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If I answer my own question, will it decrease its visibility thus reduce the chance of other people giving a better answer?

I asked a question, and I already have a nonperfect answer. I want to submit my nonperfect answer. This way, if other people have the same solution as mine, they don't need to bother typing it again. ...
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Is there stigma associated with self-answers on certain network sites? Or different etiquette? If so, why?

Background I was told in chat that some sites don't / might not see self-answers in a positive light, which I found surprising, having read the (fairly old) "It’s OK to Ask and Answer Your Own ...
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The "You can accept your own answer in <period>" alert is missing a period․

When trying to accept your own answer too early, you get an alert like You can accept your own answer in 11 hours According to the Stacks design guidelines, it is missing a period; it's a full ...
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Support saving self-answered questions as drafts

Drafts of unsubmitted questions and answers on Stack Exchange are automatically saved every 45 seconds. However, saved drafts don't support self-answered questions. This means if you leave the ask ...
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"Answer your own question" toggle stops working after ticking the checkbox consecutively

In some case, the "Answer your own question" is unchecked, but the answer box is present. This happens when clicking a few times on "Answer your own question". Demo: I didn't ...
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How can one see the percentage of one's answers that were posted on one's own questions, network-wide?

Is there a way to see the percentage of one's answers that were posted on one's own questions, network-wide?
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Instant self-answers are ordered inconsistently

When the "Answer your own question" checkbox is used to provide an instant self-answer, the self-answer has the same creation timestamp as the question, and its ID number is 1 more than the ...
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If you answer your own question will you be credited once or twice for the "people reached" statistics in your profile?

I found an answer explaining how the "people reached" statistics is populated in the Stats box in the Profile tab. Basically, if your answer qualifies, you will be credited the # of views ...
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How can I self-answer my closed question? [duplicate]

I posted a question, however it was closed with a reason I don't understand. I've found the answer myself and I would like to share the answer with the community, is there any way I can leave the ...
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Is there a bias against using the "answer your own question" feature?

I had a question. As I was researching it while drafting it, I found more and more relevant information that I incorporated into my question. It came to the point where it felt like I was answering ...
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How to ask a question when self-answering?

I've been researching lots of questions in the game World of Warcraft (WoW), and usually the answers to practical questions such as "Where is an item located?" are buried in the comment ...
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Should I say "You" to myself in self-answers?

I had a question about how to convert geo coordinates. A couple hours later, I found the answer and posted it as answer to my own question. Initially I wrote: I just got confused with Lon/Lat. [When ...
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Is it typical for self-answered questions to be downvoted? [duplicate]

As a habit, I have always tried to answer my own questions on Stack Overflow and other sites if no one provided an answer, and I later found the answer myself. I consider this to be essential to ...
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Can I answer my own question by citing a comment? [duplicate]

The best answer on one of my questions is in the comment section. I don't want to bother the commenter by asking for a formal answer so that I can give it the love (upvote and accept) that it deserves....
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Mark Self Answered postings accordingly

Summary I think it would be beneficial to mark self answered posts, where people only "ask" the question in order to share their knowledge/findings, in a way so that it is obvious to ...
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Hide votes for self-answered by community wiki questions for a few hours

Don't start reading this with a pre-conceived idea. I know similar topics have been discussed before. You want to share some piece of knowledge you've been searching for. You finally took the time to ...
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"0" in reputation history when accepting a self-answer with an upvote on the same day

When accepting a self-answer, this usually causes a blank entry in your reputation history (see the bottom circle below). However, when that happens on a day when you also get an upvote on that answer,...
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How do sites moderate self-answered questions?

Historically our beta site has discouraged self-answered questions. The site has been running for 6 years (3 questions/day, 98% answered, 3 ½ answers/question, and very few questions are closed). The ...
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Don't say "Comment if you're trying to respond to an answer." when there's no answer, after clicking on "answer your question"

Don't say "Comment if you're trying to respond to an answer." when there's no answer, after clicking on "answer your question": I think if we remove information that doesn't apply ...
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Is there an etiquette for answering questions originally intended to be self-answered?

This question is inspired by Is there an etiquette for asking questions originally intended to be self-answered?. A few times, I have encountered a self-answered question with a question that seems to ...
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Is there an etiquette for asking questions originally intended to be self-answered?

According to Oded's answer to What are limitations on self-answered questions? self answered questions have the same quality requirements as "the other" questions. So if we found a question ...
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Is it all right to answer own question with a summary of a discussion from the comments in case no other answers are posted? [duplicate]

I've asked a question on Linguistics.SE. My question has received no direct answers (yet), but a very interesting discussion took place in the comments. I believe that reading through it pretty much ...
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Make it clearer that a question is self answered

I have noticed that when people are asking a question just to self answer it right away, they - for very obvious reasons - does not put to much effort into the actual question. Why would they? They ...
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What are the different ways to mark the asked question as solved? [duplicate]

I want to know what are the ways to mark an asked question solved? If someone has answered correctly and solved my doubt, then how do I mark it as my answer to question and also mark the whole ...
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Most adequate writing point of view in self-answered questions [closed]

Which is the most adequate writing point of view to self-answer a question? 1. First person. Taking into account that the person who asks and answers are the same. Something like: I found a ...
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Self-learner badge has been incorrectly awarded

In the famous Why is SE removing links and community ads about legal issues? question by Juan M. he has been awarded the Self-Learner badge with his infamous answer. But: The question is not his. ...
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Self-answering a non-question

Today I came across a question that wasn't actually a question. Rather, the author read an interesting factoid and turned it into a question, adding the factoid as an answer straight away. The reason ...
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Remind me to accept my own answer

I quite often find the solution to my problem alone (writing down the question helps, comments also help!), and when it happens, I usually end up writing an answer the same day. Now, Stack Exchange ...
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Prompt when I accept my answer within 2 days seems miswritten?

When I try accept my answer, I see a prompt: You can accept your own answer in 2 days Is this miswritten for "you can not accept your own answer in 2 days"? See also: Why must I wait two days ...
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Make self-accepted answers rise to the top

There has been a very large amount of confusion about self-accepted answers not rising to the top of all other answers. For a while, it wasn't possible self-accept answers. Then this blog post came ...
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“Answer your own question” checkbox has some weird styling

Text style for "Answer your own question" under the "Post Your Question" button on the asking page is weird: In particular link text is smaller than the beginning of the sentence, ...
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Why can't I accept my own answer straight away? [duplicate]

I had a question, nobody else posted any answers, and I worked out the solution myself. Why do I have to wait 24 hours to accept my own answer. When I don't have to wait before accepting anybody else'...
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Can I accept a self-answer with content from outside Stack Exchange?

Here is my motivation: How to convert estimated precision to variance?. On the one hand, the provided answer is perfect in my opinion and could be accepted, but on the other hand it is not actually my ...
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Do people actually answer their own questions? [duplicate]

I've never seen people use StackExchange like this. A few questions: First, does anyone use it like this? Second, what was the original intention behind this option? What was the vision? Thanks.
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Answering your own question, but don't accept answer

Is it bad etiquette to answer your own question, but then not accept that answer? I realize there have been numerous questions about answering one's own question, but I'm specifically wondering about ...
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What should I do if I find the answer to an old question of mine that was automatically deleted as abandoned?

I originally asked the question Implementing PPPoE half-bridge/ip-passthrough to suit IPSec VPN firewall appliance with Linux a little more than a year ago, which no one was able to answer. The ...
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Searching for questions with a self answer [duplicate]

I wanted to check what had happened to a question I read last night, but the only useful thing I can remember about it is that it was self answered. I can't remember the user's name, or any good ...
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Edit my question when I have the answer?

Yesterday I asked a question that was marked as a duplicate and I don't understand why because neither of the suggested questions helped me. But one of the comments helped me in the right direction ...
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Is it possible to search for posts where the OP self-answered?

Looking at this page, I don't see any shortcuts for searching questions where the OP self-answered. I'm trying to search specifically where the OP added details to the original question by adding an ...
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Should I post an answer to my own question if the answer is obtained in the comment section?

Should I post an answer to my own question if I obtain the answer through the hints in the comments section after a reasonable amount of discussion, or should I leave it to future readers to make ...
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How should I ask 'is there a better way' type questions, with a known answer?

Generally I try hard enough to answer my own questions before asking that I have at least a partial or clumsy solution to my problem. I sometimes think it would still be worth asking the question, if ...
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How should I improve an answer to my own question?

Situation is as follows: I posted a question on Stack Exchange which, at the moment of the post, I did not know the answer to. Some answers were provided. One of them fits what I would define as good ...
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If someone answers his own question why don't they get upvotes?

I have posted many questions, of which I found the solution myself after doing lot of debugging. But the sad thing is that neither my questions nor my answers gets any upvotes. Why? Shouldn't you ...
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Prevent answer ban from kicking in for a single honest mistake for a new user

I ran in to a very unfortunate issue recently on Video Production. We had a new user who asked a question regarding a problem they were facing. A high-reputation user asked for a full log in a comment....
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Add status-completed tag to my question

I asked a question yesterday here on Meta SE regarding a possible bug (support), and today I found that the problem was gone. I also found why that possible bug was gone, so I answered my own question ...
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Should I include a partial solution in my question? Or should I post it as an answer?

I posted a question What wildcard operators are supported in Kronos WFC searches? on SO. The question includes an incomplete list of wildcard operators I was able to find through my own ...
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Just found an answer to my own question. What to do? [duplicate]

I posted a question. After messing around on my machine for about an hour, I found a solution. Would it be more appropriate to remove the question, or to add the answer to it just to save some other ...
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Checkbox state not retained bug is back on Post a Question

This bug is back in a new incarnation (same bug, different checkbox): I recently posted a question along with a self-answer. I wanted to post the answer as a CW, so I ticked the Community wiki box. ...
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Should I accept my own answer on a discussion if no other answers were posted?

Around three months ago I posted the question Which required tag should be used with [tag:synonym-request]?, looking for feedback on what tags should be used in a synonym-request. I included my own ...
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3 answers

Special status for questions with self-answers

I would like others' opinion on removing the up/down vote for the question on a question with a self-answer. We should leave the up/downvote for the answer though, and also automatically mark it as ...
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