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Serial voting is the act of casting many upvotes or downvotes on the posts of a specific user without proper reason. Also known as voting fraud.

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Add information about voting rules to the tour [duplicate]

By taking a tour, new users should learn what SE is about and what they can do and what not; at least this is how I have understood it. Unfortunately, I noticed that some important information is ...
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Informing users who have committed serial voting

Could users who commit serial voting (probably without awareness that this is prohibited) be informed after they make that mistake? Many years ago when I was new to mathoverflow, and saw a great ...
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"Serial voting reversed" on my profile - upvote removed [duplicate]

[Note: I'm not concerned with actual reputation loss but rather intrigued by this use case] Got the above. I believe it means that someone was on a upvoting spree, that was detected and reversed. ...
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Alleged serial voting reversed but no suspiciousness of such activity taking place in the past 7 days

I noticed a huge -200 drop on my reputation on and I've read it has something to do about someone serial voting on my posts and needed to be reversed but I did not ...
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Can I upvote multiple posts from the same person if they are helpful?

I posted a few questions on Stack Overflow. After getting answers, I felt like they were all right as they solved my problems. So, I accepted all of them. From then, whenever I visit the website, I ...
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Please add some basic guidance on voting to the tour

I just had to deal with an understandably irate user who had been participating on the site I moderate only in one specific tag, where only a very small group of people were active. It turned out that ...
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Informing new users that targeted voting is not allowed

The current help pages do not make it clear that targeted voting (either up or down) is not allowed. The only mention of this is in Why do I have a reputation change on my reputation page that says &...
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"Serial voting was reversed" on a community where I have only 1 post [duplicate]

I got a "-10 Serial voting was reversed" on the Buddhism community - a community that the only post I made was a question in 2014. The last reputation I got from that question was in 2016. ...
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Why would I only lose 10 rep for reversal of serial voting? [duplicate]

Apparently I gained a fan. Flattering as it is I noticed this when on one site I lost 10 rep. I've checked other sites and can't find any other similar or matching adjustment. I'm actually quite ...
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Is "Voting corrected" used for other purposes? [duplicate]

I just had 22 upvotes "corrected" by "the system" for which is linked help says (emphasis mine): When a single user continually votes (up or down) on many of your posts within a ...
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The "learn more" explanation for Voting Correction does not cover all scenarios

The wording of the learn more for Voting corrected refers specifically and exclusively to multiple votes: When a single user continually votes (up or down) on many of your posts within a short period ...
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Why did I get a serial voting reversal for a vote on a single post? [duplicate]

From the help center, "serial voting" means: When a single user continually votes (up or down) on many of your posts within a short period of time, the system considers these votes to be ...
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Trying to understand a "-12 Serial voting was reversed" reputation entry

I understand what serial voting is in general, having read some of "What is serial voting...", but I woke up this morning to find the message -12 Serial voting was reversed in my 'reputation'...
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Is the serial voting correction script supposed to revert all votes or just a few ones?

I saw (mirror): It seems there were 4 serial downvotes, and 3 got reversed. Is the serial voting correction script supposed to revert all votes or just a few ones?
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What should one do if they are being targeted by a single individual? [duplicate]

For the past few months, every one of my questions (total of eight) have been downvoted almost immediately after posting.  If they are poorly written questions or even if asking a question for ...
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Non-serial voting corrected

Yes, it's good that we have scripts to reverse serial voting and when they don't work, I usually flag one of my own posts for moderator attention so that they can escalate. But just now, I got a ...
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The serial voting guidance in the Help Center should be consistent with Meta

When a user suspects that they are the victim of serial voting, they should contact the site moderators with a custom flag which clearly explains what they think is going on (after 24 hours have ...
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Are moderators allowed by the Stack Exchange anti-serial-downvote script to serial downvote more than regular users?

I got serial downvoted by a moderator on the Web Applications SE: To my surprise, the downvotes didn't get reversed by the Stack Exchange anti-serial-downvote script. My prior experience with getting ...
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Be more proactive when a user continuously downvotes another user

Stack Exchange should be more proactive when a user continuously downvotes another user. Example: I saw on This was triggered by the "...
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Is it appropriate to browse through a user's old questions / answers and vote on some of them? [duplicate]

The following question might be a duplicate of the canonical question on serial voting. If so, feel free to close it. But I ask because it's not clear to me whether it's a duplicate question or not. ...
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What would the rules be about creating threads regarding other users, and encouraging other users to vote bomb them? [duplicate]

I am just wondering what the rules are here regarding making threads about other users, and whether it is considered a professional, or an unprofessional way of encouraging other users to vote bomb ...
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Is there enough info in the system to deal with serial unupvotes enabled by automatic edits?

It's yet another time when we're having posts massively edited by automated scripts. When a user upvotes or downvotes a post, their vote gets locked in after five minutes, and is only unlocked if/when ...
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Will voting on many community wiki questions from the same user trigger serial voting? [duplicate]

Over on scifi.meta.SE, there is a question with lots of answers by the same person which are options for users to vote on. In this comment by Rand al'Thor, Rand warns that voting quickly on lots of ...
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How exactly do vote reversals interact with reputation calculation with respect to the daily rep cap? [duplicate]

This answer to If I hit the daily rep cap and then get downvoted, does it still count towards badges? details (emphasis mine): the script that awards the badge doesn't even look at downvotes, [.....
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How can I tell if my votes have been reversed?

I'm a bit of a generous upvoter at times. Perhaps I have a different voting philosophy to others: rather than downvote one post, I upvote all the other posts (those I consider upvote-worthy). I'm ...
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Do escalated voting fraud cases ever go anywhere?

A few months ago I reported an obvious case of serial voting, and a moderator said they escalated the incident to SE. Since then, deafening silence. Another user told me this would probably happen. ...
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Serial down voting those who write serially bad answers

I'm concerned about whether my own pattern of behaviour might be interpreted as serially down-voting another user. But I find myself conflicted about whether to continue or not because I am NOT down-...
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Deleting your profile clears the spam flag, but not the implicit downvote

While testing an answer to What happens to pending flags when an account is deleted?, I discovered something else: it's possible to serially downvote a single post using only one account. Steps to ...
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Why not reward blind voting?

Surveys preferably conceal their results to remove response bias. Blind survey votes naturally induce trust, we should embrace that reality. Here is a partial list of the biases blind votes ...
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Does Stack Overflow (and meta) have a moderator problem?

Recently I asked a question that was not too dissimilar to other questions, but it turns out it wasn't in the right place. Instead of it being flagged for moving, it received a flurry of downvotes ...
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Is requesting downvotes for my own post against the rules?

I would like to see if it's allowed to have people downvote my own post for arbitrary reasons. Is this allowed? Will I get banned for requesting downvotes on my own posts??
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Correction for serial voting not received yet [duplicate]

I got my reputation back for the questions marked with green marker, but not for the questions marked with red color. This is not a duplicate. I saw that link before. I didn't get my reputation back....
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Bad moderators behavior - Account deleted without any reason [closed]

I was deleted from Italian SE, my username was DaniChi, now I see “user5372". I opened yet a ticket on May, 1st and my daughter (Marybnq) opened one too but for now, we had no response. My daughter’s ...
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Is it allowed to encourage others to review and vote specifically on your questions?

A high rep individual and moderator on one of the SE network sites has the following text in the "About Me" section of their user profile. If you are looking for something to vote on, I'm looking ...
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Is it feasible to deplatform a user off of SE using a small group of people, and if so how to prevent it [duplicate]

Backstory: I'll start this off by saying my reputation is at 1 for a reason. Not disputing that. My main concern is the manner in which this happened. It's readily apparent that at least two users ...
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Should voting be limited on a question said user also answers? [duplicate]

Consider... A "downvote" will move an answer farther down the page, (an upvote, vice versa). According to the instructors of this Udemy course, internal social media research found that ...
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Has or does SE suffer from shills or cabals of special interest groups looking to peddle influence or control narrative?

Excerpt from Editors have learned that formation into "gangs" is the most effective way of imposing their views on opposite-...
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Should we retract badges in case of serial voting by multiple sock puppets? [duplicate]

As far as I know all badges being earned once will be never retracted, e.g. when votes are changed on vote dependent badge like “great answer” etc. But what if the badge was earned by serial voting of ...
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How to avoid serial voting/flagging when you discover a "very low quality" user

I came across a low quality answer today on a certain exchange, so I downvoted and flagged it as VLQ, then moved on. The next question I saw on the same site also had a low quality answer by the same ...
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Two suggestions to mitigate abusive downvoting [duplicate]

The current functionality of [practically] unlimited downvoting encourages abusive users to engage in conduct that is shady and coward. Although downvotes also decrease voter's reputation score, the ...
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Who is specifically targeting me? [duplicate]

I want to know who disliked me so much? I came to know that I was specifically targeted by someone on Physics Stack Exchange. So please let me know who that was.
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Popup before possible serial voting

If somebody votes on too many posts by the same user within a certain time period, we should display a popup like this: You have voted on too many posts by this user in a short time period. Serial ...
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Should I be at all concerned with seemingly arbitrary mass upvoting? [duplicate]

Every once in awhile, I'll see something like this: Now, none of the questions are bad per se, but some of them aren't great either. A couple had unformatted code, and after years of using the site, ...
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An acquaintance figured out a way to get me banned from Stack Exchange Sites

I use English Language Learners forums a lot. In fact, I was in the top 0.48% of reputation earners, but just a couple days ago, I was sitting in an English Lecture, when I noticed that a little of my ...
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What happens to the reputation/upvotes after serial upvotes? [duplicate]

Today I faced this kind of situation. Suddenly I get repeated up votes from a particular user (4 up votes) and today I reached the reputation limit of 200. Assume if those votes are reversed, would I ...
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How many automatic voting reversals happen on a daily basis?

Purely out of curiosity and interest, on average, how many automatic voting reversals happen on a daily basis? Is this a metric moderators or CMs can see? I'm not sure if there's any other situations ...
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What should I do in cases where someone blindly upvotes all posts in a tag?

I'm a moderator on Literature Stack Exchange. Today, someone flagged a case of possible serial voting. I took a look at it, and after a while, determined that it was someone who had gone through a tag ...
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Am I serial voting?

When I read a question and its answers, I vote up the ones (posts, not people) I like together at the end just before leaving that page. So typically, if I like a question and four answers out of many,...
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Unexplained Undownvote after 4 days on an unedited post

A few days ago someone serial-downvoted my questions: It didn't bother me too much, and I let the serial voting script to reverse the downvotes, and it did - Except of one question: One downvote is ...
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What happens to a serial downvoter reputation?

I have seen what happens to a serial downvoter, but I have some "follow on" questions: I saw my top 3 answers downvoted yesterday, and the system decided that this was "serial downvoting" - ...
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