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Questions also answered by the user asking, easily marked by the shaded user card attached to the answer.

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How does accepting an answer work?

What does it mean to accept an answer? How do I accept an answer, and what are the rules? Can I accept my own self-answer? What are the reputation benefits? Which answer should I accept? Should I ...
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Can I answer my own questions, even if I knew the answer before asking?

I might want to answer my own question because: I arrived at a solution before there were any other correct answers or I like mine better, can I still answer my own question? I have a folder with ...
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5 answers

Etiquette for answering your own question

Often you have a question, you can't find the answer on Stack Overflow so you search for it (or think a bit more). Having found the answer you'd like to keep a record so you can find it again later. ...
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Should I not answer my own questions? [duplicate]

I asked a question recently, looking for examples of an online tool. Per the FAQ, I answered my own question with a few examples that I had already found. I did this so that these examples would be ...
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10 answers

Posting and answering questions you have already found the answer to [duplicate]

Sometimes you spend a day or more solving a technical problem, and when you finally solve it, you may want to post it on your blog (if you have one) to share with the community. However, most ...
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What is this "answer your own question" jazz?

I showed up here to write a perfectly normal rant about misaligned pixels, and there's a big fat checkbox cluttering up the "Ask" page: WHAT THE EEEEK IS THIS NEW ABOMINATION?
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Detect edits to add [SOLVED] or [RESOLVED] to the title and direct the user to add an answer

Users often ask questions that they answer for themselves. Good for them. And good for us. Symptom The correct procedure seems to be: Write new answer to own question Wait two days Accept own ...
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Add silver and gold versions for the Self-Learner badge

Currently, there is a bronze badge called Self-Learner which is rewarded for answering your own question with a score of 3 or more. I'd like to propose two more badges be created along the same lines....
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Should we really be suggesting that people put the answer in the question? [duplicate]

I saw this question that the user had self-answered by editing the question. I pointed out that they should really answer the question. I know they wouldn't be able to straight away, but I assumed ...
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Don't ask high-rep users if they're sure they want to answer their own question

I've been answering a lot of my own Meta questions lately and I'm really tired of seeing this: I'm a moderator and 15k rep user. I know when to answer my own question. Especially on Meta where self ...
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Can I award a bounty to myself if I provide the best answer? [duplicate]

I finally found the solution to a problem that was killing me. Before I found it, I asked an SO question about it, and had even started a bounty on the question. Can I now post a self-answer and, if ...
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Clarify the "8 hour delay" self-answer message to discourage self-answering with edits or comments

It's not uncommon to find new users editing or commenting on their questions with something along the lines of "Update: I solved it by Xing the Y with Z" instead of posting their solution as a self-...
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3 answers

Encyclopedia Stack Exchange vs. commercial products

We are having a discussion over on Stack Overflow about whether or not people representing a commercial product can answer their own questions about their own product. To make it more concrete, just ...
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7 answers

Permission to start a series of advanced regex articles [closed]

There are many problems with what I perceive to be countless dupes of low quality questions in the [regex] tag. Rather than complaining about it, I've decided to take matters into my own hands. I'm ...
33 votes
2 answers

Give badges to people for coming back and answering their own question

Someone's asked why you can't earn the self-answer badge more than once the answer being that it's intended to help people learn about the site's functionality. Answering your own question is ...
32 votes
3 answers

Using Jeopardy! as an example in the FAQ is potentially confusing

In the FAQ for all SE sites, it mentions this: It’s also perfectly fine to ask and answer your own question, as long as you pretend you’re on Jeopardy! – phrase it in the form of a question. My ...
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What can be done to improve moderation of self-answered questions?

About a month ago, we rolled out a new feature: instant self-answered questions. So far, the reception has been mostly positive, and I've definitely seen some really good stuff posted in this form. ...
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9 answers

Is Stack Overflow a central store for tutorials?

I ask this question because of the following questions: this and this. The same user asked those questions and immediately answered them. I know that there's no problem in answering your own ...
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Allow authors to self-answer their own protected questions even if they don't have enough reputation

I'm asking this question because of Can't answer protected question despite meeting reputation requirement: For the purposes of your reputation "on this site", Stack Exchange has ...
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3 answers

What should I do if I find the answer to an old question of mine that was automatically deleted as abandoned?

I originally asked the question Implementing PPPoE half-bridge/ip-passthrough to suit IPSec VPN firewall appliance with Linux a little more than a year ago, which no one was able to answer. The ...
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My Own Question; Not Really Stupid, Just Normally Stupid; Now What?

In Stack Overflow I had a real quandary which I was unable to solve. I'm about at the level on the topic involved where I should be answering questions, not asking them. This was a two processor ...
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4 answers

A way to reduce criticism and down-voting for answering your own question

Answering your own question, even if you know the answer before asking, is acceptable and encouraged according to the FAQ: There are already numerous posts that answer their own questions. There's ...
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7 answers

Rep-requirement for Answering Own Question [duplicate]

Possible Duplicate: Limiting Self-Answers It appears to be a common mistake of the new-user to treat Stack Overflow as if it were a forum, posting the initial question, and then adding follow-up ...
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3 answers

Accepted answer appearing below top voted [duplicate]

On Add year to question and answer dates, sorted by votes, the accepted answer is #3 in order of votes. It appears as number 3 in the list as well. Is this new behavior intended?
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Why was my post deleted?

A few days ago I asked a question about await. I got one helpful answer, which I accepted, but in the end await just makes it harder to read, and requires async keywords in nested functions. So I ...
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Trying to make an answer CW while answering-own-question makes question CW as well

I was using the shiny new "answer own question simultaneously" feature to write this post. I wanted the post to be CW, so I ticked the "community wiki" box, under the answer. On ...
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I don't always answer myself, but when I do, I fail to ask a good question

Sometimes I'll encounter problems while coding, or sometimes out of simple interest for a question, I'll google for an answer, and most of the time I find that answer is here on ...
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2 answers

Prevent answer ban from kicking in for a single honest mistake for a new user

I ran in to a very unfortunate issue recently on Video Production. We had a new user who asked a question regarding a problem they were facing. A high-reputation user asked for a full log in a comment....
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Expanding the roomba to auto-delete self-accepted-answered questions with low views, low scores, and only 1 answer

For background info, read about the current roomba that runs automatically to delete questions. This is a feature-request to add one more rule set on when questions will be auto-deleted by the ...
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Now that I can answer my own question before I even ask it, how about reminding me to accept my own answer? [duplicate]

I can answer my own questions instantaneously! That's Awesome! The problem is, a lot of the time, when I answer my own question, if it doesn't get any comments or a competing answer, I can... well, I ...
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What's wrong with my self-answered question?

Recently, I posted a question about automatically paraphrasing sentences in JavaScript using regular expressions, and answered the question as soon as I posted it. Soon afterward, my question got two ...
16 votes
2 answers

Should an appended answer *within* a question be moved?

Editing Etiquette: I've encountered what must be a common problem: Several answers which were appended to the OP's question rather than being placed as 'formal' answers below it. Is it appropriate to ...
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2 answers

Clarify the "self-learner" badge description [duplicate]

The "self-learner" badge description states "Answered your own question with score of 3 or more", but does that mean the question should have a score of 3 or more, or is it the answer that should have ...
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Migration causes self-answers from asker despite other authors actually posting

I migrated this question, "sudo does not allow me to run cp" from Stack Overflow to Unix & Linux. The original on Stack Overflow had answers by two different users: Razor Storm and Richo ...
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Review tab suggestion: self answers [duplicate]

Possible Duplicate: New tab for the /review : Self-Answer I'd like to request that a tab be added to the /review tools to show recent self answers. This will help catch non-answer follow ups.
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Why can't you get awarded the bounty for answering your own question?

Consider this question on How to run/debug multiple web application projects with-in the same solution?. I put out a 200 bounty on the question, but did not get an answer from anyone other than ...
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Do self-answers count towards tag badges?

If I ask and answer my own question, do the votes and answer count count towards a tag badge? E.g., if I get an upvote for an answer to my own question, does that count towards the 1000 required for ...
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3 answers

Do you get reputation for self-answered questions?

From time to time I ask a question on Stack Overflow. The community is incredibly fast and correct, but sometimes I beat them to it and answer my own question after some research. Not that it matters ...
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Support saving self-answered questions as drafts

Drafts of unsubmitted questions and answers on Stack Exchange are automatically saved every 45 seconds. However, saved drafts don't support self-answered questions. This means if you leave the ask ...
14 votes
6 answers

Etiquette for dealing with 'hint' answers

There are some questions that tangentially deal with this, but my question is this; If someone 'answers' with a vague hint in the direction of a potential solution, but does not provide an actual '...
14 votes
2 answers

Why haven't I earned the Guru badge?

According to StackOverflow's badge page, one can earn the Guru badge with an accepted answer with a score of 40 or more. As of the time of this writing, I have an accepted answer with a score of 41 on ...
14 votes
3 answers

How to ask a question when self-answering?

I've been researching lots of questions in the game World of Warcraft (WoW), and usually the answers to practical questions such as "Where is an item located?" are buried in the comment ...
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1 answer

Allow new users to post self answers at any time

Further to this question: Should we really be suggesting that people put the answer in the question? I originally proposed the following solution: Rather than blocking new users from self answering ...
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4 answers

Should I say "You" to myself in self-answers?

I had a question about how to convert geo coordinates. A couple hours later, I found the answer and posted it as answer to my own question. Initially I wrote: I just got confused with Lon/Lat. [When ...
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Should I continue adding a question if I have found the answer myself?

I start typing a question (which may be interesting and useful), but then think and/or google more and find answer myself. Should I just close the window or add the question with my answer to enrich ...
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Why did this self-answered question get deleted so quickly?

A user just asked and self-answered a question that clearly had major problems; specifically, the user didn't understand that, when self-answering, one must take the time to write the questions and ...
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Am I wrong to flag an OP answering their question multiple times?

Regarding this question, the OP has asked a question and then posted 2 solutions neither of which is satisfactory. Personally, I think those details should be part of the question (clarification of ...
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How did this user accept his own answer less than 48 hours after his question was posted?

How did this user accept his own answer less than 48 hours after his question was posted? Related:
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2 answers

Encourage OP to post a self-answer when they vote to delete their question

There are times when a person has a problem, searches, does not find a solution and proceeds to post a question somewhere on the Stack Exchange network, only to soon after figure out what the answer ...
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Notification when you're able to accept your own answer

This is a feature request for exactly one (1) notification when: You've posted an answer to your own question before the 48-hour self-answer accept time limit, and You have not accepted any answers ...
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