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For questions about the Applications associated with our Stack Exchange accounts. This includes any applications, from the Stack Apps Q&A site, where the user has granted privileged access.

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Incorrect encoding while removing access for applications

On international sites there's an encoding issue when removing the access from authorized applications: esSO jaSO ruSO The original English wording is:
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Please make the positioning of the "Remove" button consistent on the applications settings [duplicate]

You can grant access to different "applications" to make use of your profile. One such example is Winter Bash, or metasmoke a.k.a. Charcoal. Theoretically you should be able to revoke/...
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Inconsistent formatting and styling in my Applications page

(Android v.11 Galaxy XCover Pro, and Google app version This is what I see when I visit: User -> Settings -> Applications... The text formatting is inconsistent: The first ...
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Winter Bash's application description still refers to 2020

Winter Bash appears as an authorized application in your profile (if you logged in on the site). However, the description refers to the wrong website, and the link also could use an update to HTTPS:
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User profile - unresponsive remove button on permission for mobile app access [duplicate]

On my PC with the web interface I was nosing around in the profile to see if anything had changed or been prettified and chanced upon the applications menu, for those apps with permission to remotely ...
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I can't delete an application from my profile [duplicate]

On this website, when I go to my Settings, then Applications, and I click on Remove, the view is scrolled to the top but nothing else happen. I don't see any web request in the network tab of my ...
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Removing granted access to an Application is no longer working

When you visit your profile on the tab Settings you'll find the option "Applications". It lists the Applications you've granted access. Each Application has a button at the right hand side ...
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Server error when opening Authorized Applications page

When I try to load the 'Authorized Applications' page, with the link on the Edit profile & settings page: something bad happens: I've tried a couple of sites, but only on Stack Overflow it's ...
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Can't remove applications

A couple days ago I added a application from StackApps, now for some reason I can't remove it. Steps to reproduce: Have an application on your account Go to your profile (Edit Profile & ...
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Not secure error in the Edit Profile - Applications page

If you are authorized for any applications related to the Stack Exchange sites, it will list the details in the Application menu under the Edit Profile & Settings tab in the main site and Settings ...
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Minor spelling mistake on the authorized applications page

The "apps" page in your user profile contains the following phrase in the sidebar: The applications you have authorized with your Stack Exchange account are list here. Should that be "listed"?
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