my wrapper for the API by writing a little test to calculate the score of a user in a particular tag. I can't seem to make my totals add up to the sites'. This is most likely ...
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Use "score" instead of "votes" in the list of questions

When viewing questions in the normal, "Interesting Questions" tab, (or any other view for that matter), the question's score is displayed to its left, and is labeled "votes". But is it the correct ...
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Decrease the required view count to prevent Roomba deletion when score = 0 on smaller sites

The required view count to avoid auto-deletion of a question when score = 0 is too high. As an example: had 562 views within 1.1 year. This is way more views than ...
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36 votes
3 answers

Clarify what "score" means in badge descriptions

I've seen several cases where newcomers are confused about not receiving badges like Nice Question and Good Answer, even though they have posts with "scores" that seem to justify the achievement (or ...
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18 votes
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Use abbreviations for 1000+ score in linked posts

I don't really enjoy the ragged view of linked posts: This feature request is to use a format that suggested in Related questions with over 99 score display incorrectly; something that matches the ...
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3 answers

How about hiding answer score for first few hours?

On Stack Exchange sites I have always felt answering in the right time can result in a good score. The first few answers always get some advantage. If the scores are hidden for some specific time (...
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Answers in top Network Posts showing incorrect score

There is already a question Top Network Posts showing incorrect score which is posted around a month ago (which was fixed). My question reports a similar issue of showing inaccurate scores along with ...
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Why does the Tags section of the profile count questions asked, but not their score?

Note: This question addresses part of what I'm asking here, but not everything. I also want to know why the number of questions for a given tag is included if the score is not. Also note: This ...
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Top Answers in network profile shows incorrect score

This post of mine has a score of 13, but the network profile page shows that it has 14: This seems to be a recur of this bug; @Catija's answer says it's been fixed. Can we fix that (again)?
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2 answers

Zero score answers ranked before positive voted ones [duplicate]

I just realized that answers that have 0 scores are ordered before other answers that have one or more votes. Is this a new feature to promote new answers or a bug? Examples CSS : Background-color ...
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Votes vs Score in review queue [duplicate]

The review queue gives the reviewer an indication of the post quality by means of the post votes (3 in this case): However, this is actually the post score (6 up-votes minus 3 down-votes = 3 score): ...
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Incorrect answer score for a top post in my Network Profile

I've experienced the same error described in Answers in top Network Posts showing incorrect score for my answer about the solvability of y = xeˣ. Its score has remained constant at 6 for a long ...
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How can I see the number of up / down votes on my own posts without 1000 rep? [duplicate]

I would really like to be able to see my own post's score. How can I do this? This is different from How do you view vote history for a question or answer? or Add some sort of vote activity indicator?...
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Large down-vote count doesn't display negative sign [duplicate]

Consider the question Don't close questions where the user has requested that it not be closed: The large number of down-votes displays as 199 rather than a score of -199. This is clearly ...
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Top Network Posts showing incorrect score

There's a post in my list of Top Network Posts that is showing an incorrect score. The second post listed there shows a score of 14. But if you actually go to the post you see that the score is 15. ...
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Calculation of Score when earning a specific tag badge [duplicate]

Take for example the Linq bronze badge, where the description is Earned at least 100 total score for at least 20 answers in the linq tag How is total score calculated? is it based on the sum of ...
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Score for question looks different than for answer

I notice the font for question score seems to scale when it is 4 digits to fit rather than wrap. Same doesn't happen for answer though. Noticed this on question Is Java "pass-by-reference"...
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Network profile shows 117 score on my top voted question, but it actually has 118 score

In my SE network profile, I see 117 score for my top voted question. But if you visit the question, you'll find that it has 118 score. The last vote I got on that question was at least a week ago, ...
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Front-end expanded vote count bug [duplicate]

I don't have enough reputation (1K) to view the individual up and downvote counts on a post on Stack Overflow. Therefore, the cursor is the default one when I hover a post's score. However, when an ...
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Does the power law apply to Stack Overflow post scores?

Is the distribution of net votes to questions or answers on Stack Overflow modeled by a power law? In other words, if you ranked all questions by score, are there (roughly) x times as many at rank i ...
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Why sometimes the number of total-votes is different between various communities? [duplicate]

I think the algorithm of calculating the number of votes for each question/answer is different between different communities. Here is one of my question on the StackExchange: As you see, ...
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List of badges - add hyperlink to score explanation page

Every now and then, people misunderstand the term score when it comes to badges (e.g. just recently Badges not awarded even after eligibility). This happens to new users who either don't bother to ...
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Add 'k' suffix for question score where appropriate [duplicate]

I suggest using the k suffix for question scores where appropriate, just as it is used when displaying for instance reputation, view counts, "people reached" etc. Example: I suggest changing this to ...
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2 answers

Massive Score Drop? [duplicate]

Possible Duplicate: The global reputation recalc of March 2010 I hadn't logged into the site for about a month and my score is has dropped by over a thousand points! By reading other similar ...
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3 votes
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Why aren't votes on questions taken into tag score?

On Stack Overflow, the score next to the JS tag on my profile page helpfully shows the following (on mouse over): "Asked 14 non-wiki questions with a total score of 53. Answered 527 non-wiki ...
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How is the daily score cap calculated if a downvote occurs after max?

I hit my score cap for the day with a couple of upvotes going unscored, which is what I would expect. However, I then had somebody downvote an answer of mine, which dropped my total score by -2. ...
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Correlation between the score and the answer

A question has a score of x. Its accepted answer has a score of y. On any site on SE, you notice that if the above was substituted for most questions, then y is usually more than x. For example I ...
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Data Dump - Posts.xml -- 'score'

Browsing through the data dump, I have found a column named 'score'. From what I can tell it is simply restricted to being an integer value. My guess is that it's the sum of upvotes - downvotes, ...
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Query to show the highest voted post in each tag

Is there a query that will list the highest voted post (question or answer) for each tag on a site?
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Is voting down supposed to mean "I don't like this question" or "This question has been voted up more than I can understand"?

It's obvious that really dumb questions with little votes can be voted down immediately. But imagine you have a totally average question which, in your opinion, bears no great interest to the general ...
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Sort Answers by Projected Score Instead?

Currently, the default sort order for answers is by "Votes". This is simply upvotes - downvotes. It fails to consider the fact that some items simply have fewer votes because they are either newer ...
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Should duplicates add to the duplicated question's score?

When a question is closed as a duplicate of another, should the other question's score be affected? I'm thinking this would be a good secondary mechanism for promoting the visibility of questions ...
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What is the highest score a question can have?

What is the highest score a question can have? Hopefully one way or another this will help me find out the answer.
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