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Is there any place to see a leaderboard of top “Bountiers”?

I've just run this script to find the list of top flaggers on which I thought was fascinating. What I'd love to also do is work out how to get the list of the most bounties offered (either ...
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HTTPS image conversion didn't work for .ico files

In Roadmap to HTTPS: serving and uploading HTTPS-images only, Step 3 said: After this is enabled, old posts that have HTTP images, accessible via HTTPS, will be edited accordingly. This will be ...
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1 answer

Can I send myself an inbox notification?

For developing apps and userscripts that deal with inbox notifications, it's often useful to get a notification for testing. Is there any action I can take that will give myself an inbox notification?...
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In case I do not get answers tools for this question and wish to program/ automate for this, which site should I go and post to? [duplicate]

Consider this question on Super User: Strategy & Steps to whitelist Chrome cookies for Sites whose logins & passwords are saved? Essentially, mapping an exported CSV list towards creating a ...
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What scripts run at 3:00 UTC?

What scripts (e.g. the serial-voting script) run at 3:00 UTC, as opposed to once every minute, few minutes, or 6 to 8 weeks? This question was inspired by a specific thing I encountered: seven posts ...
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2 votes
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Did SE change something that caused the pro-forma comment script to stop working? [closed]

I noticed today that the pro-forma comments userscript created by Benjol stopped working. Instead of the nice "auto" button next to the "add comment" button there is nothing: There hasn't been an ...
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What is the policy about using GreaseMonkey scripts on SO?

I've written a GreaseMonkey script to add a filter on the featured/bounty page that removes all answered questions. I'm wondering if there is a policy in relation to scripts and what is and is not ...
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1 answer

Font replacement script for Beta SEs?

I would like to view Beta sites in Deja Vu Sans font instead of Arial, is there a script for switching the font?
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7 votes
1 answer

Is it allowed to use a script to mass retag?

A few months ago I asked about the possibility of retagging old javafx questions to javafx-1.3 (which is obsolete technology) thus allowing the merging of the javafx and javafx-2 tags. See Updating ...
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Is there an "easy" way to download my inbox messages via a script?

As the question indicates, I am wondering if there is an easy way to automate getting my inbox messages via a script. I'm not able to visit each day (as my lack of "Fanatic" badge would indicate), ...
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0 answers

Add a class to the tag popups to reflect whether the tag has a wiki and/or wiki excerpt

I'm working on a Stack Exchange extension to help tag wiki editors. It uses the API to find out which tags referred to on every page have or lack a wiki or excerpt. I'm using the API as efficiently ...
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85 votes
4 answers

Formal adoption of Pro-forma comments script into SE engine proper

My Pro-forma comments script has now gained quite a following (and it - allegedly - just got bust by upgrading to jQuery 1.7.1). This is a personal request to the team to consider adopting it. Not ...
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17 votes
2 answers

Serial downvoting -- is it detected, and what is the threshold?

So various posts, such as What can I do if I'm the victim of serial downvoting? suggest that there is a script that detects serial downvoting. Over the course of a few minutes, 36 of my questions ...
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24 votes
2 answers

Full-caps posts should be flagged or banned [duplicate]

Possible Duplicate: BLOCK QUESTIONS IN ALL CAPS Based on this chat conversation: I suggest Community ♦ should flag full-caps questions and answers. Perhaps full-caps questions should be blocked from ...
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3 votes
1 answer

Stack Overflow "light" script?

I'd love a Stack Overflow light version. You could probably achieve this with a CSS document. I'd want all "clutter" removed. The whole bar to right for example. Also, removing the count for ...
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0 answers

Would there be a point in making an SO-customized alert script?

I was doing some scripting / parsing of SO, then it occurred to me that I'd better check if I was doing redundant stuff.. is there existing software that supplies the following features? Has SO ...
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1 answer

The Ajax stopped working on Stackoverflow

I currently cannot click on add comment, view more comments, vote or see a preview of the answer I am typing. It work on meta stackoverflow though. It may be only me, because the power that be ...
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5 votes
0 answers

Python script to import/create SQLite3 database from SO data dump

Here is a small script that I needed, and feel that I should share the community. I'm sorry if you find something extremely unpythonic or a bad practice, but it's a quick and dirty script and I should ...
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Script for automated checking of new questions

I'm getting addicted to Stack Overflow. I have the urge, every few minutes, to check for new questions. Is there a script that can do it for me and e-mail me, or maybe pop an alert up on my desktop ...
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