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Questions tagged [secret-hats]

For questions about the secret hats one can earn during the Winter Bash.

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Earned Heads Up! hat on MSE without any helpful flags for a year

I just got the Heads Up! secret hat on Meta Stack Exchange without flagging anything for a year. As mentioned on the hat list, the trigger for the Heads Up! hat is: Yet, the last time I raised a ...
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Winter / Summer Bash 2022 Hat List ☃️ 🏖️

Winter / Summer Bash 2022 has started and the hats are listed below. As always, there are only two answers: one for the secret hats, and one for the regular hats. The secret hat list will be updated ...
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2 answers

I'd like all Winter bash hats to be "secret hats"... why not?

All Winter bash hats should be secret. What do you think, do we need Regular Hats? Regular hats are such when you know exactly what to do to earn from the very beginning. "Regular hats" give ...
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What is the fate of the Vexillologist hat?

Now that Winter Bash 2020 is over, I have a question... Will the second trigger for the Vexillologist secret hat be revealed? It's still listed as "Not figured out yet": Now that there is ...
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What else is required from me to earn the "Defender of the Unicorn" hat?

I managed to get an illegitimate score into the top of the leaderboard while circumventing the updated auto-ban system, and I reported how it was done. Unless there exists additional criteria that I'm ...
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Where can I post a test question to gain a hat or check the criteria for awarding a secret hat?

I want to post a test question to either: Gain a Winter Bash hat, or Test a theory about the criteria for awarding a secret hat. Where can I post such a test question?
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Are hat requirements posted after the event?

This is my first Winter Bash event. is it possible to find a list of requirements for all Winter Bash hats after the event?
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You're holding the balalaika wrong!

"Hats off!" to the noble balalaika. But why are we forced to hold our Balalaikas like drooping flowers? Must they hang their heads in shame? Nay! Their heads must be held high! Like this: (...
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Are secret 'hat triggers' different for employees of Stack Exchange?

I notice that employees get hats and place in the top ten (probably due to our upvotes, and appreciation of their helpfulness, and for no other reason). Do they get secret hats based on a different ...
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Is the “This Is Fine” Winter Bash hat delivered when you get half-bounty?

My question is virtually the title. I am asking whether you can still get the “This Is Fine” hat if the person who set up the bounty doesn't manually award it to anyone but instead the system awards ...
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❄️ Winter Bash 2019 Hat list ❄️

The Winter Bash is back and the hats are listed below. As always, there are only two answers: one for the secret hats, and one for the regular hats. The secret hat list will be updated as we learn ...
15 votes
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How many secret hats are there for Winter Bash 2018?

Found this discussion How many secret hats are there for WinterBash 2013? from 2013 which @TimPost revealed the secret number was 42. How many secret hats are there for Winter Bash 2018 and do we ...
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2 answers

Winter Bash 2018 Hat list

Here we go again, the Winter Bash is here and the hats are listed below. The list has the same format as always, there are only two answers: one for the secret hats, and one for the regular hats. The ...
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What is the "Ooh Shiny!" hat supposed to be? [duplicate]

Ooh, Shiny! Flag a question for closing, cast a close, delete or reopen vote on a question. You don't have to be the last vote, and hammers work. (taken from this) And this is the Ethereum (...
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The Secret of Secret Hats [duplicate]

This sounds silly, but is there a way to find out how to obtain a secret hat? I have 2 secrets hats and I really want to know how I got them. All it says is the community I earned it on. Hopefully in ...
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A Moose, Some Silly Putty ... And A Desperate Plea For Help [closed]

Note: This event ended on Friday, December 22. This question is now closed to prevent submissions of new answers. Due to a rather unfortunate series of events that can be directly attributed to a ...
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🐔 The Quest for the Winter Chicken of the Bash, Part 2

(Part One is Here) As every year winter has come... and as every year the hunt for hats and secret has started. So, following the recent events in the Tavern I was following the Chicken tracks back ...
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Winter Bash 2017 Hats

Here's the traditional Winter Bash hats post. Same as last year there are two (and only two) answers: one for the secret hats, and one for the regular hats. Remember there are no hats for guessing ...
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Would it have been possible to get both versions of "Where in the World" with an account-merger?

There are two different versions of the hat "Where in the World?", which, according to the list of hat-triggers, is awarded [f]or participating on a site, when it's December 21 (the December ...
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Has there ever been a secret hat that was never awarded?

I was having a discussion about secret-hat difficulty and it got me wondering. Has there ever been a secret hat that was so hard (or obscure) to get that it was never awarded? Edit: Since this has ...
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Hat inconsistencies in iOS app

I'm seeing some weird hat behavior on the iOS app. On some answers, I'm wearing the trophy hat. On other answers, I'm not wearing any hat at all. And on the web, I'm wearing the taco hat. ...
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3 answers

Why are there two different hats for "Where in the World"?

I am wondering why some got a moon and others got a sun as Where in the World hat for the same action: vs. And is it possible two collect both e.g. from different sites? I only get moons… I know ...
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Winter Bash 2016 - All Hats [closed]

I decided to start the traditional secret hats post, but instead of just another "here is how you get the secret hats" post, to also add in all the hats. There are two answers: one for the ...
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A seasonal SE raffle

All users that have been active in the month of December should be entered into a raffle to take place on New Year's Day Ideas for prizes include: a branded t-shirt a mug a donation to charity of ...
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2015 Secret Hats: Is the Archimedes hat still up for grabs? [closed]

I would very much like to earn the Archimedes hat. The two tips for earning this coveted hat are the following: Solve these riddles and it's yours. (Sound familiar?) Running naked through the ...
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Reveal secret hat conditions after they've been figured out?

I love having secret hats, and the challenge of trying to figure out what they are before anybody else is quite enjoyable. However, once somebody has figured out what the conditions are for a secret ...
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Why didn't I get the Hairboat's revenge hat?

According to the secret hat trigger list: So I left this comment: It's been over 4 hours and I still don't have the hat. What gives?
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Can we get some hints for the 2015 secret hats?

We're a week into Winter Bash 2015, and a lot of secret hats have been found. How do you get these secret hats for yourself? Well, figuring that out is half the fun! I mean, you could be boring and ...
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Are some hats manually awarded other than Archimedes?

This is just a curiosity that I had after reading this post: Can I lose a hat? Probably this is not the explanation here, but I was wondering if the Hairboat hat is awarded manually, which could ...
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Winter bash 2015 : People crazy about hats [closed]

I saw Users get crazy to wear different hats. But I really think is this worth anything. There will be no value of your hat after some days. Your hats will be taken off forcefully. Really big reason ...
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Can Community get secret hats?

The Community user can get hats, just like any other user, and moderators of a site can dress its Community user in her hats. But can she earn secret hats? Currently she has only these 5 hats, none ...
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Winter Bash 2015 Secret Hats

I just received my first Winter Bash 2015 Secret Hat, so I decided to start the traditional Secret Hats and how to get them spoiler question. Note: Please edit the primary list of secret hats with ...
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2 answers

Maintaining secrecy of secret hats [duplicate]

Winter Bash 2014 was fun, especially the "secret hat" concept. However, by the time I found out about it, all the secret hats were not 'secret' anymore. I don't mean that revealing secret hats is a ...
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"Fascinating" holiday hat [duplicate]

So... I just got a new hat today. I can't understand how I got it, and since it's secret hat (which is also weird), it doesn't show up in the "WinterBash 2014" page. It's called "Fascinating" hat, and ...
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2 answers

Are secret hats limited to one per SE site or only one for entire SE winter Bash

Are secret hats limited to Entire Winter bash 2014 of Stack exchange or they will be awarded in all SE sites? Edit: I mean earning of secret hats
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2 answers

Impossible to earn Hairboat hat on Expats.SE?

I've successfully earned this on Travel, but it doesn't seem possible to earn it on Expats. If certain powers could 'enable' this, it'd be appreciated ;)
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Fascinating (Secret) hat on Stack Overflow [duplicate]

How did I earn the Fascinating (secret) hat on Stack Overflow? There is no clear explanation on the Winter Bash page for it, just this is a secret hat!
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32 votes
8 answers

Hints for Winter Bash 2014 Secret Hats

I've seen the other question about a list of secret hats, but I don't want to spoil the fun. I still want fancy sekrit hats, though! What hints do you have for earning some of these secret hats? One ...
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Polite request for more secret hats plZ

I don't know how many secret hats currently exist. Probably at least 7. But whatever the number is, please double it! I want more secret hats!
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2 answers

2014 Secret hats: count?

Is it known how many secret hats exist in this winter bash? What about last year? Also, are hats being added during the event? Should the Stack Exchange team come up with new ideas?
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What is Chameleon hat for? [duplicate]

I got a secret hat "Chameleon hat". I wonder what it is for. I am confused between two possibilities: Multiple Stack accounts Change in Display picture What is it for exactly?
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348 votes
2 answers

Winter Bash 2014 Secret Hats

So far, I've unlocked one of the secret hats. I'm wondering what other secret hats are out there and how to earn them?
67 votes
32 answers

What are the fantasy secret hats you'd wish to get?

I had for some days the fantasy of getting a grinch hat. I know there is a hat when you only do upvotes in a day and believed it could make sense to have the same kind of hats for downvotes only. It ...
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1 answer

How Do I Get the Winterbash 2013 Secret Hats?

My intention is not to spoil any of the secret hats. These are ones that anyone who looks at the leaderboard can see, and I have no intention of telling you exactly how to get any of them. However, ...
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2 answers

How many secret hats are there for WinterBash 2013?

I am not asking for spoilers, but how many secret hats are there for WinterBash 2013? Could we post a list of names (or would that be too spoiler-y)?
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116 votes
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Will the secret of the secret hats be revealed after the end of Winter Bash 2013?

I know the secret of the secret hats is the best part of it. But then we're going to lose all the hats anyway, including the secret ones, on January 4th (the end of Winter Bash). I really wish the ...
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I (Don't) See Your Point: How do I earn this unicorn hat?

I earned this hat, I See Your Point, on Stack Overflow, but at the time it popped up (a few hours ago), I hadn't actually been doing anything on SO (or mSO) for some time prior to that. Nor did I get ...
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Winter Bash 2013: Secret Hats [duplicate]

Even after you earn them, secret hats refuse to tell you what you earned them for: What's the point of the hat, if it won't tell me how I earned it? This seems like a bug: The description should ...
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How do I earn the Johnny Three-hats hat?

This question already has an answer here: How do I earn the Johnny Three-hats hat? 1 answer I recently earned a secret hat. Is there any way to tell how I earned this hat? marked as duplicate of ...
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I have a Secret Hat

I received some sort of secret hat, the "Chuck Yeager". It says that it is a secret hat. What is the point of a secret hat, besides being fun? Also it appears that he was the first pilot to travel ...
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