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Why are glasses considered hats?

Some hats appear to be tuxedos, martinis, or glasses: Retro Fan ...and yet these are called hats, instead of say some broader category such as "party wear" or "novelty disguise" or something. ...
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Don't use the <a> HTML element for things which aren't hyperlinks

Stack Exchange often uses the <a> HTML element where it should use the <button> element. For example, on the profile page I can sort my answers by "votes", "activity" or "newest": ...
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Spoiler syntax should generate <div>, not <blockquote>

The spoiler syntax (>! …) produces this HTML: <blockquote class="spoiler"> <p>…</p> </blockquote> However, spoilers are not (necessarily) quotes. The blockquote element ...
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Add Dublin Core RDFa markup for better metadata in SO questions

Short version: It would be great if SO added Dublin Core RDFa markup indicating author, title, date, and other metadata for questions and answers. This would make them easier to cite with tools such ...
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Skype plugin converts user reputation and badges to a phone number [closed]

I have never seen this before, so it may simply be that the user that happened to cause it had an unfortunate number for reputation and badge counts, that corresponds to a number format the Skype ...
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Adding RDFa to Stack Exchange

The Stack Exchange communities could really do with incorporating RDFa into its platforms. It would provide a way to share and aggregate questions and answers across platforms. Could be achieved by ...
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Can user profile pages please contain rich snippet data?

For those of you who haven't heard of rich snippets, it essentially involves inserting special data into HTML markup that describe content on the page. The benefit would be really neat looking search ...
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Open Graph protocol should be integrated

In order for a better experience when sharing a link over Facebook (and not only there) it would be nice to have the Open Graph protocol in a page. For example for
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Why is "Achievements" under "Education" on Careers?

The "Achievements" section on my CV is a subsection of the "Education" section. That would make sense if it were for academic achievements like Latin honors. The "help" note on the side, though, ...
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Valid HTML and semantics [duplicate]

Possible Duplicate: Use an HTML Validator on SO Does SO family care about valid html markup and semantic web? I've noticed that tables are used in most places where non-tabular data is being ...
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Comments with the @ (at) symbol before the user name triggers something? [duplicate]

Possible Duplicate: How do comment replies work? In Twitter the at (@) symbol makes the tweet appear in the user page. Does it do anything on Stack Overflow?
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Badge descriptions ambiguous

This may seem a little prudish, but as a new SO and MSO user, I found the badge descriptions a little less than fully intuitive. For all you old-timers, here's a privileged glimpse into the ...
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