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Out-of-date screenshot on "Why is the system asking me to wait a day or more before asking another question?" Help Center page

The beginning of the Help Center page "Why is the system asking me to wait a day or more before asking another question?" currently looks like this: Could that screenshot be updated? It's......
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Should I replace terminal screenshots by plain text?

In some questions or answers, users post screenshots of their terminal to highlight a terminal application or simply to share the output of a command. In some cases, I find using a screenshot useless. ...
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Updating screenshots in help center [duplicate]

Some screenshots in our help center have been outdated. For example, this one: It's still using old site design. Nerds at may love it, but most other users don't. Please ...
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Should linked websites with dynamic content be replaced with a screenshot? [duplicate]

I was looking at this 'question', which appears to link to a website which could change in the future (I'm not sure it does, but that's neither here nor there), and I thought that if the content of ...
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Screenshot disappeared from question after edit, how to display it back? [closed]

After I updated to add code samples, the screen shot disappered by magic! I can see all the information required for SO to display it, but it did disappear anyway. Here's the question where the ...
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The 'Adding and Removing Login Credentials' page has outdated screenshots [closed]

Looking through the new Help Center, I noticed this page - the 'Adding and removing login credentials' page. Here's the screenshots on that page, with current screenshots below them: Old: Current: ...
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HDPI version of Stack Exchange

Is an HDPI version of stack exchange coming to our retina screens? I would be happy to see support for HDPI. The first thing to improve is the image uploader. It should be simple to add a selector ...
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How can I add a screen shot into my question? [duplicate]

Possible Duplicate: How do I post a screenshot on Stack Overflow? How do I create a screenshot to illustrate a post? I have seen some people post screen shots. How can I add one of these to my ...
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How do I create a screenshot to illustrate a post?

How do I create screenshots? How to: Windows How to: Unix-based How to: Mac How to: iOS devices How to: Android How to: The GIMP Additional tips Return to FAQ index
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3 answers

Taking screenshots of deleted answers on meta sites is considered bad behavior?

I've answered a meta question - Disappearing comments and answers on meta. - with a screenshot of that deleted post. But someone warned me, because I took a screenshot without permission from poster. ...
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2 answers

How to upload screenshots?

How do I upload pictures to the site? I saw the <img> tag on a list of basic HTML so I tried: <img src="C:\TOM Files\downloads\cakephpscreenshot.jpg" /> but it doesn't work. I think ...
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3 votes
2 answers

Upload pics and images to posts [duplicate]

Alas, I have found my posts in need of visual accompaniment and yet, I find not the mechanism to attach such images herein. How, fine people of the support to Stack Overflow, does one attach a .png ...
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2 votes
3 answers

How do I post a screenshot to better illustrate my question? [duplicate]

Possible Duplicate: How do I post a screenshot on Stack Overflow? I would like to add a screenshot. It would help explain the question. How do I include one?
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21 votes
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How do I post a screenshot on Stack Overflow? [duplicate]

Please tell me, with all the freehand circles and illustrative figures you can muster, how one goes about posting a screenshot in a question on Stack Overflow?
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8 votes
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Stack Overflow should include screen shot options for each question

It would be a good idea to add a screenshot option in Stack Exchange for each question. It would allow a user to upload an error message/exception/or any related problem screenshot.
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