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For questions about the servers that run Stack Exchange.

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Adding GIF images or images is very laggy or provides errors [duplicate]

I never had these issues in the past (using BSE for years now), but in the last weeks I have massive problems adding GIF images or images into my answers. While images work (after waiting a loooong ...
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Problem with the Image hosting server? [duplicate]

As I understand images uploaded to stack exchange sites are stored in . I recently noticed image included posts having broken links. When clicked on the link it gives the error ...
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Is there AI on the server side for Stack Exchange? [closed]

Do all the Stack Exchange sites have artificial intelligence programs running on the server side?
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2 answers

"Execution Timeout Expired" for some popular queries on

Some popular queries, like this one are returning: Execution Timeout Expired. The timeout period elapsed prior to completion of the operation or the server is not responding. Is it a temporary ...
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Severe error visiting Stack Exchange from China at 13:48 UTC, 28 Jun 2017

Time: From 13:48 UTC (Local time: 21:48 CST, aka GMT+8) and ended at 14:03 UTC Network Environment: Everything else OK, but slow on SE and even receiving error messages. When trying to visit several ...
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Unable to edit post in iOS app: a server with the specific hostname cannot be found

App Version: Device: iPad 2 (GSM) OS Version: Version 9.3.5 (Build 13G36)
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429 Too Many Requests error on winter bash site

After looking through the top 20 pages of the leader board on the winter bash, if I go to the next page I get this error: Too many requests. Wait 40 seconds before requesting this resource again. ...
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What is the cost of storing all of the questions on this website?

I'm curious as to how much it is costing SE to store all of the questions and answers/comments on its servers. I'm a newbie at web development (and basically all of computer science), and this thought ...
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Easy way to make local copy of entire SE database?

Recently, I have been using the Data Explorer to try to find fishy users on SO. However, the Data Explorer is limited when it comes to cross-site and time-consuming queries, so I want to create a ...
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Where to ask about slow AJAX calls [duplicate]

I have been just banging my head against the wall on an issue I'm having regarding one of my intranet sites, and why the AJAX calls are slow, once the site is added to one of our servers. I will ...
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2 answers

SE Backup - How, where, when & what level?

How - who does the backup? If a dedicated server, then where is it & how often does it backup? Where - which place/server does the backup gets stored to? When - at what intervals? How long does ...
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3 votes
1 answer

Does StackOverflow have any servers which don't return content length?

I'm trying to debug something reported in this question. The OP is using as a test to check file size (content-length). OP claims that returns 0 or -1, but ...
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Where are the Stack Exchange servers located? [duplicate]

Where are the Stack Exchange servers located? And who is the hosting provider for Stack Exchange?
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'Consecutive Days Count' during server maintenance

So yesterday, when I visited SO, I saw it down for maintenance. The login was disabled & SO was running in a different mode of SO. I couldn't help wondering, how SO keeps track of the ...
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IIS configuration (memory and process) on the StackExchange servers

In regards to the IIS configuration of the Stack Exchange servers, is IIS running as a 32 bit or 64 bit process? I'm assuming the web servers are running 64bit Server 2008. Since Stack Overflow is ...
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4 votes
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Something up with Stack Exchange's servers lately?

Sorry, I didn't know where else to post this, but is there something going on with Stack Exchange's servers lately? The Stack Exchange sites have been pretty poor performers for the past couple weeks. ...
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8 votes
2 answers

How much disk space does SO take up?

Just out of personal curiosity, how much disk space on the server does Stack Overflow take up? I'm guessing it's a lot, but I can't know for sure.
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What server does stackoverflow use? [duplicate]

Possible Duplicate: Which tools and technologies build the Stack Exchange Network? I just want to know what web server and what database does the stackoverflow use? Also, is the stackoverflow Q ...
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how many servers does stack run on? [duplicate]

i just wanted to know how many servers Stack Overflow runs on, with 240,000 users on the site, im thinking they have 1,000 of servers? but i wondered if you guys knew
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Is Stackoverflow running on a Linux box? and other questions gives the following details for SO is an ASP.NET app so IIS should be the server, since MONO isn't full featured yet.Given that the details for meta.stackoverflow....
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920 views web/database server specs [duplicate]

What are the specs of the Stackoverflow web server(s) and db server(s)?
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Question tagged with "-something" shows up as "not [something]" - why?

Something odd happened to the tags of this question: Automatic Garbage Collection Here's a screenshot in case it gets edited or something: The tag in question is "-server" if you click edit. Is ...
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4 answers

Why use server side markdown?

Why did SO decide to use Markdown sharp? It seems that a better idea would be to get both the HTML and the markdown from the client-side WMD. This way there would be no incompatibilities between two ...
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2 answers

Are meta and stack-overflow hosted on different machines?

Are meta and stack-overflow hosted on different machines? I ask because, I can't get to, but I can get to (obviously). My ISP has been particularly crappy ...
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3 answers

What would you estimate are Stack Overflow's monthly server fees? [closed]

I'm a total noob when it comes to servers, so I just wanted to get a rough idea of how much some of the most visited sites in the world cost to host. What's your rough estimate for Stack Overflow's ...
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Stack Overflow uses what webserver? [duplicate]

Possible Duplicate: What was Stack Overflow built with? Which webserver does Stack Overflow use?
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2 answers

How many servers are used to host Stack Overflow? [duplicate]

How many servers are used to host a commercial website like StackOverflow? Are there caching appliances involved?
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