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Are merged questions indexed by search engines?

Scenario: question A is closed as duplicate of B user raises a flag on A to request it gets merged into B flag is declined because some variation on "loosing a good signpost" I know the ...
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Is Stack Exchange indexing with Google broken? [duplicate]

Today I tried to google an exact phrase from a question on SciFi SE and received very interesting search results. I provide a screenshot of two googled suggestions below. Here are the links to those ...
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Get backlink Stack Exchange for SEO

Can securing a backlink by inserting a link in the Stack Exchange profile have a good effect on DR/DA (domain rating and domain authority) SEO? Stack Exchange has a very high score for DR/DA.
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Is there a problem with Google indexing of Bioinformatics (Beta) Stack Exchange?

I submitted a question (and answer) to Bioinformatics Stack Exchange 4 days ago, but for some reason it's not showing up in Google other than through recent questions. Does Google not index all ...
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Choosing a question from iOS Spotlight search does nothing

If I search from Spotlight (to the left of the first home screen), Stack Exchange results may appear: I tap on a question… And it opens the app, just like it was when I last closed it: Note: here’...
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Block Search Engines from Indexing "edited history" of questions

I had some spare time, and found out that Google actually indexes the "edited history" of a question. I think you guys should add the "edited history" as one of the pages that robots from search ...
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Are image and link description text indexed by search engines or SE's built-in search functionality?

In some of my questions in Arqade (e.g. this), I would put a screenshot to indicate what I'm talking about. I was wondering if I should write the text in the screenshot in the question's body to ...
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Does stack overflow use LSI (Latent Semantic Indexing) to generate the list of related questions

I am building a website for tagging/titling fragments of text content from our archive of transcribed discourses. There are many features that I would like to mimic from Stack Overflow. Particularly ...
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The "Related" list on a question page skews Google indexing [duplicate]

Possible Duplicate: Google Search should not index “Related questions” lists Noticed this when I searched for "jquery flash detection". The second result on Google was this SO ...
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How to best structure content for high index rankings?

One of the primary goals is for search engines to index content from the trilogy sites and provide high-ranking search results. Is there anything outside of general SEO practices that can be done ...
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