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Fine line between spamming and coincidentally owning or developing a resource that happens to also answer the question

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If *all* of a user's many answers promote the same thing but they properly disclose affiliation, is it spam?

I just saw a user on a small site posting a bunch of uncited AI-generated posts (which is plagiarism) that all promote the same thing. They properly disclose their affiliation in each post. I read ...
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Can my username and profile picture be my company?

Let's assume I submit high-quality and unbiased answers, that contain no marketing ploys, no suggestions and no references to my company: they will be as unbiased as any other contributor's. Most of ...
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Overly hostile enforcement of self-promotion rules

There was a recent case on SO where a user that was highly active in a very specialized tag asked on Meta.SO why their comment was deleted. The comment was linking to a site (non-profit, no ads) ...
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What constitutes an affiliation disclosure?

The guidelines for expected behavior state: The community tends to vote down overt self-promotion and flag it as spam. Post good, relevant answers, and if some (but not all) happen to be about your ...
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How can I report a user that abusively self-promotes their own company?

There is a user on Stack Overflow that clearly self-promotes their own company. This behavior includes: Editing the questions of other users in order to add a new tag, and the text of the tag equals ...
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Username / company association

This question touches on Is there ever a time to create a user for a company?, but (a) is not identical and (b) The terms and conditions referenced in some answers appear to have changed. (...
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Are answers that contain advertisements allowed? [duplicate]

So I just found a question in which the accepted answer is only about an advertisement to an app that solves the problem. No offense to anyone, but isn't it too subjective? If the problem can't be ...
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Is it ok to promote my services (not products) when answering a very broad question? [duplicate]

I am writing an answer to a fairly general question (this one to be specific), so I am giving a very general answer. Can I add at the end "if you want more help, please contact me for consulting" ? Is ...
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Lack of disclosure where disclosure is required vs. voluntary disclosure where none is strictly required [duplicate]

Problem (The question will be found at the end, Question.) As a user of any Stack Exchange's community, you most likely stumbled through a post where for you that would be considered spam, but you'...
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Can I advertise my work on a site's meta?

Let's say I write Microsoft Word. Can I advertise it on Writing Meta? Posting it on chat is absolutely fine, but I think it is hard to format the post properly, to explain why it is interesting, and ...
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How do I spread the news of my new chat room?

What should you do if you make a new chat room, and you want people to know about it? Do you post something in the meta of that site, or do you just find similar chat rooms?
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Can I use Stack Exchange to tell people about my new tool or technology [duplicate]

I have created some useful tools and I am willing to put all those tools on a website and let people use those tools and donate me money if they like it. These tools are related to web design and ...
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Is constantly promoting our own posts by linking them in our own posts and/or in chat messages considered a fair practice?

First of all, since I post primarily on Hinduism SE, all my example posts are taken from that site. Secondly, all the example posts, that I am using in this post, are linked to one user only. But, I ...
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How to distinguish ham from spam

On my way to familiarize myself with flagging I sometimes have to risk a decline to explore the limits. On that occasion, I stumbled over a border where I would like to ask for clarification. We use ...
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Is it appropriate for a moderator to delete a question based on borderline self-promotion rather than closing or putting on hold?

I'm on a team that develops APIs for developers to create apps within our platform. We thought Stack Overflow was an appropriate place to do Q&A specifically for programming questions about our ...
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Can I answer all questions about my product or is it self-promotion? [duplicate]

Does answering all questions about a product that I'm working on is considered self-promotion? I'm asking because of this part in FAQ: If a large percentage of your posts include a mention of your ...
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Place for indie developers to promote their own software [duplicate]

Within the Stack Exchange ecosystem, is there a place for indie developers to post links to their software? Promote, test, discuss, and brag about it? If no, then why not?
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What to do with images that contains self-advertising?

Notice: this question is meant to be a followup of this one. Please notice that this isn't a dupe either, as the question I am asking is related but different and isn't answered in the accepted answer ...
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Is it ok to use a QR code as an avatar?

I just noticed someone doing that on Youtube, and realized that this would be a great way to drive traffic to a personal / company / github page. Anywhere that your gravatar is shown, you are showing ...
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Can I create a self-answered question and add my website as a reference? [duplicate]

I've some interesting Q&A posts about programming in my personal blog and I would like to post these questions (and the respective answers) on Stack Overflow, because a lot of people can be helped ...
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Is it OK to include my own library in my answer to my own question? [duplicate]

I wanted to do something in a programming language once. The only way to do it back then was pretty verbose, so I created an open source library to make it much easier. It's encouraged to answer ...
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Can I refer to my other answers when answering

Like most people on here I have a slight allergy to promotion. However rather often I find that an answer could be completed by referring to another answer. And because I can remember my own answers ...
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Why was my post edited for "spam"? [closed]

According to this answer self-promotion is okay if all of the following apply: you paraphrase the content of the linked item (possibly omitting details or examples) you identify the author (...
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The page "What kind of behavior is expected of users?" should include a link to "How not to be a spammer"

The help/behavior page has a brief section Avoid overt self-promotion. I think it should include a link to the recently added help/promotion page with much more specific guidance. This would be ...
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Can the spam flag description be reworded?

For flag > spam, the description is as follows: This answer is effectively an advertisement with no disclosure. It is not useful or relevant, but promotional. This is good for a post such as ...
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Affiliation with organization and its products/services in the response

I recently started on Stack Exchange, and have found myself in sort of a dilemma. When my answer is based on the technologies that are shipped by my employer (Microsoft), I am always in a quandary as ...
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Is it appropriate to move extra info from my answer to a blog post?

I have a answer to this question on Stack Overflow that has generated some good attention, but has grown rather large as I continue to update it and make modifications based on comments. The post ...
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Is this user advertising his product acceptable?

I noticed quite a number of posts where someone would advertise an alternative serialization library, since I more or less follow the boost-serialization tag. Just now, I got another one: Packing ...
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Should legitimate answers be deleted because of a user's history of self promotion?

Here's my question in a nutshell: is deleting legitimate answers from a user an appropriate way to deal with excessive self promotion? While looking for solutions to a problem I was facing, I came ...
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Posting URL to a Blog [duplicate]

I wanted to know is, is it violate any rules if I wrote a blog post for a given question and post it as a answer for that question. There might be many reasons that answer is more suited as a blog ...
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Limits for self-promotion, round IV

Playing with the new SE app, I came across an old meta answer of mine, and getting curious I looked at the guy's latest answers. Of the 30 latest answers on his SO page (as of now all from the last ...
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What are the guidelines for sharing blog posts and when it becomes self promotion? [duplicate]

I'm thinking about posting some pieces of code and small tutos on a blog. I'm currently writing these for myself and thought it could be nice to share it with the community. Then it got me thinking: ...
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Reason for deletion of good answers from the developer

I have recently written three answers with recommendations for the product where I'm a developer. In answers I pointed out clearly that I'm developer and that the product is commercial. Answers were ...
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Should answers by new users who seem to have signed up just to recommend a site/product multiple times be flagged as spam? [duplicate]

Every now and then, when reviewing the New answers to old questions list, I find answers recommending a third-party tool or site. They're probably not the best kind of answer but in the context of ...
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Do I need to disclose my affiliation on non-promotional, technical answers on my project

As a web search will tell you, I'm a committer on the Tycho project. This means that I'm affiliated with the project, and according to the FAQ, implies that I need to state that affiliation in every ...
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Are these type of answers considered self promoting? [duplicate]

This user has an unusually large amount of answers where he seems to almost always point to WPF Application Framework (WAF) - The questions have around a long time so I'm ...
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Community flagging questions with links as spam

I just asked this question and some of the answers I received were quite interesting. For those of you interested here is the question. Now the generally feeling got from this question which asks ...
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Using "answer your own question" to advertise completed open source project?

I'm pretty sure using the "answer your own question" feature of stackexchange is considered spam/abuse, but wanted to doublecheck. My situation: I had a problem I couldn't find a solution I wrote a ...
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On-topic commercial self-promotion [duplicate]

User amrith has posted several answers, all of which are on-topic but are essentially advertisements for software his company has for sale. They are also formatted like an email instead of an answer. ...
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Comment link from one answer of a question to another answer on the same question

I often see comments on a highly rated or accepted answer that looks something like For an awesome solution to this problem see Then when I click on the link, ...
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I was suspended 1 day after already being contacted by a moderator, is this a moderator error?

June 13: I answered several questions related to "how to make a carousel view (UI element) for Android OS" by giving them a few hints and a link to my blog:
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What signifies "Good" self promotion? (or: Self Promotion Part Infinity)

We've been through the self-promotion discussion before, many, many, many times. We've even produced a proposed FAQ entry for it. However, with all these examples of what not to do, it's still hard ...
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Extent of loosely relevant self-promotion

Receiving a comment on a post to a $999 product, I've noticed this user repeatedly posting links to their product. Predominately within comments, there are also answers that loosely disclose their ...
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Linking to answers - possible "self promotion"?

Let's say a new question is posted, and I've answered that question before in depth. If I link to my answer in my comment, would that be considered "promoting" that answer - an attempt to gain more ...
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Self Promotion Rules [duplicate]

I have been using Stack Overflow for some time now and find it a great Q&A site where I have got a lot of help and, I hope, have been able to give back something from time to time. I am now ...
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Is editing answers to link to a tutorial on your own website/blog tolerated?

I've been reviewing a few Suggested Edits this morning on SO and I've noticed that one guy has gone through a couple of answers involving "StartSSL", editing them to include: Here is how to get a ...
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Self-promotion in chat

We know from the FAQ on self-promotion that it is accepted only in a limited way in answers and frowned upon if found to be spammy. We know from this question that it can be deleted at any time from ...
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Suggestion for new feature related to self-promoting on-topic answers

The SO FAQ on self-promoting answers does not allow too many answers from one person that promotes his/her product as a solution to the question asked, even if it has full disclosure, wasn't framed ...
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How many layers of indirection void the "disclose your affiliation if you promote your product" rule?

This answer by a user has an interesting editing history. He wrote a promotional answer (and 5 others) Those answers were flagged as spam and they were removed. He changed this particular answer to ...
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Self-promotion in comments

Is self-promotion in comments allowed or less frowned upon? The FAQ on Self-Promotion mentions answers, but doesn't say anything about comments. I've searched meta but it doesn't seem discussed, at ...
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