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For questions related to users on the Stack Exchange network who close their own questions.

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Questions self-closed as duplicates by their authors (auto-closed by Community) show an incorrectly worded notice; rephrase it to refer to author

When a question is closed as a duplicate, other users viewing the question will see a notice like below: Some community members have associated this post with a similar question. or, if it was ...
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Posting Q & A, then closing the Q as duplicate?

I posted a question and answered it myself. I then self-closed this question as a dupe. Is this an accepted practice? I wanted the next person who steps on this rake to be able to quickly find the ...
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Can my duplicate close vote be binding when I cast it on my own question [duplicate]

Today I closed a question I asked on MSO, because it was a duplicate. I voted to close, and was then served with this nice pop-up: That asks if it answers my question. Ofcourse it does, it was me ...
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Voting to close my own question confusingly acts as if I'm not me

When my vote to close my own question as duplicate was registered as a simple vote, I was a bit surprised, as I thought it'd immediately close for my own given reason, but the question of whether a ...
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Delete or Close one's own question, if it appears to be a duplicate?

What will be more preferable to delete or vote to close your own question, as you have got a comment this question may be a possible duplicate of any 'given question'?
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Closing own question [duplicate]

Possible Duplicate: How can a question be closed by a single (non-moderator) user? I've noticed a few people closing their own question as "off-topic", like here, here and here. I didn't even ...
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How can a question be closed by a single (non-moderator) user?

Normally it takes five 3K+ users to close out a question for whatever reason they choose. Or in the case of a race to the finish line, a sixth car will ghost past the checkered flag. If a moderator ...
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Etiquette for voting to close your own questions

For all of my questions I have received great answers. I have implemented the answers in code and they work. I now feel compelled to vote to close the questions because I don't believe there are more ...