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Questions tagged [site-description]

Use for questions about the text, description, blurb, "tag line" shown below or next to the site name in sites lists, the site "header hero", the "Today's featured site", among other places on each Stack Exchange site and Stack Exchange, Stack Exchange Data Explorer and other related places.

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1 answer

What's the process of changing site description?

Currently all the SO family sites have similar taglines, except SO in Russian: What's the procedure of changing such taglines for SE sites in general?
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Effectiveness of site name / descriptions of sites for "power users"

This is a follow-up of How can a community know who outsiders think a community is for?. While it could be argued that people posting "bad" don't read the directions of the Ask Question form ...
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Where can we find a site charter/purpose that tells us the types of question on/off topic?

There's a question currently posted at What unexpected things can happen if a user runs commands expecting a text file on input lacking a file-final newline? that's closed as it's been deemed ...
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Why isn't the word "religion" mentioned in the description for some of the religion-based Stack Exchange sites?

Right now, the only Stack Exchange site that mentions the word "religion" in its description is Hinduism Stack Exchange. Neither Buddhism Stack Exchange, Christianity Stack Exchange, Islam Stack ...
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8 votes
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Problem with translations at moved question

One question was moved from ruSO to enSO and after moving I saw this incorrect translation: This problem earlier occured in other places: Stack Overflow in ES, PT, RU, JP have mixed-language ...
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How can a site change the "tagline" that shows in the site dropdown?

Over on The Great Outdoors, we have been discussing our tagline, inspired by a post here from someone who couldn't find a site about nature. We settled on a new phrase For people who love being ...
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2 answers

How to find original community description

Before joining a community you can easily see the community description. For example, for example before joining the Programming Puzzles & Code Golf Stack Exchange you see the description: ...
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Leading "For" in site descriptions reads badly in non-English languages [duplicate]

So far the description for all sites is in the same format For [some people] However the leading word "For" is always in English, so it reads, um... a bit strange when followed by words in other ...
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2 votes
2 answers

Help people find the lost Programmers

People keep losing the Programmers site. This is expected, a big site suddenly going through an overall name change. Instead of having them ask here on Meta, or give up and believe it's deleted, I ...
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4 votes
1 answer

Show site blurb also for logged-in users

All sites in the network have a blurb at the top, telling visitors what the site is all about: "Stack Overflow is a question and answer site for professional and enthusiast programmers. It's 100%...
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Description problem with CS.StackExchange [duplicate]

On the Stack Exchange accounts list there is a problem with description of CS.StackExchange: It's missing. Screenshot:
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12 votes
1 answer

Summary text ("Q&A for...") corrupted for some sites in site-wide profile

Look at the entries for The Workplace and Biblical Hermeneutics here: What's special about these two that, alone among the sites where I have accounts, their entries just say "Q&A for" without ...
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52 votes
2 answers

I am not an electronic gadget!

The site descriptions at are inconsistent. According to the list: SO is for programmers SU for computer enthusiasts SF for administrators Webmasters for pro webmasters ...
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Add a description to site proposals?

Currently, Area 51 site proposals can only contain their title and the "Proposed Q&A site for ..." section. How about adding a description field where the proposal author can detail a ...
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