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Questions tagged [site-lifecycle]

For questions about the overall lifecycle of a site, i.e. the overall process of sites moving from private beta to public beta to being launched and getting a custom design.

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498 votes
15 answers

Congratulations to our 29 oldest beta sites - They're now no longer beta!

If you're a user on a long-toiling beta site that's been waiting 7-8 years to get out of beta, this may be the post you've been waiting for. The 29 Beta sites that are 7+ years old no longer have the ...
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218 votes
11 answers

Congratulations to the 59 sites that just left Beta

This is an exciting day for all of us who work on community here, and for the communities that have given thousands of hours of their time to build sites on the Stack Exchange network. Today, we are ...
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1 answer

Is moving to the next phase done manually, or does it happen automatically after some time?

Currently the Pro Webmasters Proposal on Area51 has enough to go to the Commitment Phase, yet is still in the Definition Phase. Is moving to he next phase done manually or does it happen ...
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14 votes
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Can a site that previously had its privilege thresholds increased to full levels request for those to be reduced to beta levels?

Just today, it was announced that Stack Exchange will no longer be deploying increased privilege thresholds of "full" sites to sites that today have beta reputation levels (and will instead ...
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10 votes
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Cardano is leaving Beta

Congratulations to the community on Cardano! They have officially left Public Beta as of today. In December, we had 59 sites on the Stack Exchange Network shed their Beta labels. We also announced ...
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I suggest to consider adding a unified structure for asking questions to all STEM network sites

Humbly, I have 7 years experience in the network and have asked about 1,500 questions throughout different sites in it. I have recently joined Medical Sciences SE where I was managed to ask 37 ...
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