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For questions about how Stack Exchange sites are indexed and ranked by search engines.

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Wrong metadata in Google search result

It is the first time I see a Stack Overflow answer's metadata so wrong on Google Search (mine or a direct link to the question). I'm not sure where else to file a bug related to SEO. If this isn't the ...
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Get backlink Stack Exchange for SEO

Can securing a backlink by inserting a link in the Stack Exchange profile have a good effect on DR/DA (domain rating and domain authority) SEO? Stack Exchange has a very high score for DR/DA.
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"Save this answer" text in Google search result

The new save functionality seems to put the text "Save this answer." into Google's search results: It's a very minor thing. But probably not desired, right? It's not relevant to the answer ...
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Change the generator to include the title element text as name property

Apparently, Google is using the name of the QAPage schema, ignoring the title HTML element. Other search engines are not doing that. We include the first tag in the title to make sure the most popular ...
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How to handle spam questions [duplicate]

It has been suggested that this question is a duplicate of others. Sorry, but it is not. I am merely addressing the issue of: "flag the post right away as well as editing it, hoping for ...
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Missing types 'QAPage' and 'Question' for question without answer

If a question has no answer, the structured data is missing the types QAPage and Question. Example: question with answer The QAPage item is specified on the html element, and the ...
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Search engine description with throwback theme [closed]

I searched DuckDuckGo just now and a StackOverflow question came up as a search result. Instead of a meaningful page description or snippet, below the DuckDuckGo search result entry appeared the ...
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Does bounty influence PageRank?

If a bounty is added to a question, it is added to the featured/bounties tab. I was a bit curious whether having the question prominently displayed influences how high the question will appear in ...
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Are there scenarios where an historically locked question can be moved to a different Stack Exchange website?

Questions may be historically locked when they have a high view count but are off-topic for a given community. In a situation where a historically locked question would fit better in a different ...
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Add canonical URLs to avoid duplicate search engine results

This is related to: Duplicate Results in Google Search - Is it a Bug? Duplicate google results Question appearing twice in Google search results Often when searching, I get duplicate results: ...
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Set canonical URL for questions

I googled an error message in quotes and got two results, both from Ask Ubuntu. Upon closer inspection, they were just the two different URL styles for the same question. I'd like to suggest that SE ...
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How does the system select which tag to show in the search engines? [duplicate]

One of the sources of visitors to Stack Exchange sites is search engines like Google. When we are shown the results of a question from Stack Exchange sites on Google, we are shown along with a tag. ...
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How are new Stack Overflow ques always at the top of a google search [duplicate]

I noticed an interesting thing today. I had posted a ques on the main stack Overflow website . This post garnered 14 views and 0 votes. Definetely not a popular PGE. Yet as I searched related ...
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Noindex questions without answers

This is mostly a follow-up/bump of noindex and nofollow "bad" questions?, but I have a slightly different proposal. It's been pointed out by some people * that questions without answers get ...
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Is it acceptable to rename a question if it improves SEO?

On Google, the first result for "blur image text" is Tool to quickly hide/blur/redact text in screenshot? on Ask Different. The question has over 100,000 views. The accepted answer ...
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Improving search engine indexing for tag wikis?

As far as I can tell, full tag wikis do not seem to be indexed well by search engines, especially on beta sites. Tag wikis I made months ago on Genealogy & Family History SE cannot be found via a ...
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Why SO questions often pops up in Google Search while other topics do not? [duplicate]

I don't really understand this one. Every time I searched for a programming question, at least one SO link pops up somewhere in the first page of the search results. I read about this in this question....
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Answering the Googlers - addressing the question Google searchers are likely to have

Often Google shows a Stack Exchange page first in search results (raise your hand if this is how you first discovered S.E.). Sometimes the interest inferred from the Google search terms is different ...
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Stack Exchange on port 8080

Some Google search results of Stack Exchange sites show URLs with port 8080. Curiously, other search engines I checked like Bing and Yandex aren't affected. It looks like Google has indexed various ...
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How do new posts on Stack Overflow appear almost instantly on Google? [duplicate]

Are there API calls for sites to invoke when new content is submitted? I see that new posts on Stack Overflow appear almost instantly on Google.
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Stack Overflow Sitemap implementation when question is deleted or updated?

As Jeff Atwood answers in "Does Stack Overflow have a sitemap?", Stack Overflow has a Sitemap, but they protect it. My question is about Stack Overflow Sitemap implementation when a question is "...
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Severe traffic drop for some sites since the last Google algorithm update

The recent update from Google to their search algorithm seems to have hit a few sites rather severely. I can't say for sure that this change is responsible, but the traffic graph from Skeptics looks ...
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Why has traffic on my site spiked suddenly?

I've noticed that traffic on my favorite site (and a few others) has spiked recently: Why has this happened and is it going to last?
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Google now has a makeshift form to report high-ranking scrapers [closed]

Source: Matt Cutts (@mattcutts) 11:39 AM 27 Feb 2014 If you see a scraper URL outranking the original source of content in Google, ...
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exclude related column text from index to avoid combined matches

Sometimes a search result only matches all the search terms because one of the terms is in the text of the related column. Example The search [evil whitespace mode dollar] currently has whitespace-...
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How does internal linking of questions impact Stack Exchange SEO?

I don't understand the difference between linked questions and related ones on Stack Exchange. Are linked questions only put there for the sake of SEO? Does linking questions inside SE (or any other ...
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Why do all questions link to themselves?

Every question links to itself in its H1 tag, and I was wondering why this is the case. This is also true for every post on Jeff Atwood's blog. Is this for SEO reasons? I was warned against this from ...
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Why do I see permalinks instead of slugs on Google? (i.e. /q/ and /a/)

Lately, I've seen many search results in the form of<id> and /a/<id> on Google. Why do I see these slug-less permalinks instead of the full URL? For instance, ...
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Informational questions and semi-duplicates for SEO

What is the best way to go about posting an informational question when there are existing near-duplicate questions but they do not contain keywords essential to people searching for the information? ...
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How does StackOverflow ensure its questions get indexed by search engines? [duplicate]

There's so many questions on SO and they quickly become hard to find unless you search for them. How does StackOverflow show all these pages to crawlers for SEO?
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How Stack Overflow questions appear on Google as soon as you post [duplicate]

As soon as you post a question on Stack Overflow, in 5-10 seconds it starts to appear on Google Search Results. How that works? Is that the result of a very high page rank or there is some kind of ...
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Posts in Stack Overflow instantly searchable? [duplicate]

Just a random question, all the questions I have created in Stack Overflow instantly searchable the moment I publish it. How is it possible? I thought you will need to wait for google to crawl the ...
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Stack overflow page is number one on Google in 40 minutes [duplicate]

How is this even possible? I was working on a question and I was googling it to see if there was a duplicate. I found the question as the top hit in Google. I googled for can all Java code be ...
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How does a down vote affect SEO for stack overflow? [duplicate]

I think I understand why someone would down vote a poor question or especially a poor answer, but what does that down vote do to the long term SEO of that question? For example, does a question with ...
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Why is Stack Overflow the only Stack Exchange site with a search engine description?

Edit: Due to the new banner shown to new users, all sites now have an accurate search engine description. According to these posts, StackOverflow's description in search engines ("A language-agnostic ...
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Maximizing search results

I know it's not recommended to add tags to titles, e.g., "Javascript - how to remove extra spaces between words". Without "javascript" the title can be applied to multiple languages. I often want to ...
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hottest questions by tag is found by google search

I search on google for: "autofac nested ienumerable flatten" and found: The page contains a lot of terms that are very loosly related, ...
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How to improve a question to make it easier to find for future visitors?

I found this question after searching for hours on problems with WIC after a server migration. The only answer very clearly indicates what the problem was (I moved from a Windows Server 2008 R2 to a ...
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Should invalid links be edited for better SEO?

I've recently come across a few questions on Stack Overflow that contain invalid links as examples relating to the question: ...
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Permalink URLs disallowed in robots.txt, causing PageRank dilution

Below each question and answer on Stack Exchange, there's a "link" button which generates a short permalink URL to that post for convenient linking and sharing. These URLs look like this: https://...
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Improper use of rel=canonical is hurting search

When a question has many answers, the Stack Exchange software will split them onto several pages. As of mid-2009, the second and later pages have included a rel=canonical link tag pointing to the ...
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Should we stop adding the most popular tag to the HTML title on every SE site?

Stack Exchange started a while ago to add the most-used tag at the front of the HTML title to prevent scrapers from being ranked higher on Google than the SE site itself. This makes a lot of sense ...
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Improving SEO on Answers for Increased Findability

Great answers answer technical questions helpfully, a necessity for answers that become reputation bedrocks. But mother lode answers benefit from a near continuous stream of page views resulting in ...
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Do Lifehacker and Stack Exchange have some sort of partnership? Why is Lifehacker replicating SE questions in full?

I love Lifehacker as much as any other fan but I am a bit confused as to how they are creating posts (which do give credit) that mimic SE questions in full. How Do I Stop My Fire Alarm from Going Off ...
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Could StackExchange embed original questions and answers in their duplicate links?

Over in the AskUbuntu meta, I found it worrying that many search engines direct people to duplicates because their titles are more searchable. Often (or so I guess from looking at the viewcounts), ...
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Add method to expand tags when used in the page title

Some of the tags we are forced to use on Gaming.SE are fairly awkward or acronymirific because of the plague of sequelitis rampant in the industry. As a result, it seems like our SEO can be pretty ...
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Don't let bots index ephemeral pages

While googling for "Intellij GWT HTTP ERROR: 500 No realm ", I got a few SO hits with obsolete URLs: Newest 'gwt' Questions - Page 8 - Stack Overflow
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498 views is too long; can we have something shorter?

It seems like each SE site having its own domain is no longer possible. All sites are under the banner of the United States of Stack Exchange. And I am fine with that (actually, I am not. But since it'...
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114 votes
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Remove nofollow on links deemed reputable

This is a followup to the following meta post: Remove nofollow on links at a certain age We have been in contact with Matt Cutts regarding removing nofollow: ... we’re trying to encourage sites ...
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The "Zend Framework Problem" question

I've noticed that "session has already been started...." exception in Zend Framework application has 4k views. It's about exception thrown from Zend_Session. I guess a lot of traffic comes ...
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